Movie Evaluation Of Control Development

"You gain durability, courage and self-assurance by every experience in which you truly stop to look fear in the face. You should do the thing you think you are unable to do. "

-Eleanor Roosevelt

The above mentioned lines speak the heart of Norma Rae and the energy of a innovator. The quotation highlights both main points shown in the film; the durability and courage of a woman and the thought of justice and similar rights for all those. The film shows how an oppressed, young American female who in preliminary stage did not experienced courage to fight intolerable environment, turns into a charismatic innovator and helps up bringing the whole textile labour population.

The Film

The film Norma Rae's release emerged in an era when labour unions were falling out of favour with the American people and politicians came out wanting to criticize planned labour for harming American competitiveness in the global software industry. Norma Rae (played by celebrity Sally Field) targets the experiences of someone who lived in Roanoke Rapids, NC and enjoyed a leadership role in the battle to win union representation from the J. P. Stevens Company. Her real name was Crystal Lee. Crystal Lee possessed grown up in a family group of mill individuals, laboured in a variety of careers, including textiles, and then, somewhat suddenly, discovered a pastime in unions when she listened to the speech of organizer who experienced come to Roanoke Rapids. She effectively demonstrated that vitality is not based on title or position; it comes by joining with people and taking a stand for what you genuinely believe in (Goleman et al, 2002). The movie plainly directs out the subject matter that strong stength, effort and persistence can surely make impossible possible. It substantiates the bonding between a head and his follower, the value of such a symbiotic marriage and the way the follower may become a innovator too by synergizing bonds. It really is a live commentary on the inherent authority potential laying latent in everyone of us and how the environmental factors, situations and the right advice can convert us into a charismatic leader.

The movie begins with the loud noise of machines in the mill doing its job but still injections from Ms. Rae's life from as an infant to a miserable woman, one among the 800 mill-workers; a cog in the natural cotton mill machinery who's not enjoying life, but is merely struggling with it to make it through. Workers are portrayed as being machines themselves making machines in unceasing eight hour shifts and seeking to come quickly to conditions with this machine age group. Norma Rae's mom facing the situation of momentary deafness because of the unbearable noise made by the machines in the mill. These pathetic working environmental conditions with short and few breaks in-between the working time, no house windows, no proper working conditions and poor management played a significant role in changing Norma Rae into a leader.

To start with, she actually is a young, hard working, full of energy lady with no decided goals. She is a rebel with out a cause, unharnessed young ones of the age who fearlessly confronts the management. The bosses first attempted to hold her by offering a climb in salary by 1$/hr and offering a higher position than others. At first, she plays into their hands, she accepted the offer, however when she was take off from her people and noticed an frame of mind change in them then she realizes a very important lesson of life that to find strength, one must be with and from the folks.

Then comes into play Reuben Warshofsky (performed by Ron Leibman), an metropolitan union head who recognizes the labour laws and regulations and the legal system and simply needs an insider to materialize his goals from within, who could support him in serving the good reason behind publicising the labour union and informing the great things about it. With Rueben's coordination and learning, Norma slowly transforms into a solid and confident leader. This symbiotic standard mentor-protge bond produces into an affective collaboration where Norma and Reuben distributed understanding and overcome personal and work related obstructions together. Reuben's authority, knowledge and wittiness to take care of situations helped making a course and strategy to confront the problems.

Norma Rae have been sold to the American general public as a tale about a feminine "Rocky" and since a film that exuded feminist nature without overtly preaching feminism.

Leadership Styles
There are various authority styles shown by various characters in the film "Norma Rae", pursuing ideas and styles help us clarify them

Leadership's gender perspective

Transformational Leadership

Authoritarian and Participative authority Style

Contingency Theory and Situational leadership

Vision Development


Social Identification Theory

Leadership's gender point of view

Because I am a woman, I have to make unusual attempts to succeed. EASILY fail, no-one will say, "She doesn't have what must be done. " They will say, "Women don't have what it takes. " (Clare Boothe Luce)

There is a cultural ideal generally in most societies that generally men are the market leaders. This ideal persists even though ladies in many nations have participated in regulating the whole nation operating at the topmost positions like Best Minister and President (Table 1). There still appears to be, in some circles, a opinion in a few societies that women do not belong in the control, and are specially ill-perceived in leadership positions. There still appears to be a commonly performed perception that, while women are tolerated in the ranks, a lot of men still believe command in their domain name together. The male centred contemporary society has usually associated women with certain specific tasks; such caring for household tasks, looking after children etc. The film "Norma Rae" attempts to progress such typical and orthodox way of thinking. The above said sentences can easily be collected from a landscape where Norma's husband shows anger on her behalf when she used to come later and will try to let her realize her tasks towards household works like cleaning clothes, food preparation, and caring for kids. But Norma made him realize that she has been doing work for a great cause and purpose and he should understand it. Norma demonstrates it to the complete society that women can not only look after the home and children but also can work, earn, business lead and change the machine. She also proves that girls who are not associated with leadership can be educated and developed to be good market leaders. It is truly and wonderfully said that: Women have certain characteristics that give them an advantage over men in being market leaders, like- empathy, and a caring frame of mind (Heller, 1982).

