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Service Behavior: Concept Content

Various branches of social and humanitarian science are engaged in issues related to human behavior: sociology, social and practical psychology, philosophy, pedagogy, law, economics, management. Depending on the objectives of the study of the phenomenon, types of behavior are distinguished and classified. Ethics focuses on moral and immoral behaviors; sociology examines social and deviant, explicit and implicit behavior. The subject of the study of lawyers is deviant behavior.

Within the framework of behavioral sciences in the field of management, in recent decades, in foreign, and somewhat later in United States science, the attention of scientists has attracted the problem of organizational behavior, which was sorely in demand in the courses of the discipline "Personnel Management" in the context of the social orientation of the entire management system.

Organizational Behavior is a scientific discipline that studies the behavior of individuals (individuals and groups) in organizations and develops practical recommendations for the use of acquired knowledge.

In the process of studying organizational behavior, some authors also use the notion "business behavior". At the same time, Federal Law No. 79-FZ of July 27, 2004 "On the State Civil Service of the United States" ; in the scientific revolution introduced the concept of service behavior - is a term that does not yet exist in any specialized dictionary, but is actively used in the context of issues related to the ethics of state and municipal service and counteracting corruption. However, having entered into circulation a new term, the said Law did not specify its content. The relationship between concepts organizational behavior and service behavior .

The study of the individual and collective nature of organizational behavior in the field of management led scientists to the need to study the system of managerial interaction between managers and employees whose central concept is one of the important structural elements of organizational behavior - the business behavior of employees, which is understood as the implementation of those goals, which puts them directly to the head, giving responsibility for timely and high-quality realities ation. This approach allows us to consider business behavior as a unity of professional activity and professional communication, where professional activity is described by the formula "goal-means-result", and professional communication - by the formula "incentives - norms - estimates". Realized in practice, these formulas become the main organizational regulators of actions, providing various manifestations of business behavior in the system of managerial interaction. "

The content of the concept service behavior

The concept of official behavior was first introduced into scientific circulation by Presidential Decree No. 885 of August 12, 2002, "On the approval of general principles of official conduct for civil servants." In the Federal Law "On the State Civil Service of the United States" this concept has received legal status, however, as noted above, this Law did not define the term, which led to its incorrect use not only in official practice, but also in scientific literature. The content of the notion service behavior neither in the Model Code of Ethics and Service Conduct of Civil Servants of the United States and Municipal Officers, approved by a decision of the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Combating Corruption, nor in codes approved by the federal authorities and government. There was no such concept in the glossary of the textbook for bachelors.

In the training literature, service behavior is defined as the "social behavior" type, which includes the "behavioral expectations system and patterns of social interactions existing in a professional environment". However, in this interpretation of the term, its social meaning is lost, due to the mission of the civil service as an institution of public service and the specific social and legal status of a civil servant.

Service Behavior - the totality of actions and actions of the official linden or group of persons carried out within the limits of the powers established by law, in the process of interaction in the internal environment and with the external environment about the performance of their duties.

Because the external environment is understood as society, citizens, employees of other organizations, nature, etc., with which the civil servant interacts, exercising his professional functions, the concept of "official behavior" seems to be broader than organizational and business behavior, which are considered as "intracorporate," or corporate.

The broad social meaning of the notion "service behavior" reveals art. 18 of the above-mentioned Law. The requirements to the civil servants' behavior that are specified in this article determine not only the corporate conduct of officials in the professional environment, but also their relation to their official duties, prescribing conscientious performance of duties at a high professional level, observance of the restrictions established by the law and warning against committing acts discrediting honor and dignity of a civil servant, and the emergence of conflict situations that could damage his reputation or the authority of a public body. First of all, Art. 18 of this Law establishes the nature of the relationship of civil servants with citizens, as the meaning and content of their professional activities is to recognize, respect and protect the rights and freedoms of citizens. Proceeding from this guiding principle, a civil servant is required by law to exercise correctness in dealing with citizens, respect for the moral customs and traditions of the peoples of the United States, take into account the cultural and other characteristics of various ethnic and social groups, denominations, promote interethnic and interfaith consent, observe neutrality excluding the possibility of influencing the professional activities of decisions of political parties, other public associations and other organizations

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