Finance Essays

Characteristics of investors in the securities market, Strategy...

Characteristics of securities market investors consider the main types of investors, the strategy of their behavior in the stock market, the nature of.


Loan lever, Investment income lever, Turnover of assets in the...

Loan lever the term financial lever for a long time could not be stabilized in the economic literature in united states. depending on whether the.


Operational Risks, Foreign Exchange Risks - Risk Analysis...

Operational risks the sources of operational risks can be divided into five groups. these are risks caused by unsatisfactory quality of management,.


Financial planning in non-commercial organizations, Content...

Financial planning in non-profit organizations financial planning is an important component of the financial management process of a non-profit.


Analysis of productivity and cost effectiveness, Analysis of...

Performance and cost effectiveness analysis to measure the effectiveness of using various types of company costs, indicators are used that characterize.


Peculiarities of taxation of non-profit organizations and payment...

Peculiarities of taxation of non-profit organizations and payment of mandatory insurance contributions to state off-budget funds non-profit organizations.


Report on the movement of funds, Funds from core business, Other...

Fund movement report the third most important financial document is a report on the flow of funds, or a report on the sources and use of funds. this.


Clearing and clearing activities - Securities market. Theory and practice

Clearing and clearing activities clearing is the definition of the obligations to be discharged arising from the contracts, including as a result of the.


Fundamental analysis of the stock market - Securities market

Fundamental analysis of the stock market fundamental analysis reveals the main factors affecting the profit and dividends of companies and the stock.


Analysis of the financial soundness of business, An approach...

Financial sustainability analysis analysis of financial stability in economic practice is carried out using different approaches based on the study: •.


International prices, Theory of the question and classification...

International prices theory of the question and classification of prices the concept, content and essence of the price. according to the economic theory.


Analytics of Investment Proposals - An Effective CFO

6.3. analytics of investment proposals if your project does not work, the error may be in the part that seems less important to you. the biondi law the.


Dynamism of the international financial market, Summary - International finance

Dynamism of the international financial market in recent decades, one of the main features of the financial sector of developed countries have been the.


Banking system in ensuring financial stability - Finance...

Banking system in ensuring financial stability the ability to reasonably risk - one of the elements of the culture of entrepreneurship in general, and.


The method of key factors of influence on value in...

5.12. the method of key factors of influence on cost in optimization of the financial lever empirical studies of the structure of capital - this is a.


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