Classification of prognostic resources of minerals...

Classification of forecast mineral resources

According to the order of the Minister of Natural Resources of the United States No. 278 of December 11, 2006, a new "Classification of Reserves and Prospected Resources of Solid Minerals" was introduced.

Quantitative estimation of the forecast resources is made after the completion of each stage of the geological prospecting process. The nature of the objects of the forecast, the degree of their study, the accuracy and reliability of forecasting vary from stage to stage.

Forecasted are the resources of undiscovered or undetected mineral deposits, the availability of which is assumed on the basis of favorable geological conditions, direct or indirect search signs of formation, location of deposits of certain genetic, formational, industrial types. Forecast resources are established mainly without reference to specific ore bodies and characterize the volume of subsoil in which the occurrence of ore bodies is expected.

Forecast resources of category P 1 take into account the possibility of expanding the boundaries of the distribution of minerals for the contours of stocks C? or the identification of new ore bodies of minerals in ore occurrences, explored or explored deposits. To quantify the resources of this category, geologically based ideas about the size and conditions of occurrence of known bodies are used. The estimation of resources is based on the results of geological, geophysical and geochemical investigations of the subsoil plots of possible location of the mineral, on the materials of structural and exploratory wells, and within the deposits - on geological extrapolation of structural, lithological, stratigraphic and other features established on the more studied part of them, areas and the depth of distribution of minerals of industrial interest.

Forecast resources of category P2 take into account the possibility of discovering in the basin, ore region, node, the field of new mineral deposits, the presumed availability of which is based on a positive estimate for the large-scale individual cases of medium-scale) geological survey and prospecting of mineral occurrences, as well as geophysical and geochemical anomalies, the nature and possible prospects of which are determined by individual excavations. The quantitative assessment of resources, the understanding of the size of the proposed deposits, the mineral composition and the quality of the ores are based on a combination of direct and indirect indications of ore content, on the materials of individual ore intersections, and also by analogy with known deposits of the same formational (geological-industrial) type. Forecast resources are revealed in large-scale geological survey, prospecting and (partially) in geological surveys with a complex of forecasting and prospecting works, geological and mineragenic mapping of scale 1: 200000. Forecast resources in quantitative terms with reference to local areas are the basis for setting up detailed search operations.

Forecast resources of category Р3 take into account only the potential possibility of discovering deposits of a particular type of mineral based on favorable geological and paleogeographic preconditions identified in the assessed area with medium-scale geological-geophysical and geological surveys, interpretation of space images, as well as in analyzing the results of geophysical and geochemical research. Forecast resources of the category P3 are estimated for geological surveys of scale 1: 200000 with a set of forecasting and prospecting works, geological-minsragsnichskom mapping of scales 1: 200000 and 1: 500000, and also on the results of geological mapping at a scale of 1: 1000000. Their quantification is made without reference to specific objects.

Quantitatively estimated resources serve as the basis for geological mapping of 1: 50,000 scale and prospecting.

Quantitative and qualitative assessment of the forecast resources is made to the depths available for operation with the current and possible in the short term field of technology and field development technology, based on indicative technical and economic calculations.

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