Who are the Mongols and what performed they actually?

Who are the Mongols?

They are a tribe that has variety of teams, nowadays they disperse into China, Mongolia, and Russia.

In days gone by they were great invaders that controlled European countries and Asia.

The name Mongol came out in Tang Dynasty in the 8th century as an invading tribe

They became more powerful after the show up of Liao Dynasty (1125). Later the Tatars and Jin Dynasty weakened them.

Where did the Mongols live?

It is the dwelling place for the Mongolians and Turkic, it is similar to tents, but has heavy wall.

It is not steady, however, it could be assembled again transported easily, such as transported by camels to be rebuilt in other places.

The Creator of the Mongol Empire: Genghis Khan

He was the creator of the Mongol Empire in 1206 and invaded European countries and Asia.

He improved writing system, brought religion, and made a unified empire.

Before he passed on, he break up his empire for his sons and grandsons.

Mongol Conquest

The Mongols conquest was throughout the early 13th Century, throughout Europe and Asia.

They might began their conquest because less people traded with them and started out to operate with Jin and Xia Dynasty.

Another reason is the fact Genghis Khan believed that it was God's objective.

Central Asia

After the unification, Genghis Khan started to extend his empire beginning with the Khwarezmid Empire or Iran.

The people in Islamic Central Asia and north Iran was lowered because each Mongolian soldier was necessary to get rid of a certain volume of person, such as 24.


The Mongols began the invasion in Rus, the Fight of the Kalka River in 1223 between the scouts.

Over 1237-1240, they damaged all the cities in European countries except Novgorod and Pskov.

The evidence was the journey had written by the Giovanni de Plano Carpini, the envoy of the Pope.

Middle East

They invaded Iran, Iraq, Syria, and elements of Turkey, later in addition they visited Gaza into Palestine in 1260-1300.

The Fight of Baghdad and the Fight of Ain Jalut occurred and the Muslims were the first ones to be able to stop the Mongol make at Ain Jalut.

East Asia

They invaded China, which later they placed the Yuan Dynasty, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea.

When they invaded Korea, Korea was pressured to be the vassal and becoming an ally of Yuan Dynasty in the foreseeable future.

The Creator of the Yuan Dynasty: Kublai Khan

He was the 5th great khan of the Mongol Empire and grandson of Genghis Khan.

He found Yuan Dynasty in 1271 and the Mongols ruled China since that time.

He passed on at the age of 72 due to his conflicts and sadness in the empire.

Marco Polo and Kublai Khan

Marco Polo achieved Kublai Khan and became a confidant for him from 1214-1294, as well as formal.

Kublai Khan liked him, he wanted Marco to tell him about the world.

As an incentive, he gave Marco and his brother the "gerege" (the golden tablet) to protect them.

Yuan Dynasty, the End of the Mongol Empire

It was in between the Melody and Ming Dynasty (1271-1368)

Kublai Khan managed the Chinese administration in this dynasty, or total monarchy.

Later the dynasty experienced a famine and issues between people, and the Chinese overthrown them and became the Ming Dynasty.

Use of 3-4 Horses

Each soldier will have 3-4 horses because they can travel for an extended period of time without relaxing of the horses.

They would change horses throughout their driving. Using this gain, each soldier can scout easily and take notice of the routes.

Cavalry Archers

60% of the Mongols were archers that ride horses, these were very light and could maneuver.

Mongolian horses were used, these were strong and sturdy.

The Mongols also used stirrups to make the archers shoot arrows in virtually any directions.

Breaking Tribal Connection

In the past, many tribes were preventing one another such as Naimans, Merkits, Tatars, and Keraites plus they often causes bloodstream feuds.

When Genghis Khan experienced new troops that came from those tribes, he placed leaders to split them and cut the heritage connections to avoid conflicts.

Biological Warfare

Infected Mongolians were tossed using catapults over the Crimean surfaces.

The plague propagate inside Crimea and multiply to Sicily, North Africa, Southern Italy, and Europe in 1348, or the famous African american Death.

They thought that the stench wiped out them, but it was actually the plague.

Mongol Bow

It was built by various kinds of materials, or Composite bow.

This type of bow was used during Genghis Khan's reign and may throw in a far distance with great accuracy.

Range of the Bow

In Siberia, there's a stone that was inscribed says that in the time after Genghis Khan's conquest of East Turkestan, Genghis Khan's nephew shot a concentrate on at 536 meters.

In a novel "Kh¶kh Sudar", it explains 5 Mongolian troops hitting the target for three times using the bow at about 500 meters.

The Kharash

When a city surrender to the Mongols, the Mongols would collect people in the town out and pressure those to be "human shields".

They would drive them in front of the military and let them take arrows and other problems. This tactic can also feared the other enemies of the Mongols.


The Mongols would placed market leaders and let them split the army into communities, about 10 - 10, 000 soldiers per group.

They would flank their adversary from the factors using the groups of troops, such as 500 to right part and 500 to remaining side.


This technique was used to prevent the escaping of the people in metropolis they're struggling with.

Basically, they would surround the city from both side, and support one another.

If they are unsuccessful, they might flee, choosing to save the military, and examine the opposition for the next time's strike.

Feigned Retreat

The Mongols would "pretend" to retreat and lure the enemy into the position where they have got advantage.

If they used this plan once, they would wait for days or weeks to trick the adversary that these were really defeated, they would strike the adversary later.

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