How To Achieve The American Dream

How does one achieve the American Dream? The answer unquestionably depends after one's definition of the Goal. John Winthrop envisioned a religious heaven in a "City upon a Hill. " Martin Luther Ruler, Jr. dreamed of racial equality. Barack Obama contains the idea of reclaiming the American Dream. All men imagined for what they regarded as perfection. The question remains, how does one achieve this success? How is the Aspiration realized?

People in america have traditionally committed their initiatives to thrift and hard work. During the Colonial Period, Benjamin Franklin demonstrated an example that "Early to Bed, and early to rise, makes a Man healthy, prosperous, and sensible. " People in america of the Early Republic dreamed the united states to be democratic and powerful on world stage. Abraham Lincoln insisted that the "authorities of people, by folks, for people, shall not perish from the planet earth. "

During Westward Movement and the Civil War, many People in america experienced serious hardship and they overcame adversity through industry, determination, self-reliance, and self-discipline. The popular "rags to riches" legend became a landmark of American world; anyone could do well and achieve wealth if they functioned hard.

There is not a denying that the switch away from the traditional American work ethic corresponded straight with the rise of industry. Work principles changed considerably when America became an professional society. Many People in the usa no longer consider effort as the one means to success. They would like to cut corners in pursuit of wealth, popularity and success. The results of their work can be thought, no one can transform his destiny without effort. They have to face the cruel truth that the fantasy grow to be illusion.

Chapter One Definition of the American Dream

What is the American Dream? It's been a traditional question asked not only by foreigners, but more often by People in the usa themselves. Many historians and sociologists tend to hold different thoughts. At the same time, an ordinary North american citizen can't explain it accurately due to its complexity. In other words, everyone has his own knowledge of this is of the American Aspiration. Taking many factors worried under consideration, a conclusion may be accomplished that the American Fantasy can be interpreted from two categories. First of all, the maximum American Dream. It refers to the national goal that contains the desire for freedom, equality and democracy and be considered a powerful country on world stage. Alternatively, the minimum fantasy. It belongs to the common people. For almost all of them, the American Dream turns out to be closely related to their daily life. It can be thought to be these specific goals, such as acquiring higher education, living a happy life with good salary, keeping a well being, and having an excellent social status.

In order to understand the abundant explanations of the American Dream, we must comprehend the origin and development of the American Dream. It's the American people and background that shape this is of the North american Dream.

Since the delivery of the United States in 1776, this is of the North american Dream has transformed during the period of history. The origin of the American Aspiration can be followed back to the period of colonization. The American Dream is a national ethos in terms of the promises of wealth and success. The ethos shows the ability that everyone can gain his bundle of money and make progress through his involvement and hard-work. With regard to the American Dream, this consists of the possibility for your children to increase up and get a good education and profession without artificial obstacles. It's the opportunity to make individual choices without the prior restrictions that limit people with respect to their class, religion, competition or ethnicity.

Historian James Truslow Adams first of all submit the expression "American Desire" in his 1931 e book Epic of America:

"The American Goal is that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for each man, with opportunity for each according to capacity or achievement. It is a difficult desire for the Western european top classes to interpret adequately, also way too many of us ourselves have become weary and mistrustful of it. It is not a dream of motor vehicles and high income simply, but a imagine social order where each man and each female shall be able to attain to the fullest stature which they are simply innately capable, and become acknowledged by others for what they are simply, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position. "

He also published:

"The American Desire, which includes lured tens of millions of all nations to our shores in the past century, is not a imagine material a great deal, though that has doubtlessly counted greatly. It's been a dream of having the ability to increase to fullest development as a guy and female, unhampered by the barriers which had gradually been erected in the more aged civilizations, unrepressed by cultural orders which had developed for the good thing about classes rather than for the simple individual of any and every class. "

Martin Luther King Jr. in his "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" stated that the civil rights movement was at the search for the dark people's American fantasy:

"We will gain our freedom because the sacred history of our region and the eternal will of God are embodied inside our echoing demands. . . . when these disinherited children of God sat down at meal counters these were in reality standing up for what's best in the American dream and then for the most sacred worth in our Judeo-Christian heritage, therefore bringing our nation back again to those great wells of democracy that have been dug deep by the founding fathers in their formulation of the Constitution and the Declaration of Self-reliance. "

