The Mind Of Adolf Hitler The Secret Wartime Report

About the Author

Walter C. Langer, who was a teacher at Harvard, kept a Ph. D but not an M. D. , and was the first person accepted to the American Psychiatric Association who lacked a medical level. His other publication includes Psychology & People Living (1945). He had been learning in Germany and Austria during 1937-38 and got observed Hitler's triumphant accessibility in the city of Anschluss, Austria.

About the Book

The Brain of Adolf Hitler:The Secret Wartime Report, published in 1973 by Martin Secker & Warburg Limited is dependant on, and contains as its central, a World Warfare II statement by psychoanalyst Walter C. Langer which probed the psychology of Adolf Hitler from the available information. The statement was ready for any office of Strategic Services (OSS) and posted in overdue 1943 or early 1944.

The book has not only Dr. Langer's report, but also a foreword by his brother, the historian William L. Langer, an intro by Langer himself and an afterword by the psychoanalytic historian Robert G. L.

The booklet has been split into six parts beginning from benefits and then composed of, Hitler as German people know him, his associates know him, As he understands himself finally emotional evaluation and reconstruction and his possible behavior in future.

Author Thesis

Langer's purpose had not been to give full bank account of Hitler as an historical trend, but to provide American military services policy machine with a psychological profile that may make some sensible contribution to the beat of a war time enemy. The writer satisfied and achieved his aims remarkably, but to the extent that analysis is fixed in purpose and opportunity.

Author try to verify that deprivation of Adolf in his early child hood and his stay at Vienna, his father's attitude as well as his inability to save lots of his mother from his father's harsh treatment, and previous loss of life of his brothers left indelible imprint on his head and he began viewing things often. Fear of fatality & desire of immortality, disturbance of love and his feministic feature also have relative effect on his personality

Walter C. Langer, a psychoanalyst associated with warfare time strategic research, unfolds explicit facts about one of history's most strange figures. Langer's research digs out a new aspect of Adolf Hitler, which most of the historian have ignored prior to publication of this report, that psychology takes on an important role in the forming of personality. The writer reveals that there is a lot more to Hitler's life than that which Nazi propaganda portrayed. The author looks for helps from close associates of Hitler, used many resources to profile Hitler, including lots of informants, including Ernst HYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Ernst_Hanfstaengl"Hanfstaengl, Hermann HYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Hermann_Rauschning"Rauschning, Princess Stephanie von Hohenlohe, Otto HYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Otto_Strasser"Strasser, FriedlindeHYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Friedlinde_Wagner" Wagner, and Kurt HYPERLINK "http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Kurt_Ludecke"Ludecke.

General Summary

The publisher specifies chapter regarding different views about Hitler as German people know him and he himself believes to be. This book contains facts which contradict most biographies of Hitler, including Hitler's own "Mein Kampf. " i. e. Hitler was not strong enough as he posed himself to be, volume of time he threatened to commit suicide to emotionally blackmail his audience. The book explains, he befriended and was aided by lots of Jews throughout his life, as opposed to the actual fact that he was responsible for holocaust and getting rid of of an incredible number of Jews. He was in the habit of procrastination and indecision.

Hitler's behavior routine, as his close affiliates observe them, one provides the impression this isn't an individual personality, but two that inhabit the same body and alternate back and forth. The main one is a very smooth, sentimental, and indecisive person, the other is merely the opposite--a hard, cruel, and decisive person with significant energy--who appears to know what he wants and is preparing to go after it and obtain it no matter cost.

The book provides idea that Hitler was so mentally disturbed, he could not have functioned effectively, but matter of fact is that he was consummately able politics and armed forces tacticians.

He was a great orator and thinks "The fantastic masses of individuals. . . more easily fall season victim to a large rest than to just a little one" even the best opponent concede that he is the greatest orator that Germany has ever known. He plainly is aware how to hypnotize his audience. He never used to pay attention anybody and he was least concerned with sex and this led some to assume that he was an impotent; or homosexual, many people of his get together were homosexual, he has profound contempt for the weakness in men for love-making and the fools which it label of them, nevertheless he was fond of music get together and pornography.

Clearly ambition and Providence play a key role in Hitler's life. more than anything else, it was this perspective that convince him that he had a great mission to perform. This is certainly essentially the most outstanding attribute of Hitler's adult personality, and it is this that manuals him with the "precision of a sleepwalker". He was a staunch believer of fate. One can only speculate what Hitler could have finished with his life had he not endured such malaise before his go up to vitality. Ironically, Langer's perspective on Hitler makes it possible for the reader to feel sympathy for a man who is accountable for killing millions of people and has become a gauge to gauge the cruelest act of human being.

Reaction to Author

This book is detailed examination of multiple factors that resulted in the formation of Hitler as ambitious & motivated person to raise Germany up before world even at the price of destruction of humanity. The author has aptly justified his perspective with the aid of close associate of Hitler, as he is aware himself, as German people know him, as his affiliates know him and lastly as actually he was. In order to have deep insight psychoanalysis of Adolf, writer looked for help from various resources including Hitler's own car biography i. e. Mein Kampf and send it on many situations. .

This book has generated its credentials on basis of prophecy made by Walter C Langer about the future of Hitler, if he lost the conflict. He forecasted eight different propositions that would be the final result of Hitler. He mentioned that he might be killed in battle, he might seek refuge in neutral country, he may fall into their hands and previous but not the lowest he could commit suicide. Here article writer becomes biased, as he deems that Hitler's eliminating in struggle would be most unwanted from his point of view because his loss of life is served for example for his enthusiasts to fight on. This would be what Hitler will need for he has predicted that

"We will not capitulate no, never. We might be destroyed, but if we are, we shall drag a world with us a world in flames. "

The author continues on saying that Hitler's suicide would be extremely unwanted from their viewpoint because if it is cleverly done it could build the Hitler story so strongly in the thoughts of the German people that it could take generations to eradicate it. Dr. Langer proposes that from his point of view, it would be most desirable to acquire Hitler fall into their hands.

Langer is inappropriate in thinking that Hitler didn't become an anti Semitic during his first years in Vienna (1908-1913) but research reveals that Hitler became a member of an anti Semitic world in Apr of 1908. It may tell us a great deal about the mental operations of Adolf Hitler, but it cannot be as detailed or conclusive as the studies of a primary analysis conducted with the cooperation of the average person. The writer too much depends after making surmise rather than giving concrete realization.

This statement is so sharply focus on the individual that we see hardly any of the historical setting and thus get a distorted picture of Hitler and his time.


The book has been written in simple & eloquent style, the reader can easily understand the idea because of straightforwardness of words, however somewhere phrases are in multiple phrases. It could be equate to Hitler; the bad unprecedented or any e book about them with distinction of future prediction about Hitler and his physiological research. This book is exclusive in the sense that perhaps it is first deliberate try to combine psychology & warfare. By the end, book contain comprehensive bibliography, notes, index and other resources of information i. e. images. There are lots of facts within the publication that I'd never have imagined could have been true. I recommend this booklet to anyone who needs to determine almost everything there exists to know about.

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