Alternative Classes Of Action Information Technology Essay

Real Time Training video Limited press is a communal enterprise that to be in existence since 1984 with the purpose of assisting the socially excluded groups, socially deprived areas and risk group to tone their concerns and difficulties they are faced with using participatory media. Real Time Video tutorial Limited is one of the few organizations who received total annual grant from council also, account are being lifted through letting out of equipment and money received for specific tasks from different businesses or body. This creates an even of steady inflow of fund to REAL-TIME Video Limited. However, the council give remains the major income source for Real Time Video Limited. Real-time works mostly with the councils and few job from other firm this due to the stiff completion with other earnings making company.

With the immediate increase in cultural enterprise or the 3rd sector in UK we've seen many confronted with troubles which as hampered their progress or force those to close down this rare. Some of the trouble encounter includes inappropriate management, inadequate money, lack of tactical planning etc.

In recent years, with the globalization. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Companies of today must react to change to survive the future. Change is inevitable-growth is optional. Change causes all companies to adapt, adjust and be lively in building their businesses. After all, there are just three things a firm can do with change: ignore it, adapt to it or accept it. By focusing on new means of doing things, a company can revitalize their business. Specifically, marketing in new ways and with different strategies not only simulates home based business, but also provides company a fresh vision on productivity

The major problem faced by REAL-TIME Video Small is the failing to realise the importance of marketing and projecting what they do to wider audience. By using every possible means rather they rely upon referral and word of mouth, although referral are good and cost effective medium but, with the changes in technology and the planet becoming smaller day-to-day other means should be explore to reach targeted audience.

Secondly, another problem is the inability to up grade to the recent technology level because of the high prices of the equipments. This has left Real Time Video Limited by be about two to three yr technology backward which has a significant effect on the method of operation but, REAL-TIME Video Limited still produce top videos with the gear at its disposal.

Others include Inadequate personnel that possess the required skills in video tutorial and digital art, they are also confronted with stiff competition with other earnings making business, Sometimes the charges do not cover their complete cost credited to long functions and participatory nature of their work, and sometimes having difficulty working with teenagers and getting together with deadline


Boschee. (2006), pointed out that every social business his faced with two fundamental troubles: To accomplish the right things (strategic marketing) and to do them right (businesses). In fact, tactical marketing may be the thing that holds a non-profit alongside one another in an significantly competitive world. Marketing most times is recognized to be irrelevant and very costly, either financially or in conditions of time (Foley and Green 1986). In addition, marketing is recognized to be a cost somewhat than an investment. REAL-TIME Video Small is not out left to make these assumptions. It has partly resulted in the shrinking of income as a few of its major consumer/sponsor has drawn out and tasks have reduced. The major challenges noted was the absent of marketing programs or budget, in these time and era the value of marketing cannot be over emphasis to the success of any business. Rather REAL-TIME Video Limited depends upon the term of mouth and referral from previous consumer. Relating to recent study of 900 sales marketing professional it was said that small company should concentrate more on those who they know and have recognized them. This experts rates referrals as the most effective way for attracting new customers. But with the recent launch of social media marketing where the person to person is now handled through different cultural media this can be an addition to help create understanding about the service of real-time. In addition, real-time has a website but is it not fully employed and it details gives only little information about who they are, the way they do it. This site has little videos that shows their past task, with numerous opportunity available through YouTube to talk about video to a wide audience free, real time does not have any video tutorial on YouTube and this bothers me.

Also real time does not sufficiently delivering itself to the general public, these as resulted in losing potential sponsors and customer, decrease in the streams of funds and ultimately decrease in the number of assignments. Sometime it affects the execution of any project i. e. not being able to cover the cost of some project or brings about the suspension of others. On visiting one of Real Time Video Small shows event, that was basically showing different motion pictures to the public in and expecting to get volunteers or skilled folks who are interested in video editing, creation and other facet of Real Time Training video Limited. That was a great idea but to my shock, it had not been well control or provided. on interviewing main timer at the place he seems mixed up and problem the location for a relaxing centre, on requesting him about REAL-TIME Video Limited i then found out he had little or no understanding of what Real Time Video Limited is focused on. This problem can be said to be as a result of limited finance, and probably limited knowledge of marketing.