The leader Barack Obama delivered his victory talk after he triumphed in the presidential plan:

"If there is anyone out there who still questions that America is a place where everything possible; who still wonders if the imagine our founders is alive inside our time; who still questions the energy in our democracy, tonight is your answer. "

Chapter Two Origins of the North american Dream

2. 1 A FRESH Land

In 1492, Columbus done his voyage with the support from the King of Spain. He presumed that by cruising west from European countries, he could reach Asia. He never succeeded, but instead he landed on the islands in the Caribbean Sea and learned the New World. This great geographic finding of the brand new World opened the door to Western european settlers. In 1497, an Italian sailor, John Cabot who was simply financed by the British King, found its way to today's Canada. Soon the English King stated that the entire territory of North American belonged to Great britain. To be able to enforce this say, the Englishmen started to establish long lasting settlements in THE UNITED STATES.

The early 17th century was the start of a great tide of emigrates from European countries to THE UNITED STATES. Spanning more than 3 hundred years, this activity grew from a trickle of a few hundred English colonists to a flood of millions of newcomers. Impelled by powerful and diverse motivations, many Western emigrates left their homelands for the New Land. Many of them tried to flee economic and politics oppression, to seek the freedom to practice their religion, or even to find opportunities denied them at home.

2. 2 Europe in the 16th and 17th century

During the center Ages, Europe was under the sole spiritual authority of the Roman Catholic Cathedral. The feudal system prevailed during this time period of time. The peasants were tied to the dirt and acquired to put up with the economical and political oppression. Retailers and craftsmen were handicapped by the sociable disorders. By the 16th century, some new and powerful sociable forces started out to emerge which resulted in great changes in Europe and the development of America.

First of all, it is the development of capitalism. Take the historical event Enclosure Movement for example. The Commercial Revolution had created a burgeoning textile industry, which demanded an increasing way to obtain wool to keep carefully the looms jogging. Landlords enclosed farmlands and evicted the peasants for the intended purpose of sheep cultivation. Colonial development considered be an wall socket for these displaced peasant population.

The second major force that brought about the modern development of Europe was the Renaissance, that was marked by way of a changing outlook on life. The Renaissance spoke highly of the type of humanity. The God-centered world was challenged by the wide spread of knowledge and technology. People commenced to become more positive in themselves and confirmed more fascination with the globe.

The third influential drive was the Spiritual Reformation, a religious reform movements that started out from Germany, then spread over the continent of European countries. In 1517, Martin Luther argued that the Pope and cathedral had no right to take advantage of the individuals for the remission of sins. He protested from the Catholic Church as a result of power of abuse and corruption. Another man, John Calvin began his reform activity after Martin Luther. Calvinism soon prevailed in Great britain and captivated many followers.

In England, King Henry disagreed with the Roman Catholic Cathedral on many politics issues. On the other hand, he wanted to end his matrimony with the Queen but minus the authorization from the Pope. Finally, King Henry broke away from the Roman Catholic Cathedral and set up the Church of Great britain, and he became the head of the Church of Great britain himself.

These religious beliefs reforms all challenged the expert of the Pope and the Catholic Church which handled people's religious beliefs and interfered in political affairs of the nations.

During the spiritual upheavals of the 16th century, an organization of people who discontent in the Cathedral of Great britain and worked towards religious, moral and public reforms. These were called the Puritans. The puritans were deeply inspired by Calvinism and thought that the Church of England experienced turn into a product of politics struggles and attemptedto purify the Chapel.

Such puritan values were against the Church of England and undermined royal power, so they were cruelly persecuted. Some of them were threw into prison and even executed for their spiritual beliefs. In order to get away persecution from Chapel and the Ruler, many of the puritans came to THE UNITED STATES.

2. 3 THE FIRST Settlement

The first United kingdom permanent settlement was founded in 1607 at Jamestown, Virginia. This is structured by the London Company with a charter which Ruler James awarded. Based on the Jamestown creator John Smith, he placed the thoughts and opinions that "Heaven and Earth never agreed easier to frame a location for man's habitation"

The second British settlement was set up in Massachusetts Bay. It had been founded by the puritans who segregated themselves from the Chapel of Britain. In 1620, a little group of puritans got the ship Mayflower and remaining for North America. When they come to their vacation spot, they drafted an agreement which was called the Mayflower Small and was agreed upon by all the men up to speed.

