This publication is included in a series of books designed to prepare for examinations in social and humanitarian disciplines.

The answers given in the book to exam questions can not, of course, replace textbooks, teaching aids, or social and human sciences manuals. Their goal is different - to give students the opportunity to effectively and quickly consolidate the basic courses of teaching lectures. Material in the Answers to exam questions is given in a brief, concentrated form, accessible presentation and reflects all the fundamental questions of typical programs for training courses.

As an add-on to the tutorials, the books in the Answers to exam questions can be useful in the educational process itself, since, in fact, they contain reference information about the basic concepts of the discipline, their characteristics and characteristics.

Students can use these books to control the degree of mastering the fundamental knowledge of the relevant training courses, systematize the material studied, which is necessary both for a successful answer in the exam and for daily study.


Introduction to Linguistics

History of Belarus

The history of education and pedagogical thought

The history of social movements and political parties

Concepts of modern natural science



General psychology and pedagogy

General Linguistics

Fundamentals of the ideology of the Belarusian state

Fundamentals of Psychology and Pedagogy

Pedagogy of the modern school

Political science

Psychological competence of the leader

Religious Studies


Social Work


The Sociology of Law

The Sociology of Labor

Management Sociology


Economic Sociology





The study of national history is an important part of modern education. The history course of Belarus is taught in all higher education institutions at the first stage of higher education within the framework of the cycle of social and humanitarian disciplines on the basis of the normative document "Educational Standard" Higher Education. First stage. The cycle of social and humanitarian disciplines (approved and put into effect by a decree of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus of September 1, 2006). This publication is based on the model curriculum Gistoria Belarus. Tupavaya vechebnaya pragram for vysheshyh nastupalnyh set " (approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus on April 15, 2008).

This manual contains a systematic presentation of the history of Belarus from ancient times to the beginning of the 21st century. The material is divided into five major sections, which consist of 79 answers to model questions of the course. In accordance with the standard program, the main material is preceded by the "Introduction to the discipline" of the History of Belarus ", which sets out the main methodological provisions and principles of studying history and describes the main approaches to the study of history that are currently used.

Answers to questions contain the main dates, facts, personalities, phenomena, concepts that are basic for mastering the course of history of Belarus by students of non-historical specialties. The material is set out in such a way as to give the student the amount of information on the domestic history that allows to navigate in all periods of the history of Belarus and gives an opportunity to learn the most important achievements of the material and spiritual culture of the Belarusian people, to understand the stages of the formation of forms of statehood on the territory of Belarus, Belarusian statehood and state sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus , to assimilate the place and role of the Belarusian lands in geopolitical processes in different historical periods.

This book does not replace textbooks and teaching aids. The purpose of the publication is to help the student effectively consolidate the knowledge gained in lectures and seminars. Materials of the manual can be used in the course of independent work to control the mastery of the material of the lecture course and to systematize knowledge on the history of Belarus, as well as in preparing for tests and examinations.

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