Furthermore, insufficient volunteer there has being some volunteer in the past who being trained but usually each goes to the university or college they don't keep coming back or their family relocates. This has left real time with only one volunteer who gets the required skill and one of the founders who serves so many functions. Also the shortcoming to upgrade to the current technology. Limited financing, speedy change in technology, changes in the environment are a few of the factor that donate to the obstacles of real time.

Alternative courses of action

From the set of problem sighted instantly Video Limited the following solution are proposed. For the marketing problem which seems to be the key problem i would suggest the company should perform an awareness program reasons being that the organization has being around for long. This can be done through the printing of flyers, posters, and other hand held pamphlet, they could be easily created on most computers, that are low cost when imprinted by do it yourself or print one and take it to a copy shop to duplicate. These can be sent out at location where targeted audience will easily see them such as institution, restaurants, other public businesses, charity organizations, local council office and can be contained in local newspapers notice permission may be required in these circumstance. These flyers should contain basic information, first of all who Real Time Video Small, what they do, how they help build and influence the society, details of past projects, current tasks and views of former participants.

Secondly, Articles are another simple and inexpensive way to get the term out in regards to a business which can be use in Real Time Video Limited video. Article can be written on the weekly or every month basis and place in various social enterprise publications or local newspaper publishers and other publications. For example creating a write-up about how participatory video recording can be of benefit to the bodily challenged or less privilege and other write-ups that provides insights and relevance of participatory in recent times or brief background of participatory video tutorial how they are being found in other country. Furthermore, these articles can be submitted to the most notable article directory sites like ezinearticles. com, isnare. com or ladypens. com and creating a link to your site in the source of information box. In as much as writing articles might sound interesting but it requires a great skill and creativeness. Writing about strategy that's not well known usually takes time before it is accepted.

In addition, Participating in forums is another great way to spread the word in regards to a business. This is done by creating or locating a few interpersonal enterprise or conventional discussion boards, blog, etc which relates to what you do and spend a little time each week answering questions. Direct advertisement of your services should be avoided, but posting a link back to your website might do the trick or use your website as your signature. The main goal of creating or finding a message board is to create a marriage with other community forum individuals and getting them to see you as a person who is an expert for the reason that area which when done they'll want to find more about you and perhaps becomes a possible client, volunteer or sponsor. A number of the implications of these is that it's time consuming which might affect enough time giving to the entire projects because building a relationship requires time say six month depending on the time put in and includes some degree of creativity. It might be difficult to be implemented as the founders generation does not seem to appeal to this.

Furthermore, Building romantic relationship with other social venture or charity group that works together with the same market or the same line of business thereby would study from there experience where relevant. A couple of a great many other charity or sociable organization in reading such as, Berkshire Region Blind Population, Disabilities Trust, Potential client FOR THOSE WHO HAVE Learning Disabilities, and lots of others that fit into your target audience. Regarding other social venture in same industry, we have Marketing Community Network Ltd, Malt Films Ltd, Griffin Theatre Company, merely to talk about a few all of which are positioned in London, however their some classic media partners. Smart partnering help expose a company to new sets of customers, or hard to reach audience. utilizing a partners' associates and reputation can be a valuable way to obtain a foothold with new groups of customers or sponsor. Also the partnership sees the two business have a larger buying vitality than individual. It can direct result into having volunteer with the mandatory skill

Also, Utilizing the services of a specialist or having an expert in marketing will be helpful has it brings along with it wealth of experience. Marketing cannot be over emphasis as it is vital to the success of any business as it help create recognition or inform on the lifestyle of a specific service. Using the services of a consultant to help in planning the online marketing strategy of REAL-TIME Video Limited would be a welcome idea as it brings plus a lots of great benefit such as it save time as that aspect has been handled by a specialist, also prosperity of experience from purchased over yr can be relevant and other advantages attached. However, with the power which come s with having a consultant also negatives the cost, the common cost of experiencing a service of consultant is approximately 1070, which is a lot for Real Time Video Limited who have one only major sponsor. Exemplory case of a advisor that works together with social venture is Eastside Consulting Ltd. The other judgment is to employ marketing employees whose duties is always to plan and put into action marketing strategies and working regarding with with clive and other companions. This option is less costly and members are involved in the planning, it allows for progressive revise to the people.