The Mayflower Compact played a significant role ever sold. It was thought to be the first make an effort of North american democratic experience to set up a civil administration for the public. Moreover, the far-reaching politics principles set by the Small laid down the foundations of the democratic government.

The puritans hoped to develop "a city upon hill"-an ideal community where they might live in demanding with their religious beliefs and set a good example for all of Christendom. The puritans experienced left rich social legacies to future People in the usa. The American principles such as individualism, hard work, admiration of education own very much to the puritan beliefs.

2. 4 The American Revolution

Through the 18th century, the maturing British isles UNITED STATES colonies inevitably forged a distinct identity. By the early 1760s, the 13 colonies in North America had developed an identical American routine in politics, economy and cultural life. At the same time, the populace grew vastly and they had long years of self-government to deal with their own issues.

In September 1774, the First Continental Congress, a gathering of colonial leaders who opposed British isles oppression in the colonies fulfilled in Philadelphia. These market leaders urged People in america to disobey and boycott United kingdom ruling. At the same time, they began to organize militias to defend themselves. On April 19, 1775, the first shot was fired when 700 British soldiers went to get a colonial arms depot in Lexington. Thus the American warfare of Independence started.

2. 4. 1 Common Sense

In January 1776, Thomas Paine, a radical politics theorist who acquired come to America from Britain in 1774 shared a pamphlet GOOD SENSE. Paine got already sensed the climb of tension and the soul of rebellion. Inside the pamphlet, Paine attacked the hereditary monarchy, criticized the men who ruled as Kings, and called for the visitors to discard the loyalty to the King and the Uk Empire. He shown two selections -continued distribution to a tyrannical Ruler and an evil federal government, or liberty and pleasure as a self-sufficient, self-employed republic.

Common Sense soon came to be a best-seller, which greatly inspired the people's awareness of independence.

2. 4. 2 Declaration of Independence

In July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Freedom which was drafted by Thomas Jefferson implemented by the Congress. The Declaration officially proclaimed the freedom of 13 North America colonies:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that men are manufactured equal, they are endowed by their Inventor with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the quest for Delight. - That to secure these privileges, Government authorities are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, - That whenever any Type of Government becomes harmful of these ends, it is the Right of the Visitors to alter or even to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its basis on such ideas and arranging its power in such form, concerning them shall seem probably to results their Basic safety and Pleasure. "

The Declaration not only announced the labor and birth of a fresh country, but also submit with the thought of human freedom and democracy. The Declaration was deeply influenced by the Enlightenment political school of thought, especially from the British politics philosopher John Locke.

John Locke developed the social-contract theory of authorities. Only a government predicated on popular consent could secure natural privileges of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Thomas Jefferson associated Locke's principles directly to the situation in the colonies. Thus, to battle for American independence was to battle with respect to one's own natural privileges.

The War of Independence came up to get rid of in 1781 with the win of North America. The Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783 and the sovereignty of 13 colonies was recognized by British government. The new United States extended west to the Mississippi River, north to Canada, and south to Florida.

2. 5 Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers of the United States. He was born in an unhealthy family that got little money to send him to school. He didn't graduate with 2 yrs university learning but he sustained his education through greedy self-learning. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin vividly depicted his personal experience from an unhealthy and lowliness young man to be a abundant and famous man. All his improvement he had made belonged to his own work to be excellent, the desiring success and the quest for wonderful moral.

Benjamin Franklin was deeply influenced by the Enlightenment and Puritanism. He committed himself to apply the values of thrift, hard work. He advocated democracy with self-governing institutions, and against authoritarianism both politics and religious.

From the Autobiography, the procedure of realizing American Dream is seen clearly. Undoubtedly, the meaning of Benjamin Franklin's success will go way beyond himself, which is thought-provoking to many Americans. Franklin placed a good example for other folks to check out and his experience is the foremost reason of the American Dream.

Chapter Three Development of the North american Dream

3. 1 The Political System

The Treaty of Pairs in 1783 identified the independence of the United States and the ex - 13 colonies became 13 state governments of America. But the Declaration of Freedom proclaimed that 13 colonies "are, and of to be free and independent states", that they had no idea about the near future political system of america. They had to handle the fact that a new country couldn't grow well with out a appropriate and effective political system.

