Western Civilization The Industrial Trend History Essay

Now, people can wear different kinds of dresses, that have been made of advanced materials; now people can speak to one another even though these are in several countries; now, people can spend minimal time and bankroll to get the most efficiency; now, a lot of things are modified, many people's mind are progressed. All together, each one of these development cannot help but contributing to the industrial revolution. Beneath the development of the industrial revolution, the planet is evolved. This paper will introduce the readers how can the industrial trend begin, how does the industrial revolution develop, and exactly how does the industrial revolution influence the globe. Please remember days gone by steps while people are perfect today's technology.

If people want to learn and examine the industrial revolution, he got to know its occurring history first. Industrial revolution is one of the Western civilization, so, people can see it began from Europe. There are a few important reasons to describe why the industrial revolution took place in Europe.

First of all, "Age Enlightenment not only supposed a larger educated populace but also newer views on work. " Due to the enlightenment, many people are free to get education; also, their thoughts are released. Therefore, more and more people learn to read and write. Later, people's mind are modified, they began to look for a better life for themselves; they

began to construct factories to earn much more money. In short, the enlightenment released their thoughts and their thoughts led to the incident of industrial revolution. Second, European countries is a place, where they are extremely open to allow the new ideas, thoughts, and innovations. Different from the oriental nations, the countries in Europe hold the faster speed to see the old monetary and politics system. However, in the East, especially China and other Islamic countries, they are still keeping the centralized administration. Moreover, during these Europe nations, Great britain is a good conditional country to commence the industrial trend. "The issue about the beginning of the Industrial Trend also concerns the considerable lead that THE UK possessed over other countries. " There are also some important reasons to explain that.

First, "England is the steady economic, social, and political stance of the country. " As people know that, Great britain experienced several royal wars and civil conflict, its political system is stable gradually. Especially, they get rid of the very old and laggard feudal system. Second, Great britain already set the positioning of "the emperor of the sea" before; therefore, it has a good control and pressure a strong government on the ocean transportation and trade. For any countries, as soon as they have a convenient travel; it is straightforward for them to go in foreign countries and expand.

During seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the fist professional revolution was took place in Britain. And there are three major materials, which lead to important market sectors, which also becoming the shinning starts in the first industrial revolution: cotton, coal, and flat iron.

In terms of cotton, it causes the textile industry. In the first 18th century, England's textile manufacture depended on wool and cotton. Even they may be good materials to be used, but based on the needs of the marketplace, these were difficult and poor to process; therefore, there is not many end result creation. However, with the introduction of all types of spinning steering wheel and rotating machine, the production was improved upon effectively.

In terms of coal, it's the sign of the professional revolution. Due to the production of coal, the industry of heavy steam electric power grew quickly. "The increased steam engine created by Adam Watt and branded in 1775 was initially mainly used to power pushes for pumping water out of mines, but from the 1780s was applied to power other types of machines. "

Finally is the iron. It brings about the improvement and development of vehicles. At the same time, the development of the textile and metallurgical industry also lead to the improvement of transportation. The railroad started to develop; it was more convenient to transport the goods to each country. Furthermore, transportation aids in the connections among countries. Country related to country, the entire world became small.

After the first industrial revolution, people started getting into the "amount of heavy steam power", "period of iron", and the "amount of railroad".

The sectors after eighteenth century already cultivated stability and Britain always remains in the position of leadership. Later nineteenth to twentieth century, the next industrial revolution initiated, and America and Japan got the way of authority. And in this revolution, "the newer improvements and technology made an appearance in the form of steel, electricity, chemicals, and inside combustion engine motor. "

After the entire year of 1870, the majority of the business were afflicted by science. Flat iron was substituted by metal, because steel has harder quality; the development of the electricity improved people's life. While using technology of telegraph, telephone, and radio, the communication between people and folks became increasingly more convenient. Even they are simply in different countries, just press several buttons can solve the problem of contacting. " Electricity's important use a way to obtain vitality for generators, alternators, transformers that lighted locations and factories exchanging dangerous webs of transmitting belts. " Especially, the invention of mobile phone and the electric light, making an important milestone in history.

In the field of chemical also has a great development during the second industrial revolution. "Alfred Nobel, a Swedish inventor of stabilized nitroglycerine, the first functional explosive, thought such remorse at the military uses of his product and the prosperity he gained from it that he proven the prize-ironically including one for peace-that keep his name. " "In the field of engine, the utilization and invention of interior combustion engine help to increase the efficiency a whole lot. Nicolaus Otta created the first internal combustion engine unit, ran on coal gas and then change to gas to power later. "

The second professional revolution brought more technology to the people. Particular, these technology and technology have a close romance to people's life. It advanced people's life quality and level, possessed people connection with one another faster and faster. The entire world became smaller and smaller.

The industrial trend brings many issues while it is benefiting people's life.

On one hands, it boosts the improvement of people's material life. Industrialization prompts the complete and maturation of the world. "The fantastic development of the modern current economic climate, the successful achievement of modern knowledge, the get spread around and improvement of the modern education, and the constantly change of people's living style, many of these providing the strong foundation for the success of the present day culture. " It prompts the development of Capitalism. In commercial revolution, factories replaced the traditional group working style; it brings about the appearance of

two new group: bourgeoisie and proletariat. It prompts the urbanization. Professional revolution possessed the limited earth can feed more people; it stimulates the increase of the population in Europe. You will discover more and more people moving to the city, therefore, the european society urbanized steadily.

On the other side, the industrial revolution brings problems. There are more and more people moving to the town, under the pressure of rivalling, many staff face the problems of no job or getting rid of jobs. Even people in urban eliminate poor countryside life, they end up being the sacrificial lamb of capitalism, that they are living an unhealthy life. In lots of places, where there are many population there, bring about clearness, cover, and committing problems.

Industrial trend as a turning point in history had a profound influence to the planet. The earth becomes smaller and smaller, and the relationship between country and folks become better and nearer.

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