Malaysia A Multi Racial Cultural And Religious beliefs Country Record Essay

Malaysia is a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religion country with a inhabitants around 20 million people who practice various religions. The fact that Malaysia routines mixed religion helps it be have a unique Malaysian culture. However, the strength of multi-racial can only just be gathered if the united states fulfils racial similar rights. For example: racial discrimination. Discrimination produces hatred among different races and you will see no true unity. Although Malaysia is a multi-racial country, there are a few issues related to racism and religion that had took place before, as well as in today's.

We assume that racial discrimination is the root of religious intolerance. What's religious intolerance? It's the intolerance against another's spiritual beliefs or routines. Thus, there are numerous serious issues which triggered by intolerance in religious beliefs. For example: the unlucky tragedy that experienced happened in 13th May 1969 which obviously portrayed the intolerance between your Chinese and Malays. The cow's brain dispute to the state government because of the relocation of the 150-year-old Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple from Section 19 to Section 23. Then accompanied by the Boar's brain protest which occurred in two different places; Masjid Jumhuriyah in Taman Dato Harun and Al- Imam Tirmizi mosque in Taman Sri Sentosa. That is an indicator of disrespect towards Muslims as they assume that Boars, also called pigs are believed a desecration in their religious beliefs. The newest issue that is causing an enormous commotion inside our country is the cathedral episodes. Many Muslims are miserable on the Christians because of the usage of the term "Allah" as they determine that the word "Allah" should only be utilized by Muslims.

Through all of this, we can tell that people in several races and faith have become progressively more enthusiastic about petty issues regarding race and faith. By right, the capability to have multi races and religion is to allow the people to understand other races and faith aside from their own and avoids misunderstanding among one another. Unlike the problem we are in right now. How do we, younger generation create the nation more powerful than ever as a multi-cultural and multi-racial country?

13th May 1969's Tragedy

Living in a multiracial and multi religion country, religious beliefs intolerance is bound to happen between the folks of Malaysia. Although there a wide range of current issues related to religion intolerance, racial and religious beliefs intolerance have been within this country as early as 1969. We are taking a step back again to the black history that took place on the 13th of May 1969 before looking at the current issues that is happening within this country.

Before Singapore broke from Malaysia on the 9th of August 1965, there was already a lot of tension between the Malays and the Chinese. Days before the general election on the 10th of May 1969, politics parties like the United Malays National Organization (UMNO), Malaysian China Association (MCA), Democratic Action Party (DAP), Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) and other get-togethers were occupied campaigning to succeed the people's hearts. At the same time, political party leaders were accusing other functions on racial and spiritual issues to get support from individuals. There were already two deaths prior to the polling day; an UMNO election agent and an associate of the Labour Get together of Malaya.

Although there have been already raising anxiety between the races, the election went by smoothly without the occurrence on the 10th of May 1969. The dark-colored occurrence was ignited by the procession done by the China through Kuala Lumpur, where they insulted the Malays by jeering at the residents in Kampung Baru. This tragedy was also caused by the action that some of the Malay market leaders took. They used the press to condemn their opponents because they are not happy of the election's result. The Malay and the Chinese language areas were agitated by this. An enormous racial riot happened first in Setapak and spread throughout Kuala Lumpur soon enough.

There were many fatalities, a lot of men and women were injured, homes and vehicles were burnt and cultural conflict in the rural areas happened in those days. Even following the 13th May incident, the work of assault were still going on, this time around the focuses on also involved the Indians. Two obvious aftermath of the incident are; Kuala Lumpur was made as a National Place in 1974, five years later and the countrywide ideology also called the Rukun Negara was introduced by the Country wide Legislative Council on the 31st of August 1970.

Although an emergency state was declared in Selangor at that time, the impact of the tragedy still go on in many people's hearts. Young or old, they should never be allowed to neglect this black incident. People are now scared to even mentioned about issues on religion, education, citizenship and culture openly. As the tragedy was a reminder to all Malaysians on the dispute that can happen among different communities, current issues on religion intolerance show us another aspect of Malaysians. Are we forgetting our former too soon? Are the racial tranquility and the countrywide unity in this country in danger?

Church Attacks

A decision on Malaysia versus Herald was made on 31st Dec 2009. The federal government insists the term 'ALLAH' should only be utilized by Muslims. The ruling in the newspaper's favour was suspended pending an appeal, after the authorities argued the decision might lead to racial discord.

There were 10 churches have been attacked due to the decision created by the government. One church had been seriously damaged. Fortunately no deaths or major incidents have been reported. Three churches in Kuala Lumpur were subject to an arson harm. One suffered appreciable destruction. Two individuals were discovered throwing something looking such as a petrol bomb by witnesses. As a result, the police stepped up security whatsoever churches. On 8 January 2010, arrangements for another strike were found at the nice Shepherd Lutheran Church in Jalan Othman. The Cathedral is located about 1. 5km from the Assumption Church in Jalan Templer. The All Saints' Church at Taiping and a Catholic Convent school were shocked with the finding of Molotov cocktails near chapel grounds and a container of kerosene in the first morning of Weekend, 10th January 2010. Black paint was thrown at the Malacca Baptist Cathedral in Durian Daun. The Metro Tabernacle Cathedral, placed a services at the Wisma MCA's Dewan San Choon after the strike on January 8.