3. 1. 1The Government Constitution

When the North american Trend was over, the United States had not been one unified nation as it is today. Based on the Articles of Confederation, each express had its government and completed all of its inner affairs. To create issues worse, the Congress didn't hold the specialist to ask any status to do anything. For instance, it might not taxes any citizen or even to regulate commence among the list of states.

Faced with domestic difficulties and exterior challenge and danger from European powers, a far more powerful and effective authorities was desperately needed to be able to safeguard freedom and freedom. Only in this manner could each condition interact and the united states be powerful enough to protect the people's pursuits. First of all, a Constitution was badly needed to replace the Articles of Confederation.

The delegates from 12 state governments without Rhode Island attended the Constitution Convention in 1787. During the convention, Adam Madison, later the forth President of america, took a respected role with his remarkable efforts to the work of Constitution, and gained him the subject "Father of the Constitution". After over three calendar months' conversations, debates and compromises, the Constitution came out finally.

The Preamble to the Constitution suggests the purpose of the government:

"We the People of america, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure home Tranquility, give the normal defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. "

3. 1. 2 Three Branches of Government

According to the Constitution, a national system was set up with a solid central government. To safeguard the democracy and reduce the chances of a tyranny, the government contains three parts, the professional, the legislative and the judicial. Each branch has forces that the others don't have and each branch has a means of restricting any wrongful action by another branch. That is called the concept of "checks and balances"

3. 1. 3 Invoice of Rights

The Constitution of 1787 didn't inform you to protect individual rights. The demands amendments protecting specific privileges were quickly solved by Congress. In 1791, Congress implemented ten amendments to make sure they are area of the Constitution. To all Americans, they are known as the Invoice of Rights. According to it, Us citizens have the independence of conversation, press, religious beliefs and the right to assemble peacefully, protest and demand changes.

3. 2 Westward Movement

Westward Movement was one of the solemn and important elements of American history. In the expansion of American boundaries from the Atlantic shoreline to the Pacific seacoast, the nation occupied huge land in the centre and west. The frontier shifted in a westward route for practically 300 years across the wilderness and barren plains.

The road to the western was full of difficulties and threat, but these settlers continued and never quit. "Go western and grow with the region" became a famous motto to these settlers. Once an English traveler detailed these frontier settlers as "a daring, hardly race of men, who reside in miserable cabin. They can be unpolished but hospitable, kind to strangers, genuine and dependable. . . "

Frederick Jackson Turner was one of the very most renowned American historians and an advocate of Westward Movements. He announced that the frontier was significant in American history and made America more than an extension of Europe. It acquired created a region with a culture that was different from European countries, not only more pragmatic and energetic, but also more emphasis on individuality and democracy.

It's hard to believe three centuries of Westward Movements had no effect on the national character. For the descendents of European, they explored the Wild West land with the goal of making an improved life. They were usually referred to as the pioneers of North american, and full of courage and brains. They made impressive progress to the development of the united states.

On the other palm, the negative effects of Westward Activity shouldn't be ignored. There is absolutely no denying that Westward Motion was a bloody and brutal process. America pillaged the land of Texas, New Mexico and California via a warfare of conquest against Mexico. It's a nightmare for Local Americans because of the ruthless treatment from American whites. And yes it caused the destruction of the natural environment in the west.

3. 3 The Civil War

During the 1850s, the problem of slavery severed the political bonds that organised the United States together. The appeal for abolishing slavery had aroused deep concern from coast to coast. In 1852, Harriet Beecher Stowe posted Uncle Tom's Cabin; a novel portrayed the cruelty of slavery and pointed out the fundamental conflict between North and South. North american had to face the actual fact that America was both a freedom-loving and slave-holding culture. The issue of slavery possessed impeded the further development of the nation.

Abraham Lincoln got long regarded slavery as an evil. He assumed that slavery should be limited and finally abolished. In 1858, Lincoln declared that:

"A residence divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this federal cannot endure completely half-slave and 50 % free. I really do not be expectant of the Union to be dissolved-I do not be expectant of the house to fall-but I really do expect it'll stop to be divided. "

3. 3. 1 Emancipation Proclamation

Emancipation Proclamation was one of the biggest documents in American history. It played a substantial role during the Civil Warfare. The preliminary Emancipation Proclamation declared that all slaves in state governments rebelling from the Union were free. In sensible conditions, the proclamation had little immediate impact. It freed slaves only in the Confederate states, while departing slavery intact in the Union. The ultimate Emancipation Proclamation authorized the recruitment of African Americans into the union military.

