Constructing and analysing financial tools

Learning outcomes

Be in a position to build and analyse financial claims using a range of techniques and appropriate e-tools in order to critically appraise their value in decision making

Critically appraise current innovations in accounting and finance including evaluating contemporary theories and empirical data within the framework of contrasting global business contexts e. g. the moral and international issues facing organisations when formulating, putting into action and reporting financial strategies.

Recognize the contribution of accounting and funding to a diverse range of enterprises and culture as a whole and be with the capacity of contributing to accounting and financing research using appropriate data and methodologies.

Be able to engage in the work area as an honest professional with the fundamental graduate features of business, digital literacy and global view.

Part (a)

Part (b)

Core financial reporting content and modules

Semester and level


Introduction to Accounting

Sem. 1 & Level 4

a basic level

Introduction to Financial Statement Preparation

Sem. 2 & Level 4

students are expected to key accounting claims including the Income Statement

Dealing with Accounting Adjustment

Sem. 1 & Level 5

students will be likely to evaluate a range of International Accounting Standards

Producing/Interpreting Group Financial Statements

Sem. 2 & Level 5

students are anticipated to have the ability to produce and analyse more complex financial assertions for a group of companies

Accounting Issues

Sem. 2 & Level 6

students are expected to critically evaluate current financial reporting legislation and professional ethics.

Core management accounting content and modules

Semester and level


Introduction to Accounting

Sem. 1 & Level 4

a basic level

Management Accounting

Sem. 2 & Level 4

students are expected to apply management accounting concepts to simple planning and decision-making scenarios

Intermediate Management Accounting

Sem. 1 & Level 5

solve more technical planning and decision-making problems using a wider range of techniques. hey may also be able to use a variety of ways to evaluate and critically examine organisational performance

Accounting Issues.

Sem. 2 & Level 6

students will identify and critically evaluate recent changes in general management accounting theory and practice

Core financial management content and modules

Semester and level


Financial Management

Sem. 2 & Level 5

students are expected to develop an understanding of the composition of business finance and its program to the decision making processes within organisations.

Advanced Financial Management

Sem. 1 & Level 6

students will research corporate funding from both proper and global perspectives and can appraise commercial financial performance

Part (c)

Independent analysis skills cultivated in 3 academic years.

The first is self-study capacity. In level 4 and I will take introduction to accounting and release to financial statement preparation. These two modules explain the essential financial reviews, liking income affirmation and balance sheet. The data in class about this part is insufficient, and I should find more related description and practise to improve my understanding. Luckily record and web links provided by Leeds will escort students to reading materials and additional activities in a variety of modules such as Introduction to Accounting (H4), Dealing with Accounting Modifications (H5) and Accounting Issues (H6). Students will be able to self-check their understanding by doing online quizzes. As a student, I should perfect my attitude towards research and learn to study individually. Level 4 is the foundation of financial accounting, while i find out more about accounting modifications and group financial claims in level 5 and 6 with the self-study capability, it isn't impossible for me personally to correctly develop financial statements for all those diverse kinds of corporations in the future, and this will be a great advantages for a staff.

The second is approximately effective communication and team working skills. I will value the efforts of my peers in team working, for example in the prep of an organization presentation available Context module and Strategic planning and Control component. Working in groups to control and carry out a simulated business project synthesizing the expertise and skills developed throughout the course. During the process our group participants have to assign sensible apportional percentage that is suitable to their benefits to each participants through useful communication. In work environment, efficient communication enables you to professional and team work makes you competitive.

The thirdly is use of college or university e-services e. g. VLE, portal, library and email. We should use appropriate e-tools to find, gain access to and utilise information that accomplish learning e. g. catalogue e-catalogue and search engines. In Level 4 students use Excel spreadsheets to build, change and analyse data in the info Analysis for Finance module. in Level 5. IT for Accountants will prolong students' Excel spreadsheet skills as well as enhance their employability potential clients through use of the SAGE accounting software. This will involve importing and exporting information from accounting systems into spreadsheets in order to manipulate data. Students will have to continue to show digital literacy at Level 6 e. g. Inside the Strategic Planning and Control module students must carry out online research and make a set of final accounts using Excel. The digital literacy is significant in the profession life. It is necessary for a staff to reach your goals.

Part (d)

Competencies I already have

  • Communication skills. I control good skills of communicating with people. I can clearly identity other people's advantages and weakness through talking with them. Moreover, in the group project of Business Context, my responsibility is to organize every team members, tell their objective and absorb their ideas.
  • Computer literate. I am thinking about computer, I am proficient at internet detective. And using accurate resource to achieve the already set objectives.
  • Time management. Normally I use timetable to set up my daily work, specifically for the team work. I'll advise my group users early and assure they will be there promptly, and desire them to finish their part work on time.

Competencies that require enhancing

  • Mathematics. my mathematics is poor, always make flaws, so I need to concentrate on the question and quantities once i am doing calculation. This will be increased definitely.
  • Problem resolving. I am bad at resolving problems, therefore i should learning much more people's experience, and learn their decision making in the same situation.

Future job path

My personal goal is to become a charted accountant within industry or commerce. This allows me to specialise my financial skills. However, my long time goal is attaining all the data and skills to open up my own accounting company.

Below I'll make a agenda to make my desire achievable


It is my first calendar year in BAAF, I'll learn the basic knowledge about

  • financial accounting, liking prepare income statement and balance sheet.
  • management accounting, such as budgeting and cash flow preparation.
  • Business framework, knowing the micro and macro environment and the International Accounting Benchmarks as well as UK regulations


The second season, I am going to take professional analysis and increase my ability of problem dealing with in realistics.

  • Evaluate the impact of diverse global contexts after business risk
  • Consider useful accounting issues associated with international business operations.
  • In Intermediate Management Accounting will examine performance within divisional organisations including multi-national


In the previous academic year, it's important for me to obtain these abilities

  • in Corporate Taxation, I'll critically measure the international taxes environment
  • In Advanced Financial Management I'll evaluate financial decision making in a multi-national context
  • In Strategic planning and Control module I will operate a business simulation within a global market.


In before 12 months I've already completed my research, so in the continue expert level, I'll take the ACCA assessment. I give thee years to myself to get working experience in accounting company and gain the related accounting knowledge. Try my best to pass the assessment one time. And to be certified accountant.


Work in a big international accounting company.


Raise money and open up my accounting company.

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