Introduction To World Civilization History Essay

Ancient China and Ancient Korea are performing the role of area. Being this reasons, some of the cultures that might influence by each others, such as faith, art, architecture. Since Old China and Ancient Korea acquired experienced long history with different Dynasty. Atlanta divorce attorneys period, they experienced tons of changes for his or her country, and each period create their own culture and take it to nowadays. Actually, in the majority of the info show that Old China is the biggest country which is full of civilization and she influenced Ancient Korea in the majority of the ways. Therefore, in this article, it will discuss the actual similarities and dissimilarities are between Old China and Ancient Korea in various dimensions. And in addition talk about how it impact us in nowadays, what exactly are the values, norms, beliefs in their own period.

At the start, I will expose the annals of Ancient Korea briefly. "Ancient Korea experienced three kingdoms that happen to be Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla. " These three kingdoms are the most crucial period in Ancient Korea. In 1392, Taejo Yi Seong gye unified the whole Korea and created Joseon Dynasty, and for the reason that period, Old Korea adopts the huge benefits from others and developed in their own ways. Actually, Old Korea has an extended record that similar with Old China, especially in the dimensions of faith. Since Old China divided into many religions in various period, such as Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Mohism, those thought acquired already taken to Korea and influenced them. However, in different period of Old Korea, their religious beliefs had a lttle bit different. According to some information of Ancient Korea history, in three kingdoms which can be Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla already are experienced Buddhism. "Since Ancient China in Southern and North Dynasties, Buddhism is popular in China" and became one of the religions that they imagine and most impact to nowadays.

Because of Ancient Korea acquired a close marriage with Old China, therefore many things in China may easily brought to Korea. In 918, Goguryeo period was famous in Confucianism and Buddhism, people in Korea believe that this varieties of thought, and the ones religious beliefs almost use Chinese wordings and let it bring to Korea also. In Goguryeo period, "The Publication of Confucianism which is Chinese language, Chinese language words are brought into Ancient Korea. " And at the same time, Buddhism also afflicted the Ancient Korea. People in Korea take up Buddhism for the reason that period, especially these "Buddhist culture also inspired Korean art" The aspect of artwork will speak about it later.

In the three kingdoms period, people for the reason that period are accepted the thought of Buddhism. However, in Joseon Dynasty is from this kind of religion. At the same time, Confucianism replaced Buddhism in Goguryeo period. Because of the ideas of Confucianism, it uses simple words to bring the difficult idea. In Joseon Dynasty, the king of Joseon Dynasty affected by this thought, and feels that thought can combine with the beliefs of Korean. Therefore, Confucianism was popular in that period and also until now. The variations of faith in Ancient China is they can imagine other religious beliefs like Taoism, Mohism, Confucianism, and each faith have their own feature to fulfill in various period. Actually, Confucianism is affected Ancient Korea in lots of ways until now.

In addition to the similarities and variations of religion, fine art can also show that how influenced and contradictory are. Art can separate into painting, literary. In Ancient China, painting and literary are the important elements of their own culture. Every dynasty possessed their own characteristics to create paintings, such as Tang-Song Dynasty's painting; the key theme usually is approximately the environment, or body painting. However, Ancient China has main special elements of their painting skill, which was include poetry to react to the paintings. Literary in Old China is the considerations that can show the culture and thought, and literary can let the posterity know more about this period, because this is some sort of background to let people know about things at different dynasties. In different dynasties got their famous writings, such as "The book of Changes", "Journey to the West", and poetries. In the case of Old Korea, the dimension of art is mostly cause acculturated by china culture. Especially Buddhism influenced art of Ancient Korea. As being a talk about before, Buddhism was famous using period- Goguryeo period. At the time, they use sculpture which incorporate with Buddhism to make their own creative. Exactly like an essay said "While Korea did not work such great changes as China, it created its own unique iconography from the start, an indication that this adopted Buddhism with a sense of its identity. "

Ancient Korea is a distinctive country that she is made up of their own culture but at the same time, she must adopt the others to determine their own. For Old Korea inspired by Ancient China, Korean can be used Chinese language words to track record things. However, in 15th Hundred years Joseon Dynasty, Sejong the Great- the 4th ruler of Joseon Dynasty created "Hunminjeoeum" to displace Chinese language. Let Korean acquired their own words to build up their specific image. And this kind of method became a huge change of Korea land. However, to generate "Hunminjeoeum", it adopts the phonology of china, so that Ancient Korea also cannot deviate from the affect of Ancient China.

The third sizing is architecture. Old China's architecture behaving an important role in Asia which affect many countries try to imitate her characteristics. The architecture of Ancient China coupled with some elements that like Feng Shui. This is the unique culture in Ancient China which needs to cooperate with the environment to prevent devastation. Before, people in china also create the structure method that to be the building blocks of china structures. They just use the lumber to create durable buildings, which method import to different country like Korea and Japan. Therefore, structures in Ancient Korea also filled with china characteristics. But Korea will try to create their own style of architecture, and finally they acquired the Hanok to be their traditional properties. They put together the characteristics of china's architecture and take up it to rebuild their own. Hanok- the traditional homes in Korea did not have Feng Shui to cooperate with their construction nevertheless they also concern the environment of environment which they decide for the houses. Because they know that the homes have to think of the growing season to let the house can feel cool in summer season and warm in winter. And that became the main characteristics of Hanok.

For civilization of Old China and Old Korea, once we known Old China and Ancient Korea experienced long background and they ac as a job of neighbor, they develop the special culture for their own country, especially Old China. Because of the around 5000 many years of culture construction, a lot of things acquired their own ideals, norms and beliefs. And the ones things can be the reference for others. Just like Ancient Korea, many things was affected by Ancient China that to basic on the norms of China and get advantages to contribute their own culture. Ancient Korea is a distinctive country that you can find the darkness of china culture easily, but you still can experience their particular culture. As the sizes of religion, art and structures, both of the nations of China and Korea, they both have the great things to learn also to preserve.

Civilization of the country is to let the people and even the world know the changes of the united states. How they may adopt the old what to get progress to nowadays. And at the same time, in addition they can maintain their record to allow later generation to know the past of the country. As the types of Old China and Old Korea, they created the initial elements that different from the others countries. As we realize form this civilization, faith can influence the complete country that can affect to many aspects like skill, literary, architecture. Those ideas can reflected the idea of a country, and also it can show that how they preserve their record. Civilization just loves to express the achievement of any country, if the contemporary society do not affix important with their background, do not maintain their civilization, that may not be achieved on earth. Civilization is an element of development in a country and civilization must follow the steps of that time period to renew. Every moment what people do may also show the civilization of the country, it is because we take up the moral of days gone by which is bring to us in nowadays. Actually, our company is experienced the items which will be the history leave behind to us. Even the literary, art, thought, judgment, those are already enter our life. Therefore, civilization is to let us to understand how to adopt the advantages of the past and get change to create a progressive country. The civilization of Ancient China and Ancient Korea achieved that with their own societies in nowadays because of their history.

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