Emancipation Proclamation was just the beginning of the attempts toward abolishment of slavery. The 13th Amendment to the Constitution followed in 1865 by Congress finally abolished slavery.

3. 3. 2 Gettysburg Address

The Gettysburg Address is a speech by Leader Abraham Lincoln which is one of the best-known speeches in history. It was shipped at the devotion of the solders' national cemetery in Gettysburg. Challenge of Gettysburg was thought to be the turning point in the Civil Conflict. Lincoln invoked the principles of human being equality mentioned by the Declaration and redefined the Civil War as challenging not merely for the Union, but as "a fresh birth of liberty" that would bring true equality to all of its individuals and ensure the success of American's democracy, that the "authorities of folks, by the folks, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. "

3. 4 A World of Affluence

Between two great wars-the Civil Conflict and the First World War-the United States came old. In a period of significantly less than 50 years it was altered from a rural country to the urban nation. Great changes acquired occurred around the country.

The last generations of the 19th century were an interval of imperial extension for america. With all the development of its electricity, America started to pursue its national dream-to be a powerful country on the globe stage. To be able to safeguard its own interests, the United States was required to stake out spheres of financial affect. More generally, the doctrine of "manifest destiny" first used to justify America's extension.

Some Americans indicated their discontent with the character of modern life in the 1920s. The decade was called the Jazz Age, the Roaring Twenties, or the period of "flaming youngsters. " World War I had overturned the traditional communal and moral order. Mass success enabled an available and hedonistic life style for people.

The aftermath of World Warfare II exacerbated the moral move as a consumer culture blossomed and People in the usa became preoccupied with material goods. As you critic mentioned, "consumed by wants for status, material goods, and approval, Americans apparently possessed lost the sense of personality, thrift, hard work, and design that had characterized the nation. "The consequence of this move in work ethic acquired actually spurred alternatively than lessened the people's desire to attain the American Dream.

People lost their traditional beliefs, values and the purpose drive to success, and thought cheated by the modern culture. They found that the dream before turned out to be an illusion; The American Dream didn't can be found at all.

3. 5 The Disadvantaged Groups

In the United States, any group other than the dominating white Anglo-Saxon Protestant majority is a minority group in American culture. These racial and ethnic minorities mainly refer to the blacks, Native Us citizens, the Hispanics, and Asian Americans. Although they are the minority teams, they must have been treated equal and own the protection under the law as same as the whites. They also have their needs for the North american Goal. Take the blacks for example; their dreams were deeply rooted in the American dream.

Although dark-colored slaves were emancipated because of this of the Civil Warfare and granted basic civil protection under the law according to the 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution, there is still a huge gap between your whites and blacks. During the middle-1950s, Civil Privileges Movement reached its top. Protest movements against racial segregation and discrimination became common in the southern America. This movements rooted in the centuries-long work of African slaves and their descendents to resist racial oppression and abolish the organization of slavery.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a dominant head in the Civil Rights Movement. He was well-known for his work to get rid of racial segregation and discrimination by the method of nonviolent methods. So he gained his popularity from the whole world and became a Nobel Serenity Prize winner. Ruler led the march on Washington, where he shipped his speech-I Have a Aspiration. From what below, the cry for the black's American dream was certainly expressed.

"I tell you today, my friends, that regardless of the down sides and frustrations of as soon as, I still have a wish. It really is a aspiration deeply rooted in the North american dream.

