Study On The Leader Genghis Khan

Not all market leaders are born leaders. Genghis Khan as a little boy was not a likely person for being such a robust and head of the Mongol empire. He was exactly like any standard hunter and gatherer on the steppe. Genghis Khan; although typical he did face many terrors during his child years. " He was kidnapped and compelled to be always a slave for getting rid of his first sufferer Begter by way of a tribe called the Tayichud. "(26) This is the start to the beginning of his conviction to get revenge on every tribe that offered terror to him in his years as a child. His definitive goal was to overcome and to kill the aristocratic feudal systems which were occurring while he was seeking to rule the largest empire ever. The beginnings of his promotions were really just raids to get products and to achieve this he needed a strategy to get dread running through the territory would overcome. Genghis Khan; well not the ruler; "created practices such as frightening the other part by upsetting the enemy's spirit banners. " (47) That was the beginning of many techniques and enhancements in warfare. "He previously produced a fresh kind of steppe army predicated on higher variety of tactics, they were no more an attacking swarm of people; they were now a united formation" (62) "He sorted out his army into groups and they should fight together as brothers", (52) "like in any family of brothers where the eldest possessed total control, the eldest man took the control position in the Mongol arban, however the men could also decide to choose another to hold this position" (52) by this being allowed in the Mongol military it travelled against the belief that eldest men are always in control so that it was a feeling of a politics kind of democracy.

Warfare, although important in creating the Mongol empire, wasn't the thing that marked the beginning of the Mongol empire and base to today's world. With his prepared warfare Genghis Khan united all people after he conquered a tribe or place. He brought folks from different places of the steppe and united them no matter what race or religion they were. Using this method; "He had abolished the differentiation between dark-colored and white bones, all his fans were now one united people". (53) Before Genghis Khan's rule there is always a sense of kinship and custom; by uniting everyone he conquered there was a greater sense of friends and community. "He previously shown that alternatively than counting on the bonds of kinship and tradition, users of his tribe could now turn to Temujin for immediate support; he greatly centralized the power of his rule while at the same time strengthening the commitment of his supporters. "(51) He was a head not a king that controlled every part of people's lives. People of the tribe are comfortable with the knowing that they are really always secured by Genghis Khan. That is something that the modern world is well known for. Folks are safe in their homes understanding that they have a leader but they can live their own lives too.

Although warfare and uniting the folks of different cultures and religions were big steps toward making the modern world, Genghis Khan made many laws and regulations. These laws are seen in our constitution today or simply common sense to the people of the modern world. Some of these regulations that Genghis Khan made were that he "forbade the kidnapping of women", (68) "he forbade the taking and enslavement of any Mongol"(68), "he forbade the selling of women into marriage"(68), like we see today, "theft was made a criminal offense"(69), "he also forbade the hunting of family pets between certain months because their breeding time"(69), and "he made the law that each person from his family must be elected by way of a khuriltai"(69) which is folks or jury. Torture was something him and his army didn't do to the people he conquered and he described that "to be always a just Mongol, one had to are in a just community. " (70) These regulations reflect the laws and regulations we now have in today's world. "There have been many laws to enforce so Genghis Khan needed some kind of supreme judge to punish the thieves and criminals. " (71) These regulations and exactly how he managed individuals through a sizable body of land shows that Genghis Khan was a great leader and wanted the best for his people.

Making of the " new world " was based on many aspects including freedom of religion. Nowhere else in the world do anyone have that kind of liberty of religion as with Genghis Khan's empire. When he conquered a tribe or territory he took folks from different religious beliefs backgrounds into his tribe and he never obligated one kind of religion on them. This step in his empire made all of those other world have religious liberty. Genghis Khan does a lot of things that all of those other world never knew they can do. "Trade and free business were the steps towards making the modern world. "(234) "He widened trade from Asia to the Middle East and he ruined cities which were not necessary. "(105) "On the spot of the locations he would make routes of trade. He made the buying and selling of goods easier for people. " (119) With trade being so easy because of Genghis Khans reconstruction of trade routes diplomatic immunity had come about that has been a policy held between federal government which made sure that diplomats can pass freely and carefully to another country or territory.

Although trade was important for the Mongol Empire to flourish and made the building blocks for today's world; there were things that come with trade such as newspaper money, printing, and the compass. The compass was the Mongols technology but with this invention it stayed a good tool for hunters and the modern world today. Stamping with movable type was another invention of the Mongols and Genghis Khan's grandson. The technology of producing quickly escalated to the making of paper money. The technology of newspaper money was a major aspect of the making the modern world. Paper money made trade easier and lighter. Before paper money people would trade one thing for another to get what they wished or needed. Now in the modern world people use money every day, nor understand where it was initially identified; by the Mongols.

The Mongols conquered many territories. Once the Mongol empire was at its powerful stick it gone from the Korean peninsula in the east and it was on the majority of china and Russia territory including Vietnam and Cambodia in the south but it never struck Europe. All these territories were ruled by Genghis Khan but even before Genghis khan was the fantastic head of the Mongol empire there have been many other nomadic tribes seeking to conquer and effect their neighbours also. Inside the China before the Shang and Zhou dynasties circa 1800 - 500 BC nomads from the north brought affects with them such as chariot ware fare, but they were not conquered get them. The Mongols conquered almost everywhere they stepped foot on but although Europe had not been conquered by the Mongols nonetheless they got many influences from them. Jack weatherford expresses that "Although never ruled by the Mongols, in lots of ways Europe gained the most from other world system" (234) "The Europeans received all the benefits associated with trade, technology transfers, and the global awakening without paying the price tag on Mongol conquest. "(234) Various other nomads that attempted to overcome and change the world were the Aryans in India circa 1500-1000BC. They invaded northwest India and earned a new terminology, Sanskrit, cattle and horses. Like the Mongols; Aryans made big enhancements in India when they invaded. Also like the Mongols they put into diversity. Although the Aryans conquered Northwest India they required a new words with them unlike the Mongols who instead they learned from their conquests and the folks they took in to their empire. Another nomadic group that attempted to conquer was the Vikings that have been smart enough to make use of ships to move their people and goods which are much cheaper than heading on foot. The Mongols also after a while of conquering on horses or by foot they understood that boats and getting a transport system was better and much more efficient.

The Mongols like any other army were associated with murder and terror. Jack Weatherford although instructs the story of the Mongols as an army, he also tells the story of how Genghis Khan does everything in his vitality not to destroy people that could actually give up and go to his part. Genghis khan offered people the opportunity but if they betrayed him at all he would take action worse to them. Genghis Khan conquered many locations and territories but he took the people who have him and didn't torture or destroy them. He united folks of various different races and religions so he could develop empires which lead to modernization of today's world. He previously to eliminate the aristocratic powers to be always a powerful ruler. Genghis Khan was a very fierce innovator who conquered all over the place he gone so he could be yet another step toward technology and modernization.

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