Importance Of International Financial Management Money Essay

The quick globalization, financial crises and consistently changing business environment along to make present financial management challenges more critical than ever before. Along with the same causes make successful financial controls very important because international financial management (IFM) operates, with the decisions financial in aspect used, in the age of international business. The development in international business is noticeable in the function of extremely inflated volume of international trade. The history of international trade can be traced back to World Conflict II. When after the war years immediately, the normal type of deals on the Trade and Tariffs were established to be able to increase trade. This design gets rid of the trade restrictions extensively over the years and as a consequence multinational trade grew generally. Additionally, the trader's financial contribution in respect of exports and imports surged extensively over the countries. Since then this situation persist and increase over time that compel companies of most types and sizes to think how to make use of resources when interacting in international market segments. This expansion provides surge to significant variant in the position of market steadiness. Because of this, today major financial decisions entail cross-border difficulties. Preferences in respect of bringing up capital, management of risk, investment decisions, mergers, restructuring, and all other top features of financial strategy generally entail international complexities and these issues boost the need of international financial management. When financial professionals take these decisions they must examine currency exchange rates, risk factors of specific country, tax rule's dissimilarities and deviation in legal systems. In short, the finance professionals of multinational companies need appropriate management of international flow of funds for which the international financial management had become very important and this has been talked about at length below.


The reason for this research newspaper is to discuss the value of international financial management to learn that the role that financial management is participating in in today's international business environment.

Importance of International Financial Management

International financial management (IMF) significance can't be exaggerated. It really is, however, the core factor to successful business procedures. In the absence of financing in local even in international market, no entity can perform its full advantages for success and progress. We all know that money is an internationally lubricant that retains the local and multinational venture dynamic in producing product, keeping machines and men in working, motivating management to make values and progress. As I have reviewed above that globalization open up the market for major companies to business into international marketplaces, but it addittionally brings companies to a number of risks they can face while working in international era and in this respect international financial management is the sole means to fix mitigate these hazards and expose firms to the whole world to use in. Below is the facts of risk that multinational companies face and the role international financial management play to regulate these risk that boost the importance of international financial management.

Currency Exchange Risk and International Financial Management

Operating business in international marketplaces may bring about a foreign currency exchange risk that is recognized as exposure of exchange. Forex risk arises when an entity has receivables or payables major portion in foreign currency (FC). The risk persists in the variance of the foreign currency exchange rate. For instance, if the forex boosts in value before paying liability, the business has to pay extra amount to acquire the forex required to clear this liability. As a consequence, the business will face a lack of foreign exchange. So when the currency value decreases the business enterprise will have foreign currency gain. Alternatively net property will have the reverse relationships that are denominated in a foreign currency.

In managing the risk of currency exchange, IFM methods have gained prominence lately. IFM provides a variety of hedging techniques to control forex transaction risks.

Pricing. The essential approach offers by international financial management to control risk or to control billing money, is called charges. Exchange risk currency can be managed if the businesses invoice their clients in the business's reporting money or functional money. For instance, a business can settle a cost of receivable in the currency in which these are reporting and therefore transfer the risk of exchange to their customer.

Settlement. This technique is used where the business cannot price their customer in reporting money, it can exercise the pay out strategy to eliminate FC exchange risk. This technique needs that management continuously offer early arrangement discounts for receivables or payables dealt in a foreign currency. In short, this technique of IFM pushes a business to renounce the advantage of the money time value with the motive to evade the potential risks of forex exchange modifications.

Forward Contracts. The business enterprise should use the other ways to control the cash flows if it doesn't want to make early on negotiation or cannot price in confirming currency. Probably in this situation the renowned hedging methods is selling and buying forward agreements in forex. These are agreements between parties to sell or buy foreign currency in future time at pre-decided preset exchange rate. It reduces the company's exposures to deviation in exchange rates, no matter the rate in future is, the trades occur at fixed rate. This business deal involves the price tag on forex and the price of purchasing a in front contract.