I have a dream that 1 day this country will rise up and live out the real meaning of its creed: 'We carry these truths to be self-evident: that men are manufactured equal. '

I have a goal that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of ex - slave owners can sit down mutually at a desk of brotherhood. "

3. 6 A New Age

3. 6. 1The North american Fantasy under the economic crisis

The financial crisis from 2007 until now is known as to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Melancholy of the 1930s. The collapse of the property bubble activated the economic turmoil which resulted in the bankruptcy of large finance institutions and downturns in stock market segments all around the world. It contributes to the large number of the unemployed, the decrease of consumer prosperity. Many families have no money to pay the bills of housing mortgage loan and lose the job to produce a living. People in america have to face the actual fact that American Fantasy ended up being an illusion once more. They need to sell out their automobiles and houses, cut down the expense of family and education for kids

Home ownership is one of the most important symbols in the traditional American Dream. However now who owns the house is embracing the slave of the house. The individuals are sick and tired of tax cuts for the rich that shift the responsibility to the backs of working people. They are tired of hanging around years for the increase of wage while CEOs' gives are soaring. They can be tired of living without healthcare and dropping into poverty.

3. 6. 2 Barack Obama: Reclaiming the North american Dream

Barack Obama is the first African-American Chief executive in history. His story is undoubtedly an example of the American Desire. His father originated from Kenya and mom was from Kansas. While using help from his grandparents, he grew up in Hawaii. Effort and education were the means of getting in advance.

The 12 months of 2008 was not only the entire year of election, but also amid economic problems. It's an interval of hard time for almost all of Americans. Through the presidential election, a great deal of People in the usa were deeply touched by Barack Obama's election slogan "Change We Need". It aroused echoes in their hearts. Equally as Obama said, "Enough time has come to bridge the growing divide between Main Block and Wall Street. The American Desire is slipping out of reach. "

During the process of campaigning for Chief executive, Obama expressed the thought of reclaiming the American Dream many times. He believed that the American Dreams were worth fighting for because it belonged to every North american.

It's the dream of his grandfather who serviced in the army and moved his family western searching for opportunity. It's the imagine his grandmother who received up at dawn and worked doubly hard at her job because a woman had to work harder to go ahead. It's the dream of his father who crossed an ocean because America offered the light to him. It's the dream of his mother who was a single mom and knew the meaning of life.

Chapter Four Comments on the American Dream

The American Desire as the purpose force has motivated Americans to chase the enjoyment and perfectness. Alternatively, there is no denying that the huge difference between wish and reality does indeed exist. Many People in the usa have to handle the fact that their dreams turn out to be nothing. After century of development, this is of American Dream has changed over the course of history. The heart of thrift advocated by the Puritanism has been substituted by the extreme individualism. Many people and companies aspire to material wealth by hook or by crook regardless of justice and moral ideas.

America was founded on the process of individuals equality, but in practice the country has fallen far short of this ideal. The inequality is not simply a subject of distinctions between cultural classes. The class divisions often parallel racial and ethnical divisions. American world is dominated by Anglo-Saxon whites. They were the first settlers and quickly required control of economic assets and politics power in the us, and they have preserved this control until now. Immigrants from other nations experienced to struggle hard to be assimilated in to the mainstream of American life. Some have distributed in the American Aspiration, but other disadvantaged categories have been excluded by different varieties of obstacles from equal involvement in American life. To a little amount of people, they realize the American Dream and also have the chance to enjoy a much better life. On the contrary, a majority of folks have to face American Tragedy somewhat than American Aspiration.


American Dream is best description of American traditional ideals and national identity. It's some sort of idealism in search of equality, liberty, democracy and success. Everyone gets the chance to make improvement by the means of hard work in spite of his social status or background. People in america tend to focus on individualism, the non-public rights and liberty. They often feel that one can do well by his own initiatives.

Traditionally, People in america have sought to understand the American imagine success, fame and prosperity through thrift and hard work. However, the industrialization of the 19th and 20th centuries began to rot the dream, updating it with a idea of "get rich quick".

Scholars have known widely differing conceptions of these quests for North american Dream. One element of the American Dream is dependable: the search for money. Few will deny that Us citizens are intently focused on the "almighty dollar. " In the society focused on capitalism and the ability to purchase a large house and a good car separates those who are considered successful from those who are not.

The "rags to riches" legend has and continues to be a cornerstone of the American Dream. The traditional message educated that through effort, frugality, and self-sacrifice you can achieve financial success and sociable mobility. American goal is so attractive that decades desiring success in a land of infinite probability.

There are unquestionably many People in america who continue steadily to follow such tenets and in doing so are rewarded for his or her efforts. Yet there are also those who believe that the American Dream's offer of riches is just a promises of instant financial success. The negative side to this cultural phenomenon is having less responsibility.

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