Many Muslims are furious about December 31 High Courtroom decisions overturning a federal ban on Roman Catholics' using 'ALLAH' to make reference to their God in the Malay-language release of these main publication, the Herald. Perfect Minister Najib condemned the cathedral bombings and immediately aimed police force to increase security in any way places of worships and needed unity amidst the Malaysian people.

Minorities are under siege and feel they don't have a place in Malaysia any longer. Opposition head Anwar Ibrahim blamed the chapel problems on the UMNO-led government's incessant racist propaganda on the Allah issue and inflammatory rhetoric given by state-controlled mainstream marketing. Despite the disorders, thousands of Christians nationwide went to Weekend services and prayed for national unity and an end to the assault. It showed that, after 52 years of living together, nation building and nationwide unity is at tatters.

The church disorders shattered countries of Malaysia. It's unhappy to see such a united multiracial country like ours be condemned internationally. Malaysians are actually living in concern with a racial clash following church disorders and growing orthodox Islamic tones in the country.

Boar's Mind Protest

At the start of year 2010, severed crazy boar heads were within the ingredients of two mosques. Mosque representatives found plastic luggage that included two outrageous boar heads and surrounded with Ringgit notes in the morning of January 27th. The occurrence took place in two places, Masjid Jumhuriyah in Taman Dato Harun and Al- Imam Tirmizi mosque at Taman Sri Sentosa. The heads of the crazy boar could be utilized as attempts to escalate between your Muslims and the non- Muslims as pigs are considered unclean in Islam. Going out of the boar heads at the mosque is obviously an insult, mirroring an incident this past year when the Muslims flung a severed cow head on the Hindu temple near Kuala Lumpur.

This event was done following the "cow mind" protest that acquired happen last year. It really is considered the most unpleasant circumstance of sacrilege against a Muslim host to worship since a storm erupted over the utilization of the Arabic term "Allah". Moreover, it was thought to be in retaliation for a High Court decision on 31st December 2009 which allowed the Catholics to make use of the term "Allah" in the Herald Weekly. That decision prompted protests among Muslims who say "Allah" should be reserved only for Islam. The federal government also brought up that they be concerned the Religious use of the term could unintentionally trick the Muslims into changing. The whole incident was actually the fallout of this "cow mind incident". Certain teams of people with subversive tendencies hold the immunity to carry out their vile serves is due to lackadaisical action by the federal government. They wish to disturb the tranquility and harmony in this country. Following a attacks of churches however, there is little tension between your various neighborhoods as a chorus of voices on both sides condemned the problems. A Sikh temple also offers been attacked, as have two Muslims prayer rooms in line with the news report on "Malaysiakini". This boar mind incident was to trust that whether it's politically motivated or otherwise, the consequences of these criminal acts can be quite hazardous. Besides it is also very damaging to your fragile ethnic relationships which includes come under extreme test following a "Allah" issue.

After the episode, it has surely still left some effects to not only the Muslims community however the entirely society. They have rocked the poor racial and spiritual balance in this mainly Muslims country of 28 million people, where relations between Muslim ethnic which make up 60% of the populace, and Malaysia's ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities are usually harmonious in line with the research done by local examination. As from the view in Economics, it has also provoked Malaysia's crisis of confidence to entice more foreign shareholders, visitor and students. Furthermore, it also weakens Malaysia's international competitiveness in the economy. Malaysia's image as a safe and secure ideal location for holiday will be tarnished because of this incident. This may strongly influences our country's image and therefore, our economy will decrease if the episode keep continues.

However, this incident had cause the police to create a special activity force to research the incidents of outrageous boar minds being thrown at the chemical substances of two mosques. This special task force was create following a conference immediately after the event. Its main purpose is to find relevant information to resolve the situation. Besides, all the departments in the authorities force including the Special Branch and Commercial Criminal offense division have been asked to do the same. On the other hand, Malaysian has the responsibility to stand united and stood up for each other to fight the undesirable components of damage and chaos no subject whomever or whatever they can be. Thus, we can not deny the fact that we are definitely more cohesive than before to face these challenges. The federal government too, must set strong good examples so that Malaysians do not ignore any disruption to their normal way of life. We as the people in this country have to be constantly on alert and united to be able to weed out these problems within and the ones coming from outdoor. Our strength is constantly on the rest in the unity in our miscellany.

Cow's Head Dispute.

Malay residents of Section 23, Shah Alam, Selangor protested before the gates of the Selangor Secretariat building with a severed cow's brain. These were protesting due to the fact that the state government was going to relocate the 150-year-old Sri Maha Mariamman Hindu Temple from Section 19 to Section 23. After a Friday day prayer, the residents of Section 23 who have been in refuse of this plan, marched up to the talk about secretariat building boasting that the cow's head was for the Selangor Professional councilor, Dr Xavier Jayakumar and Shah Alam person in Parliament, YB Khalid Samad.

