Organization and design of forecasting and prospecting...

Organization and design of forecasting and prospecting works

Designing of search and forecasting and search works is an important and responsible stage of their organization. From its implementation depends on the choice of a rational forecasting and search complex, the depth of development of the source - the final factual material, the quality of the implementation of the planned studies and, ultimately, their effectiveness.

The main document regulating the preparation and implementation of forecasting and prospecting works is a geological task. It defines: 1) the purpose of the work, the spatial boundaries of the object and the main evaluation parameters; 2) geological tasks, sequence and basic methods for their solution; 3) Expected results and deadlines for the completion of work (indicating the forms of the reporting documentation and the time for submitting the report to the funds). The geological task is coordinated with industry specialists, signed by the chief geologist and approved by the Director General of the State Geological Enterprise (GGP). On the basis of the geological task, the earlier studies of the district are analyzed and evaluated, and a project is prepared for further work.

In the project, in addition to the geological task, the following sections are usually envisaged:

& gt; geological and economic conditions of work;

& gt; review, analysis and evaluation of previous studies;

& gt; geological, geophysical, geochemical characteristics of the area with disclosure of geological prerequisites and signs of expected mineralization) and geological and economic feasibility studies;

& gt; methods, volumes and conditions of the projected works;

& gt; metrological support of geological exploration;

& gt; construction of temporary buildings and structures;

& gt; transportation of goods and personnel;

& gt; health and safety;

& gt; expected results and evaluation of projected resources;

& gt; Contract work (if any).

The most important is the fourth section of the project, the development of which requires the performer of high qualification and comprehensive knowledge of the features of the work area. It reveals geological tasks, methods for solving them and the accepted forecasting and searching complex, examines the features of the organization (who and at what time performs the work, where it is planned to locate the party database and temporary parking, where and when the office work is performed, when and to whom the current reporting is submitted and the final report), the design and tasks of the preparatory period for fieldwork (pre-study of stock, primary archival data and their generalization, preparation of a topo basis, prsd-field interpretation aerial and space materials), types, volumes of planned works and time spent on their implementation by the relevant specialists are justified (search routes, compiling reference sections, geochemical and geophysical searches, mining and drilling operations, mass uranium searches, associated searches for stone-colored raw materials, topo-geodesic, laboratory, cameral work, etc.). The justification of the types and volumes of work is carried out taking into account the zoning of the territory according to geological and structural features, the relief, the thickness of loose sediments and natural climatic conditions.

The planned types, scope of work and time spent on their implementation are summarized in special tables, which serve as the basis for determining the staffing of executors (party, detachment) and design estimates for the cost of search or forecasting and search operations. The text is presented with theatrical materials and a list of used literature.

Possible representation of competing options for the project. The criteria for choosing the optimal one is the degree of availability of a reliable performance of the geological task on the basis of an effective forecasting and search complex and resource-saving technology of forecasting and search operations that determine the optimal solution of the assigned tasks with minimal expenditure of funds.

The search and forecasting and search operations are carried out strictly in accordance with the project and the output of the final product, provided for by the geological assignment. An important link in the geological exploration process is the quality control of the conducted studies and the assessment of the performance of the main indicators of the geological task for a certain stage of work. Control of the quality of field research (including control of sampling) is carried out systematically by specialists of different levels: the chief geologist and the head of the party (detachment), the leading experts of the expedition, the representatives of the guests' control. The correctness of conducting field diaries, the quality of sampling and processing, the quality of mining and drilling operations, the complexity of the studies and their compliance with the project are checked. The results of the audit are recorded in diaries, relevant journals or issued as verification acts and passed on to the executors.

In autumn, after each field season, the field materials of the party (detachment) are received by a special commission created by the expedition. The commission looks through all the field materials (diaries, magazines, a collection of rocks and ores, maps, schemes, etc.), evaluates their quality and the possibility of using it for desk processing and reporting. In the act of acceptance of field materials, the relevance of the studies to the task and their effectiveness (productivity) are particularly reflected.

The results of field cameral research are the basis for compiling the report. The quality of the latter and the overall effectiveness of search and predictive prospecting are assessed by reviewers, NTS expedition and GGP. After the examination, the report is transferred for storage to funds.

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