History Essays

Egypt under Ramesses II - History of the East

4.7. egypt under ramesses ii despite the failure of akhenaten's reforms, many of them took root. in particular, this refers to the strengthening of the.


Tunisia - History of the East

7.3. tunisia became from the xvi century. part of the ottoman empire tunisia, located east of algiers, for a long time was the base of mediterranean.


Formation of statehood in Korea - History of the East

14.1. formation of statehood in korea on the korean peninsula to the south of the amnokkan river (yaluqiang) at the beginning of our era there were.


Greek Historiography of the Hellenistic Age - History of Historical Knowledge

Greek historiography of the hellenistic age if the greek historical consciousness of the classical era was focused on understanding the enmity between.


Indo-Aryans in the Ganges Valley - History of the East

7.2. indo-aryans in the ganges valley consolidated at the turn of the iii-ii millennium bc. somewhere in the region of the black sea and the caspian.


Herodotus - father of European history - History of historical knowledge

Herodotus - father of european history there is very little known about the life of herodot (490/80 - about 425 bc). it is believed that he was born in.


Jurchen (Jin) and the South-Sung Empire - History of the East

10.4. jurchen (jin) and the south-sian empire the jurchen tribes that inhabited the territory of south manchuria, from earliest times were connected with.


Philippines - History of the East

13.3. philippines geographically, the philippines is part of the same island world of southeast asia. but, being an eastern and historically peripheral.



The origin of the development of the historical method in the western historiography of the xx century as a result of studying the material, the student.


Empire of the Great Moguls (1526-1707) - History of the East

8.4. the empire of the great moguls (1526-1707) in 1526, timurid babur, a native of mogulistan and former governor of ferghana, then kabul, invaded.


Comparative-historical method - Theory and methodology of history

Comparative-historical method history is diverse in all its manifestations. often the essence of a particular event, phenomenon or process becomes more.


The Volga and the Crimea. Golden Horde - History of the East

4.5. the volga and the crimea. the golden horde the volga and the crimea are not geographically part of asia, but historically and culturally these areas.


Eastern Sudan. Ethiopia - History of the East

15.3. eastern sudan. ethiopia eastern sudan, bordering on egypt in the north, experienced a marked influence of egyptian culture for thousands of years..


The policy of Belarusianization. Development of the...

Question 56. the policy of belarusianization. development of the culture of the bssr in the 1920s economic and socio-political processes of the early.


Transformation of Tang society in the VIII-X centuries. - History of the East

10.2. transformation of tang society in the 8th-10th centuries the successes of the first tang emperors, including foreign policy, including the conquest.


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