The residents of Section 23 are intolerant with the actual fact that the temple was to be relocated there. They protested with a cow's mind in order to aggravate the problem. The government officials, Khalid Samad and Xavier Jayakumar performed abide the guidelines for the temple relocating process. Unfortunately, because the residents in Section 23 are 80% Malays, the residents were from this plan. The level of disrespect shown towards another religious beliefs was terrible. The facts made me aware that situation was an important problem as it is about to affect the nations harmony and progress. The tolerance level of folks is decreasing which is only damaging for the country. Latest news say that the Hindu Sangam was to speak to the residents however the news was incorrect as the Hindu Sangam consultant had described that there was not going to be any chat between the two people.

Besides that, even though this matter may have happened in Shah Alam, still in other parts of the united states hate has been billed for every other. Injustice happened as some of the protestors were let to go and action had not been taken upon them. It may have been a peaceful protest but nonetheless it was an insult to Hindus of the united states. In the clip in You Tube, the moments were demonstrating the protestors stepping on the cow's head professing it to be for YB Khalid Samad. There is also a young boy about age 12 to 13 becoming a member of the elder men to step the cow's brain. It implies that this may be a problem for future years technology too as the nature of hate is already being instilled within the young teenager. Immediate solutions should be produced to solve this driving racial problem in Malaysia for as Malaysians popular for our culture and hospitality we should live up to the 1 Malaysia theory and prove that Malaysia truly is Asia not only once it involves tourism but on a daily basis.

This event has brought about terrible part effects to the country. To begin with the tranquility of the nation was disrupted. The nature of tolerance is disturbed as it is shown through the frame of mind of the residents of Section 23. This may lead to other negative final results such as not having the ability to utilize a person of another race. A string of negative incidents may occur like a terrible economical steadiness. When the folks of one country do not work as a team thus, they'll not interact for improvement for the better of the united states. Besides that, the emotions of fellow people who reside in this multicultural country may have been affected. In cases like this, the Hindus may have experienced annoyed by the fact that the residents severed a cow's check out package with the protest. Using harsh words against the federal government officials triggers disrespect and disharmony.

On top of this, false news propagate through pursuits like this. Sources declare that the Hindu Sangam was happy to confront the residents when actually they were not going to take action. Inconvenience was triggered for the federal government and the residents who worry of the disharmony. The temple committee would now have to face trouble relocating their temple. This rash activity shows the world that we are not residing in peacefulness in this country and that people do not comply with the give and take insurance policy and surpass the 1 Malaysia concept that the best minister proven. It portrays the function of injustice and intolerance.

As the existing and future era of the multiracial Malaysia, my essential role would be to avoid any form of disharmony, which one of computer is this. I'd prevent disharmony by understanding any situation from the other person's perspective. After all, the federal government abides the rules that a place of worship must be 50 meters away from any home area. All of the rules were being used consequently to relocate the temple. Without taking attributes, easily were a temple committee member I'd think twice about the relocation of my temple. If 80% of the residents in Section 23 are Muslims, should I insist that my temple should be built there? Even as we can easily see very clearly, we've some sense of security for our culture and religious beliefs too and that is why most people enter disagreements. For the better of our nation's peace, the future generation should take the time to take into account the decision these are about to lead to anything.

Besides that, as the near future generation of an country we must not only tolerate the other person but we should work together. Tolerating each other is absolutely different from working alongside one another. Sometimes even working alongside one another is preferable to tolerating one and another. A simple example would be the concept of a school. The institution is the united states, the instructors the administrators or pantry and the students as the citizen. We should have mutualism within one another be able to are a team and improvement for the better. By working jointly, we can create a nation that is definitely in a position to find solutions.

Lastly, I would consider learning the culture and the way of life of people of another religious beliefs. By doing so, we'd have a deeper knowledge of what people of other religions and civilizations do and why they actually so. Taking a look at the particular residents of Section 23 did by severing a cow's head and taking for the protest against the relocating of the temple, it obviously shows the uncivilized mentality in our citizens. EASILY understand another faith, I will have respect for the specific faith and I am able to allow that religious beliefs as part and parcel of my country's citizens. You will see peace and enjoyment throughout.


Since the start of independence Malaysia has experienced from much religious intolerance due to our multiple religions from as early as the May 13 incident to the newer church burning and cow mind incident. Spiritual intolerance usually happens credited to misunderstanding between the different religions, and the expectation one has of other religions. These radical causes that are the cause of these happenings are usually the people that portray such a childish mentality. This can cause dispute within the united states which can lead to the racial harmony and also nationwide unity of the country to be in risk. Besides so it can cause both the politics and economics to suffer from. To be able to prevent such tendencies we have to come to a knowledge of other religions, value and also admit them for future years peace and stability of the country and also for the country to prosper in the foreseeable future.

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