Transformational Leadership

"Transformational command is a control strategy that is defined as management that creates valuable and positive change in the enthusiasts. A transformational head targets "transforming" others to help each other, to look out for every other, to be encouraging and harmonious, also to consider the organization all together. In this control, the leader improves the desire, morale and performance of his follower group" (source: www. wikepedia. org).

This is a management style exhibited primarily by Rueben, Norma little by little adopts this style. Transformational Authority occurs when the leader take a visionary position and inspires others to check out. The essence of transformational command is situated making the enthusiasts understand the goals and motivate them to attain them (Bass et al, 1994). Like a great many other leaders Norma used the assistance of her coach Rueben to understand various leadership traits. To comprehend the complexity of the surroundings Rueben who's the mentor here shares all his knowledge and experience along with his protg Norma, to become a better innovator. Norma evolves as a leader with the help of her mentor, Rueben. She learnt about how she can help people to battle the inequality and how to make them stand resistant to the prevailing evils in the task environment. She is aware of the fact that

"To lead, one are required to follow. "

-Lao Tzu

Reuben has better Control skills than Norma, but his career and demands matched up while that of Norma didn't. Rueben's power lies in the actual fact that he inspires people to come ahead and understand their potential. He comes after the principle of Management Development. Reuben better is aware how to use the functions of management development, i. e. , evaluation, challenge and support (Howell et al, 2006). Rueben has an improved understanding than Norma about of the psychology of his fans to inspirationally stimulate them and intellectually stimulate them (Pierce et al, 2008). He makes Norma and the personnel understand the fact that a union is vital for them and so places the ball moving. Norma will take the lead and spreads recognition amongst the individuals. Norma's leadership style is quite encouraged by Rueben and she also grows up into a transformational head. Norma learned the lessons from Rueben

"If you're not the business lead dog landscapes never changes"

(Source: LeadershipAdvanceOnline)

Authoritarian and Participative management style

"This style is employed when leaders notify their workers what they want done and how they want it achieved, without getting the advice of these followers. "

(Source: www. nwlink. com)

Norma is shown as a lively and hard working figure in this film, thus authoritarian characteristic, though in a very small content, is exhibited in her natural characteristics. This style is used when Norma tells her peers doing work for the formation of the labour world about what they would like to be done and how she desires it to be completed, without getting the advice from them. This management style can even be seen the world when Norma shouts on one of her peer for not getting the work done promptly and she acquired to invest extra work on augments than to focus on other core duties like planning and management. This control style is mainly exhibited by management of O. P Henley textile mill; the management is too much authoritarian and will not want any employee to raise tone against the odds in the mill. The management misuses it's specialist to limit union activities been performed by Norma in the work place. The management is least bothered about the staff care and attention, they just want the task to be achieved without presenting any concerns to the voice, needs and requirements of employees. The management of O. P Henley textile mill appears to deny the truth:

"The key to successful command today is effect, not expert. "

-Kenneth Blanchard

Participative (Democratic)

"This style requires the first choice including a number of employees in the decision making process (identifying how to proceed as well as how to do it) "

(Source: http://www. nwlink. com)

This leadership style is very much indeed exhibited in the Norma Rae personality of the film; in reality the center of the film revolves round this control quality. Norma Rae participates in decision making with Rueben. Planning, controlling, pursuing, managing, organizing, and all other responsibilities are performed by her in a participative manner, either with the peer customers of the union promoting group, peer personnel or Rueben. An example of participative control of Norma could be observed in a field in which she and the fellow employees wear a large union button in the work establishing to speak their fellow personnel about getting started with a union which was shielded under the new rules. Norma used to entail and convince people employed in the mill to get involved in union formation; she generally used to consider inputs from peer staff and Rueben how to manage jobs.

Situational Leadership

Another leadership concept clearly obvious from the film "Norma Rae" is Situational Command or the Contingency Theory of Command. As per this idea the control style is contingent to situations and circumstances (Howell et al, 2006). It is stated to be the best style of management. The style to be utilized is determined by the readiness degree of the people the leader is trying to affect (Pierce et al, 2008). Norma Rae realized the intolerable situation of the textile mill employees were employed in, that propelled her to improve of the problem and lead the labour culture to form a union for their own and with regard to complete textile labour population.