Moreover, "Training video advertising" is one of the fastest growing means of passing across announcements to large audience, with the arrival of communal website such as face publication, YouTube, etc which allow sending and posting of videos free, and helps it be easier to cover a wide rank of people. In recent time, reports has showed that people don't have patience to learn anymore and would rather watch a video that explains a thought. Over time there has as an increase in the utilization of video to promote products and services amongst small businesses which feature is added to their website. In the graph below in the fourth one fourth of 2008 5. 2% of small business had video on their web site, in the fourth quarter of 2009 the number risen to 19. 2% almost four times as much.

From: http://www. reelseo. com/video-small-business-advertisers/

That's the expansion recorded in just a calendar year, and the progress is expected to increase over time, as it is inexpensive and it is one of the ways to best employ and position your firm amongst the targeted audience that are seeking for your services via search. This area is the niche of REAL-TIME Video Limited because they make videos to promote other area of concern, i believe they must be in a position to make a video tutorial that presents what they do, the way they do it and exactly how it is affecting their world.

Lastly, there is absolutely no denying that interpersonal media websites will be the next destination for marketing on the net. The number of men and women who take part in communal network website has increased which as resulted in the upsurge in the investment in social media marketing. Some smaller businesses has incorporate social media marketing as strategies in reaching their goals. Some of such public network site include, tweets, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. Social media is word-of-mouth within an online environment and it has greater impact than "conventional word" of mouth area as information techniques faster with just a click. If you want to attract new visitors to your site then you have to actually participate and become involved with a community. The of the is to real is that it is straightforward to create at no cost, Social networking helps engages audience, boost your online visibility, it helps to generate brand consciousness, generate publicity (both good & bad). All these advised solution are intended for building romantic relationship with real-time video-targeted audience. (Relationship marketing) Dees et al (2001).


All the advised recommended was based on the assumption that REAL-TIME Video Small has limited money, has not take full advantage of it potential and the latest pattern of marketing effectiveness, necessity/nature of the prospective audience.

Firstly, I'll recommend having a new employee against consulting with a specialist in marketing reason being that a firm like Real Time Video Limited training video have limited money, also nearing a specialist is expensive and there is little control over their activities. However, since marketing is a cyclical and ongoing process having someone dependable permits flexibility, daily monitoring of improvement and low cost of running compare to talking to. It should be noted that the person employed might possibly not have the riches of experience in comparison to a advisor. Nevertheless, with training and various exposure there will be an improvement. The procedure for getting marketing personal is adding job advertising and volunteer online site.

Furthermore, Also creating a website that is comprehensive that show what you do and exactly how u do they, e. g. adding videos, pictures, relevant links to support each project. E. g. the job on the land lord rent policy should be linked to various property agencies, also the task on street to recovery and whats up doc can be associated with other social organization that works together with recovering addict and those with learning disabilities. The sociable media networks should be linked with the website to permit for easier access by site visitors. Most social organization are using this implies as it i. e. cheap and easy to set up and it can help to build connections. Relationship marketing is one the tranquil means but the most effective as customer seek to determine relationship with its company. In implement this, relating to Clive Real Time Video Limited video is creating a new website all these advised features can be put into the new website, as they are easy to set-up. In building the partnership over the interpersonal media, it takes 6 month or even more with regards to the imagination and time insight.

Lastly, the printing of flyers and handbills exhibiting and describing what real-time video is focused on, what they do, how they do it, and how it has afflicted the population. Also creating symbiotic romantic relationships with other sociable venture in the same target audience and other traditional business. This may proof difficult at first but over time and proven trust between your parties they can study from one another. Creating a solid network of business partnerships can be a valuable way to provide good customer service. Once you can't meet a customer's needs, a reference to a reliable business can be a relationship saver. In turn, both customer and the other business are happy, and could return the favour. REAL-TIME Video Small can drive on reading borough, council community forums and publications as a way to create knowing of its services however, request must be produced to this course.

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