The War FROM THE Roses History Essay

The Conflict of the Roses affected England's throne for many years, in that way changing the perspective of the united states. The Battle of the Roses was a civil battle between your House of York and the home of Lancaster. This civil battle impacted the complete country of England from its overall economy to the guideline of that the English federal had over Great britain. The Conflict of the Roses possessed such a huge impact on England and lasted for thirty-three years from 1455 before last battle in 1487. Due to the space of the war and all the different groups of British nobility being involved in the war, the War of the Roses became one of the most disastrous wars to ever before happen in the history of England.

The Battle of the Roses was a warfare of a number of different battles between the House of York and the home of Lancaster that have been both major house of nobility of in Britain at that time. These two homes spent the whole thirty-three years of the War of the Roses fighting with each other within the throne of Great britain and who the throne should belong too, because the House of York did not like the way the Lancastrian house was ruling Great britain.

The House of Lancaster was were only available in 1267 and it is referred to when talking about the British kings or nobility that were descended from John of Gaunt (Luminarium. com web page 1). The Lancastrians were one of the wealthiest sets of nobility in Britain at the time until the begun the War of the Roses which significantly weaken the whole House of Lancaster. Throughout the whole thirty-three years in the Conflict of the Roses the home of Lancaster was only ruled by three different kings. Entering into the fifteenth century the Lancastrians were led by Henry IV who at that time was the Ruler of England and he ruled for the first two years of the war. All of those other Conflict of the Roses enough time was split between Henry V, and Henry VI. A lot of the war Henry VI or Henry VII was on the throne. Henry VI was a very fragile ruler who did not do his Lancastrian people well because he suffered from a type of mental disease (Alison Weir page 122). This mental illness of Henry VI greatly crippled the throne of England and he lost his electricity for quite a while since he was put in jail during that time period. He soon reclaimed his throne when he overcame his health problems, but soon after he became suffering again and was bought out once again where he'd end up dying in captivity. Henry VI after his fatality experienced no heir to the Lancastrian rule because his son experienced just lost his life seventeen days before in the Fight of Tewkesbury which ended the line of John of Gaunt which was the end of the House of Lancaster.

The second get together that was involved in the Warfare of the Roses was the home of York. THE HOME of York originates all the way back to the start of the Conflict of the Roses. The Yorkist Get together was only were only available in order to overthrow the House of Lancaster. Although the House of York was made just to oppose the actual Lancastrians were carrying it out was very stringent on who was allowed to participate the Yorkist Party. Richard, the Duke of York, made thee Yorkist men to start out his overthrow of the home of Lancaster in order to be on the throne of Britain and run the united states the way he seemed fit. Richard, Duke of York, was part of the royal line in Great britain who started the home of York because he opposed what Henry VI was doing on the throne (P. A. Johnson webpage 47). Richard, Duke of York, ruled under Henry VI while he was going right through his mental issues but was not allowed to work higher in the government because Henry VI put other folks in positions over him. Because Richard, Duke of York, for several years wanted to change the way of the government Henry VI experienced because he thought it was fragile. With all this new found courage Richard got this is when he decided to combat the bad advisors that he had made into personal enemies and forcibly took the throne of England (New Standard Encyclopedia page 111). Soon after Richard got all the Lords to acknowledge kicking Henry VI off of England's throne for him to take control of England to be able to turn Great britain back into the united states that it was before Henry VI needed over. Even though Richard was rejected positions before he became the Protector of England in the lack of Henry VI when he was captured. This helped bring the home of York into control of Britain while Richard was on the throne allowing them to make a huge push for the full total control of Great britain and its whole government.

The War of the Roses acquired some discord between two homes that ended up being major elements of the British nobility system. THE HOME of Lancaster and the home of York were the two houses that were the main cause of the Warfare of the Roses. The properties first starte