The BENEFITS AND DRAWBACKS Of The Colonialism Record Essay

Colonialism is the establishing of or overtaking, maintaining and expanding a place by members of another territory. It really is a practice of subjugation which involves enslavement of any people by another. Colonialism consists of an outside power getting into a country, destroying or higher throwing its authorities and forcing its norms and ideals on the people of the colony. Colonialism is known as a political-economic situation whereby Western european nations explored, conquered, resolved and economically exploited large elements of the world. The idea of colonialism is one which has regarding making people strangers in their own lands. Government authorities are overthrown and organizational structures of lands are altered.

Colonialism brings a totally new lifestyle to the colonies. Cultural that are alien to one another are brought jointly and compelled to communicate and coexist. The conquest of lands and forceful coexistence of individuals of differing backgrounds (due to the conquest) with different values and ideologies has brought about many changes, both positive and negative, especially in the colonies. A good example of where such situation has induced many changes is Nigeria. Nigeria was colonized by Britain around the finish of the 19th century well in to the 20th century which has had enormous effects on the united states.


Religion: colonialism has helped to disperse religious beliefs especially the Christian religion. The Western european missionaries brought Christian religion with their colonies and trained the folks of the colonies the religion very well. In the process of learning the religion the colonial experts also made the people acquire new skills. This brought about a development in the folks as they were being liberated from the illiteracy which acquired kept them in the dark for many years.

The advent of the Christian religion brought many changes to the colonies. For instance, in Southern Nigeria, Christianity helped stop the killing of twins as the faith preached equality and marketed education for all.

Modernization and scientific growth: colonialism brought modernization to underdeveloped areas. Advanced technological equipment and facilities necessary for advancements in medical and healthcare services, building of railroads and other trends in travel, modern education etc. have helped in the introduction of the colonies to what these are today. These improvements have advanced the position of the colonies internationally. The improvements in education have provided opportunities for competition in various disciplines like literature, mathematics, artwork and science. That is visible in Africa with people like Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Ngugi wa Thiongo and many others.

Discovery of natural resources: the breakthrough of natural resources was due to the provision of new technology which were made known to the colonies by their colonial masters. The use of new technology made exploration of natural resources easier and better. This resulted in the development and development of the colonies. There have been jobs for the visitors to do, even though they were not well paying jobs, and this put into the knowledge of the folks as they bought knowledge and learned new skills which ended up being useful to them. This designed cheap labour for the colonial experts.

Expansion of land: colonialism also brought about the expansion of land because of their colonies. Before colonialism, there is no place known as Nigeria. There were only towns and villages, which were pretty much limited to their areas, surviving independently. The arriving of colonial masters widened the land for all those ethnic groups, cities and villages. Participants of any ethnic group can now move to and reside in any part of the country and call the area home. The name Nigeria was also given to the territory around the Niger River by the colonial experts.

Language: the adoption of the language of the colonial experts by the colonies has fostered unity with an extent in most multilingual and multicultural countries. A definite example is seen in Nigeria which has well over 500 dialects. Since no words is considered more advanced than the other, it would be difficult for the native dialects to be made the lingua franca. The adoption of British terminology has made things easier for Nigerians as the vocabulary is international and does not participate in any particular cultural group or people in the country.


Unfamiliar system of government: the colonial masters brought new and alien systems of government that your natives were not acquainted with. These systems of administration offered less importance to, and had less respect for the systems of administration of the colonies. The techniques of ruling which were presented to the colonies were very different from the particular natives were used to. The new systems of authorities imposed taxes on the natives and also developed new, peculiar and harsh laws and regulations for the natives.

Loss and destruction of culture and land: colonialism added immensely to losing and devastation of social norms and ideals. To begin with the native dialects of the colonies were made inferior to the languages of the colonial experts. The mode of dressing of individuals improved. Natives of the colonies began to dress and speak like the colonial masters as these were made to think that their colonial experts were superior human beings. Natives of the colonies lost some areas of their culture plus they were made second category people in their own land. The natives also started to have reduced value for their practices because of the changes that have been forced on their local life. The colonial experts also needed away the natives lands and used them for building churches, schools, properties, prisons etc. this remaining the natives with less land to plantation on.

Dispersion, destitution and loss of life: colonialism caused the dispersion of natives. A number of the natives who could not stand the suffering that they were being put through had to flee their lands to different lands in search of better lives. Other people who continued to be in their land were made destitute. The colonialists acquired power total the things in the colonies. They had taken over pieces of land which belonged to the natives and made them dependent on their masters. For this reason many natives were put through extreme need of a means of subsistence. Colonialism triggered the death of your lot of natives. The tough living conditions in those days drove many natives to flee using their homes and along the way sent them to their graves. Others died therefore of the hardship and destitution which they were put through by the colonial masters. The natives, who have been free men, became slaves in their land.

Risk of disease: the colonial experts brought with them some diseases that have been not known by the folks of the colonies. Some of the diseases with which they emerged were communicable plus some of the natives contracted them. In cases where the colonial masters possessed access to native women either forcefully or with the consent of the women, they were kept with many sexually sent diseases that they in turn, multiply. The colonial experts also contracted some diseases like malaria, typhoid, chicken pox and small pox from the natives. The risk of disease was quite high through the colonial period.

Economic dependence: colonialism has made most colonies reliant on their colonial experts even after the colonies have gained self-reliance. It is because the colonial masters tapped into and exploited the mineral and recruiting of the colonies and this has remaining the previous colonies somewhat underdeveloped or growing. Many countries land back to their ex - colonial experts for help about how to boost their economy and so on. In Nigeria for example, there are so many mineral resources which are just lying down around. The essential oil which is the major source of income to Nigeria is sold abroad to be refined and then sold back again to Nigerians for consumption. Nigeria is still very much dependent on Britain for many things. Even the clothing materials and other activities are imported from Britain and other countries. This form of economic dependence is known as a type of neocolonialism.

Colonialism has already established and still has its results on the countries which have been colonized and the countries which colonized them. Today in almost all parts of the entire world cultures are merged and people have the ability to tolerate and have admiration for other peoples cultures and beliefs. It will be biased to say that colonialism has been beneficial through and or not. Colonialism has both good results and unwanted effects depending on what ones values are.

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