Terrorism -The Effects on Society

Keywords: ramifications of terrorism, terrorism and poverty, terrorism population effect

Terrorism is thought as a deadly action which causes fear in peoples lives. It really is mainly caused because of the hate towards certain group of people. The weapon of terrorism targets the non-combatants in order to achieve an objective through the use of deadly acts is termed as terrorism. These serves are also similar to the acts performed through the freedom have difficulties in many countries, however the take action of terrorism has a massive difference with the freedom struggles. There are many known reasons for the act of terrorism as portrayed by the media experts. They are simply poverty and financial disadvantage, ethnicity, faith, inferiority problems, authorities suppression etc. . . We can distinguish terrorism in two different categories. They are really Home terrorism and International terrorism. Domestic terrorism entails attacking their own people and opposing their government for certain reasons. On the other side, International terrorism consists of people taking the weapon of terrorism for spiritual beliefs and so that it is as a medium for portraying their subject matter to the globe by these fatal acts.

As there are several known reasons for the act of terrorism, I will explain the sources of terrorism in the lives of Ajmal Kasab (terrorist who performed the Mumbai episodes), Faisal Shehzad (who was simply accused for car bombing in U. S) and S. A. Baasha (Coimbatore 1998). The terrorist that are mentioned here have three triggers for them to fall in the pits of the terrorists organisations such as Lakshar-e-Toiba and Al-Queda. Poverty proved to be a significant cause for Ajmal to join the terrorist militant categories in Pakistan to wage terrorist activities on the people of Mumbai in 2008. The very best reasons for lots of the people to become terrorists are dedicated to the reason for religion. That is very much true for all these terrorists of Faisal and S. A. Baasha. The religion that comes under my scrutiny is Islam or Muslim. Though this isn't a terrorist faith, many terrorist uses Islam as a medium to achieve their objectives. Regarding Faisal, his best target was USA as they may have allied with Jewish country Israel. Inside the mentality of the Islamic terrorist, they believe if indeed they suicide and kill people in the process of terrorism, each goes to heaven and before Allah. S. A. Baasha, mastermind of the Coimbatore 1998 assault is also a Muslim and was brain functionary of the Muslim fundamentalist group Al-Umma. This group was made to fight the oppression of the Tamilnadu authorities on Muslims and their fellow men. So they created this terrorist organisation to oppose the government by attacking the majority group in Tamilnadu, the Hindu's.

Poverty and Terrorism

Terrorism is one of the deadliest serves prevailing on earth. There is no country without terrorism. Damage of infrastructure, getting rid of of non-combatants is the results of Terrorism. Terrorism is common in countries like Pakistan, Africa, Iraq and Palestine where poverty has engulfed the lives of the folks. Poverty triggers many innocent people to target non-combatant to be rid from hunger. It has also been useful for the militant categories to target these people by offering money and influencing them to become listed on their teams. These innocent people join these terrorist organisations to save their families from poverty. These folks become a musical instrument to do the commands of the original terrorists. "Rich are getting richer, Poor are getting poorer". According to the media resources, they say that extreme poverty and appetite are the key triggers for a person to become terrorist. IMF and World Standard bank are trying to decrease the income inequalities in many countries by giving help to the needy. Poverty was the key cause in the life span of Ajmal Kasab, the one person trapped and accused for carrying out the Mumbai episode in the commercial capital of India, Mumbai. Ajmal Kasab, a poor boy who possessed all the ambitions of a standard boy to go to institution and earn a good job to save their family in the foreseeable future. But, Poverty and unemployment evolved his mind to join Lashkar-e-Toiba to get rid of 166 people in the bloody 26/11 Mumbai episodes.

Ajmal Kasab comes from Southern Punjab, from the province of the Rawalpindi region which has become a recruiting earth for the spiritual militant groups of Lashkar-e-Toiba and Al-Queda. According to the crime branch investigation, Kasab was a avenue criminal who joined up with Lashkar-e-Toiba simply for the money that they promised to provide his family to be able to handle the Mumbai 26/11 attacks. Kasab comes from a poor family in Okara area in Pakistani Punjab. He and his parents made their living by advertising snacks to the small shops around their community. Their life in that village was awful and this has triggered him to become a street criminal. It had been at this time, when Kasab while on offer the bazaar streets to buy a gun he found LeT stalls who offered him and his family Rs 1, 50, 000 only when he becomes their soldier to wage terror on non-combatants. Extreme craving for food and poverty compelled him to become listed on LeT and carry out the Mumbai Massacre killing 166 people and injuring more than 200 people. It is merely in the hands of the federal government to reduce poverty by increasing work in their districts and villages. The federal government should come up with some projects which help the people to live a better life.

The Holy War (Jihad)

The holy conflict or Jihad started was dated back to 623 B. C when the founder of Islam, Muhammed compiled a group of 300 men and fought against an enemy group of almost 1000 men in a location called Badr. For the reason that struggle, Muhammed lost only 14 men and defeating his opponent in the battle. Muhammed recruited more soldiers to become listed on his military. After 2 yrs, he trained and constructed more than ten thousand military men who fought for God (Allah) and his Prophet. They conquered Mecca and many other places with ease. In fact, in old age Mecca became the holiest place for all those Islam's. Muhammed during his old age range wrote his revelations as Koran, a publication of God's orders in accordance with belief, prayer, do and things of legislations. After Muhammed's Death, Adu Bekr became his successor and the leader of Islam. In his regime, he drifted from the written guidelines after saying that there resided no Prophet to authorise their millitary actions. He formed a far more vigorous army and waged a warfare resistant to the enemies of Islam in Arabia in the first Jihad. Thus Islam served as the guide and justification for the works of terror resistant to the enemies and the oppressors by Faisal Shehzad.

