Is AMERICA An Empire Record Essay

The Roman Empire is one of the earliest and most famous empires recognized by people today. The purpose of the Roman Empire was to broaden their people and territory. The ruler of the Roman Empire was the first ever to construct and control an army. The warriors invaded other less powerful countries, abducted civilians and transported them to Rome to increase their inhabitants. "At its highest top, this empire stretched from Europe to Jerusalem to North Africa, and handled an extremely large percent of the world's trade" (Saint Leo University, 1). This shows how as time passes the Roman Empire increased its edges by taking over less powerful countries. The Belgian Empire got a different method of running their empire. Residents of Belgian who didn't seek to help their country were greatly tortured. The Uk Empire is a superb example of a territorial empire which began as a tiny island to the western world of the main land of Europe. At the climax of these reign, the Uk Empire possessed land in every seven continents. The Spanish Empire accomplished their empire with many fights. "The top priority of this empire was to take as much silver and gold as they could from countries in the Americas"(Rathbone, 1). Despite the fact that stealing riches from other countries was the key known reasons for migrating to the Americas, the Spanish also required natives to improve their religion to Christianity. Throughout record there were rises and falls of strong countries, which became corrupt with the power they had. The United States has been "the most powerful nation" on the planet for days gone by sixty-eight years, but that will not in any way imply that this country will be the next empire. AMERICA is built on the democracy; this is the reason why natives and immigrants who reside in the United States love living here.

As individuals of the United States, residents contain the privilege of liberty of speech, that they exercise regularly. The citizens of america of America are lucky that their fore fathers fought so hard for those protection under the law centuries earlier, while they continue being as valuable today. "The liberty and justice that People in the usa know today was made with the Constitution" (Barr, 1). This doc continues to emphasize what the United States of America strives to enforce on a daily basis. It acts as the construction to steer and support all. As well as, protects the pursuits of its citizens. AMERICA government demands respect for these lawful restrictions which were created for individuals, by the people. Those who disrespect the laws must understand that there are outcomes to these actions, and they'll be given a good trial by their peers; regardless of their status. It might be unheard for an imperialistic nation to provide a reasonable trial, to anyone. Why, because the normal people don't have a tone of voice over their Emperor.

The USA is definitely the land of opportunities to others residing in less lucky countries. "Those that wish to stay in America want to live in a democracy, not in an Imperialist nation; which regrettably dictates their lives" (Poremba, 1). The United States is a democratic land, without any curiosity about ever dominating others. Awarded it might be easy for america to be selfish and bully other nations. Certainly, if that was the objective of the nation, it could have been executed several decades in the past; even although United States has never been known as procrastinators. If the United States was an empire, the country would not hold the mindset they have today about conquering other countries. AMERICA would use its strong forces to dominate other countries, rather than supporting them; as america will today.

There remain many countries which operate under dictatorships and monarchies; these people just desire to be free. "Whilst some only want to leave their poverty stricken countries" (Poremba, 1). This is why around 1, 400 Mexicans make an effort to illegally cross their own edges each day; they are simply tired of moving into poverty. "Some immigrants just want to come quickly to america, to allow them to freely practice their own faith" (Poremba, 1). In previous empires, as well as present day ones, citizens did not or don't have the opportunity to practice the religion they thought we would believe in, instead they may have other beliefs required after them. This is obviously not a problem in america, since all citizens have the flexibility to apply any faith they choose.

"Lands round the world cry out for the sort of enlightened foreign administration" (Rathbone, 1). Today, the United States helps disease stricken countries, by sending medication and equipment to assist those who are in need. "The United States spends typically $25 billion each year to support those who cannot help themselves"(Shah, 5). That is more than increase the amount of money any other country on the planet sends for foreign aid. "Beneath the current economical system, more people have stepped from poverty to success than previously in the annals of the world" (Schroeder, 1). This success has been attained by other countries, because the USA has been so ample about lending money to them. Supplying money abroad by means of foreign help is not the only way the United States has helped other countries progress; we have also reinforced ideas throughout other countries. "America has strongly supported Western european integration which has brought peace, steadiness, democracy, and wealth to European countries for the very first time in its background" (Schroeder, 1). With no United Expresses' support upon this issue, Europe may not be the stable continent it is today. AMERICA has not only helped Europe do well, but also countries in Asia. Because of the teachings of the United States, Japan which was in a militaristic condition is now a democracy. Minus the assistances of the United States these countries, as well as, many more nations would probably fall victim to Imperialism, with Emperors who control their every move. "America has conquered, rebuilt, and place free" (Schroeder, 1). It would be so easy for the United States to dominate those countries when they were weak, which is exactly what empires do, but instead they were helped financially and taught new ideologies; which allowed them to get back onto their feet and get started again.

Another reason why immigrants want to immigrate to america is basically because our government feels in the value of a strong education to the support the future. Everyone has the ability and is eligible for an effective education, in order to earn a living, and support their families. Nations which support Imperialism certainly aren't worried about the wellness of their own residents, just in their own wealth and well-being to support their families; which can only help continue their dynasty in the decades to come. AMERICA also is convinced in the need for the breakthroughs in treatments and technology; to support our future.

Yes, the United States is a very strong and powerful country. Clearly america is not really a modern-day empire because of its strength; most decisions are created wisely with considering the needs and rights of all. The United States believes in liberty of speech and supporting others, while Empires stand for control of their people. It's the United State governments' ability along with their strong will and work ethic that has set them apart from many other countries.

Immigrants that choose to leave their homeland are in search of the American desire and be free, while living in the United States.

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