Leading and logging. IFM also provides additional technique to mitigate the potential risks for centralized and large business, called leading and logging. This system requires leading (prepaying) anticipated amount when the currency of payer is decreasing against the payment currency and lagging (covering) those repayments if the money of payer is increasing. From business perspectives, the international financial supervisor can ask for leading and lagging approach to be able to take good thing about the constructive repercussions of exchange rate variance. In addition, leading and lagging strategies may be exercised to go cash to cash-poor from cash-rich lovers, thus boosting liquidity in short-term.

Working Capital Management and International Financial Management

International financial management takes on very important role in working capital management. Working capital management means taking decisions relating to short-term liquidity, and capital funding. These decisions comprises on taking care of the rapport between short-term asset and short liabilities of the firm. In this respect international financial management performs very important role in making the most of the worth of the organization by spending in such jobs which produce a positive net present value (NPV) by discounting with appropriate discount rate. These assets, because of this, have complexities with regards to cost of capital pf cash flow. The goal of IFM is to make sure that the business enterprise is capable of operating, and this they have positive stream of cash to support personal debt in long-term, and to assure both approaching operational expenses and short-term credit debt. In this way the firm value is valued in the event the return on capital investment surpass the capital cost.

Financing Decision

International Financial Management also leads companies in taking funding decions. And accomplishing the business financial objectives IFM need that any corporate investment be financed properly. As mentioned above since both un-stable rate and cash flows will be influenced, the mix of the financing can effect the valuation. In this manner financial director must highlight the capital structures and optimal mix of financing that should bring about maximum value. The options to generate funding generally require the combo of debt and equity financing. If a business makes a decision to fund through debt, it'll increase the liability that must definitely be paid, therefore involving cash flow issues independent of the project aim for of success. The second option is collateral financing. Equity funding is, however, less dangerous in relation to cash flow repayment promises, but ends up with a reduced amount of control, possession and profits. The equity financing cost is also more than the price incurred with debt financing, and in this way equity funding method may lead to an valued hurdle rate that could compensate any reduction in risk of cash flow. International financial management helps management to keep balance between both options to avoid the chance of cost burden.

IFM Co-ordinates Various Functional Activities

International financial management offers detailed harmonization between varieties of useful areas such as creation, marketing, etc. to perform the goals of organizations. If financial management is imperfect in multinational companies, the effectiveness of other business units can be preserved. For instance, it's very essential for the finance department to offer required funding for the natural material procurement as well as for other charge for the successful functioning of business. If financial team can not work properly and fails to meet responsibilities, the sales and production products are affected and therefore revenue and income will undertake. In short, proper financial management occupies a substantial place in any business matter.

Determinant of Business Success

International financial management is necessary for the business enterprise success. It's been discovered that the financial manger performs a very crucial role in the business success by suggesting the bigger level management the effective alternatives of a range of financial problems as professional. They offer considerable numbers and facts with regards to budget and company various functions performance in specific period before the higher management in such means that make it easier for the bigger management to examine the company's progress to adjust regulations and the principles of the company properly. The international financial managers help the higher management along the way of decision making by suggesting the perfect solutions out of the quantity of alternatives options available. Hence, international financial management assists the management at various stages in taking national and international financial decisions.

IFM as Measure of Performance

International financial management really helps to measure the performance of business through its financial results through the use of the techniques of ratio evaluation. These analyses supply the position that where in fact the firm is going over the years. Such financial decisions that appreciate risks become cause to diminish the worth of the organization and on the other the side, such international financial decisions that boost the profitability improve the firm value. Profitability and risk are two necessary part of any business that may be maintained effectively through financial management.


The issues that management is facing today is the effective and efficient working in a way that is internationally oriented. The major problems a business encounters in international market segments are, fluctuation in forex rate, making an investment decisions, financing decision, coordination of different business product in several geographic places, etc. These problems can be managed through proper version of international financial management methodologies. The potency of these methodologies predicated on management's understanding to the overseas markets and the requirements of its subsidiaries. In a nutshell, managing business accounts and fund is essential to the success of every multinational business because the upsurge in complication and need for financial management in international business environment poses problems for management in international corporations.

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