The next example for performing the Deadly functions of Terrorism is Faisal Shehzad. His cause for becoming a terrorist can be explained as his true idea in his religion, Islam. Faisal Shehzad comes from a well-educated and a wealthy family. He was accused for planting a car bomb in the commercial street of NY by the FBI. Faisal comes from a family of rich nationwide heritage. His daddy served in the Pakistani Air make as a Air vice Marshall, a sibling, who's a mechanical engineer in Canada, a uncle who's former Inspector Standard of Frontier Corps and his father-in-law who works an effective business in Karachi. Faisal is completely different and doesn't fit the information of your Jihad terrorist. According to the media, Faisal has a looks of the common man who wages a conflict against America just for the reason for hatred and then for the belief of his faith.

Faisal was informed in a private school and went to university as a specialist scholar. For his get good at degree, he visited United States on a student visa and was graduated from College or university of Bridgeport in 1990. He then became a member of an American organization where he satisfied his love Huma Mian who was a resident in U. S. He led a happy life with his wife in the us. His happy life came to an end when he uncovered the violent version of Islam and of the holy warfare. When he was accused and was trapped for planting the car bomb in the busy streets of that time period Square, his residents in Pakistan was surprised and remember Faisal as a son who originated from a significant family with strong millitary history and a Muslim who didn't believe in the rules of the faith. Faisal in this case took the weapon of terrorism to express the anger and hate from the People in america which led him to the experience.

The terrorist activity of Faisal to set off a bomb in the Times Square of New York experienced made him the Pakistan's first Jihad terrorist. With this present situation the militant organisations about the world recruit terrorist in line with the terrorist activities that they are going to perform. Nowadays, the terrorist like Faisal are recruited by these organisations to carry out huge operations like that of the Twin Tower Assault in 9/11 which require experienced skills. The primary reason for that is usually that the western recruits have significantly more knowledge and education about the place where the attack is likely to be held and perform the sophisticated task like flying a commercial aircrafts to demolish the complexes.

The concept of Jihad as depicted in Koran thinks to be always a perfect reason for the majority of the terrorists like Faisal to carry out terrorists episodes on innocent people. By far the most annoying part is that the political leaders neglect to reduce the terrorist activities because to their own faith and belief object them to do so. Whereas, many Islamic leaders who believe holy battle and terrorist activities are up against the act of faith Islam, there are a few clear evidences and justifications written in Koran to handle such bloody functions of terrorism.

Communal Riots and Terrorism

The riots sparked between two religions in a country also cause many people to take terrorism as a weapon showing their vengeance against each other. The example for this cause of terrorism can be illustrated by the Coimbatore 1998 bomb blasts. The communal violence that had occurred in India can be mentioned back again to 1980's when 1200 Hindu's transformed and started to worship the gods of Islam in 1981. Since then there have been many people transforming to the faith Muslim in order to get cultural empowerment. The folks of Hindu religion frequented the places of the transformed Muslims to come back back again to their religion. These happenings increased the tensions between both groups and provoked many people to become terrorists. Another important reason behind this event is that of the demolition of Babri Masjid at Ayodya in Uttar Pradesh in the early 1990's. There was an organisation created to safeguard the welfare of the Muslims and was named as Al-Umma. This organisation was funded by a Muslim business man and became influential after series of attacks in and around Tamil Nadu express in India during 1997. Al-Umma, the organisation shaped by the Muslim fundamentalist group was going by S. A. Baasha and was funded with a Muslim businessman. S. A. Baasha originated from a middle income family and was a timber merchant in Coimbatore. His main aim was to protect the welfare of Muslims from the majority community and the federal government. He was accused and imprisoned for trying murder on the first choice of Bharthiya Janatha Party (BJP), Krishnamurthy but was released due to insufficient evidence and as a result of government's interventions in the event. The DMK (Dravida Munnetra Kalagam) was at routine and released S. A. Baasha and his colleagues because they didn't want to harmed the thoughts of Muslims and decrease the number of votes from the minority Muslims. After many riots curtailing the sentiments of Muslims, S. A. Baasha yet others decided to plant bombs on the town of Coimbatore. Coimbatore was known as a Manchester of India and was on the rise in economic front. It had been one of the fastest growing towns in India and was subject to the next IT hub of South India. Demolition of Babri Masjid in Uttar Pradesh by the BJP innovator L. K. Advani was also a prime cause because of this event. The Coimbatore blast occurred when L. K. Advani prepared to go to Coimbatore for an election marketing campaign in 1998. There were 13 consecutive blasts which took place in eight different places in Coimbatore. All the blasts occurred just across the radius of 12 kilometres and there have been around 60 people died and more than 200 people wounded. After the post violence, the city saw an monetary drift that took place due to these terrorists' problems. In addition, even after Al-Umma was prohibited and its customers were arrested, the tensions prevailed for more than 5 years. These riots also provoked hatred between two communities and enmity among one another.


Terrorism has many causes to show their vengeance on other folks. Of this three terrorist that people mentioned in the essay, they had three different reasons to choose terrorism as their weapon. Ajmal, a young boy who joined up with the LeT, became a weapon for the terrorist organisation to generate profits and save his family from food cravings. Faisal, who was wealthy and well off American citizen decided to choose the path of terrorism to wage a holy battle against the Americans. Whereas S. A. Baasha, who's a common man with a tiny and happy family resorted to terrorism just to oppose government who oppress their religion in India. These three terrorists signify the three ends of any triangle that are groomed by the militant communities across the world. In the broader view, we can say terrorism as a functional electricity. Terrorists use violence on non-combatant people in order to achieve a specific goal like releasing of the prisoners, for money or for the holy conflict. The causes of terrorism in the heads of men and women can be blamed at the federal government who didn't control the issues at the original stage.

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