Situational authority is clearly exhibited by Norma Rae in the arena when after getting fired from her job in the mill, she attached a stand in her work room and organized a sheet of cardboard with the word "UNION" marked on it in large words. She transformed around slowly and gradually, demonstrating her vivid subject matter to the assorted hemmers, terry cutters and packers in the room. As a result of this action, the staff who had been facing the intolerable situations since long, without revolting, were stunned and came to the realization that enough time has come to be united and stand up against the management for the normal target of equality and justice, Norma plainly demonstrated her command in the unusual situation, this picture though silent kept a major impact and performed a major role in union creation in American textile industry. By demonstrating situational management at various situations Norma Rae proved the following explanation of management

"Control is the fine art of getting someone else to take action you want done because he would like to do it"

- Dwight Eisenhower

Vision Development

"A perspective is a guiding image of what success looks like. It answers the question what do you wish to become. " (Source - www. thepracticeofleadership. net)

Norma Rae is a southern textile employee employed in a manufacturing plant with intolerable working conditions. She was created and brought up in a family group of workers who were facing these conditions since long. Within the opening field of the movie, the viewers is immediately released to what it could really end up like working all day in a textile factory. The procedure of the machinery is deafening. By the end of the field, we discover that is exactly the situation as Norma Rae realizes her own mother cannot hear. Norma from her former had a perspective of what's prevalent in the surroundings and must be removed, but since she was used to it and was unacquainted with her latent command skills she was struggling to pursue that eyesight. Rueben made her realize her command capabilities and recognized her vision to solve the issues which she and the modern culture was facing since long. To work with vision as a strategy, she had a need to establish three elements-the plan, present state and desired talk about (Refer appendix 2). This means defining where she was now, where she wished to be in the future and how she would make it happen This concern about the situation provided her the gumption to be the main element affiliate to a browsing labour union organizer. They recognized today's situation, they developed a plan and structure to bring as many people as well as them as it can be. Alongside one another, they undertook the difficult, and possibly dangerous, struggle to unionize her stock) and saved the future of many workers employed in textile industry. It was their eyesight which led them to succeed and let them attain their goals. Norma's success that was lead by her eye-sight justifies the following quote

"The very essence of command is that you have to have a vision. It's got to be a eyesight you articulate evidently and forcefully on every occasion. You can't blow an uncertain trumpet. "

-Theodore Hesburgh


"You shouldn't be afraid of opposition. Remember, a kite goes up against; not with; the wind. " - Hamilton Wright Mabie

This is the main idea which Norma Rae appears to be pursuing in the film. Any innovator cannot grow without facing issues or without fighting with each other the situations against him/her. Inside the film "Norma Rae", Norma also comes across various conflicts while trying to achieve her goal. The first discord is at her office i. e. up against the management of O. P. Henley Textile Mill, the mill management never desired Norma to create a union, and the management was against her because the starting of union section. Norma had to handle many issues from the management, a few examples from it are, the management warned her at various moments that she might lose her job if she remains to raise words for union in the task place, she was asked why she used workplace telephone in office hours?, she was asked to eliminate the union's button, she was warned while favouring the Union's notice on the notice mother board at work place, But Norma sustained with her union targets and continued publicising the union, it's cause and its functions to her peers, finally the management called the authorities chief for taking her away to book her on disorderly conduct charges. Norma Rae didn't leave calmly. She kicked, twisted, and screamed, and she had to be stuffed into the squad car and held behind the pubs for a nights.

At her home, being a woman she was likely to cook food, wash clothes, take care of the kids, and perform all the home activities, but since she was quite definitely involved in the union activities she could not remove time for all these works, there is a turmoil between her and her partner about the same which she reacted aggressively exhibiting her discontent that while she held active in work it was the duty of him to manage such tasks. Each one of these issues made her more robust to fight for her cause.

Social Id Theory

Social personal information theory: innovator is selected by fans or chosen to be supported by enthusiasts because s/he is most like them. (Source- Slides)

Norma Rae is a co-worker of the labours in the O. P Henley textile mills, this is an additional advantage which she looks forward to to become a leader of them as well as for them, as mentioned in the social identity theory. There is a peer trust relationship between Norma and her fans, followers know that Norma is well aware of the situations and conditions prevalent in the working condition as she is one of these. This trust, admiration and belief can be seen when she organized a sheet of cardboard with the word "UNION" marked on it in large words, all her enthusiasts recognized her and stopped working, they understood that what she was doing is designed for them and because of their well being. Within an earlier world we see that Norma was offered a better designation and salary as that of peers, however when she realised the worthiness of social individuality she still left the designation. Norma understood that without being successful the self-confidence of her peers and without having to be one of these she'd not be able to succeed to reach her destination. She knew the value of social id.


Norma Rae though a great sociable transformer, will not depict the characteristics of an extremely great leader with a major following. In fact, Norma didn't even have any followers as seen from a conventional view. Yet, she achieved and benefited many. She altered the way labours were cured in the culture, depicting an extremely interesting, unique and a simple style of authority. Norma Rae demonstrated that passion and not position is where courage of the great leader to fulfil his eyesight, comes from. She along with Reuben, achieved her goal of creating a union, yet facilitated the employees to think that it was their effort and achievement. The next lines best identify the leadership design of Norma Rae

"Go directly to the people. Learn from them. Live with them. Start with what they know. Build with what they have. The very best of market leaders when the work is performed, when the duty is accomplished, the individuals will say we've done it ourselves. " -Lao Tzu

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Vision as a Strategy


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