Auto Car Parking System Of Ford IT Essay

An innovation is vital for the company's growth in the economic downturn and also competes with the rival in this globalized economy. But flaws in control innovation may restrain their progress in case there is technology innovation. To create an organization to gain their competitive benefit on the market continuous technology technology is the main element. In case there is making industry like auto they always try to innovating new ideas because the business enterprise is evolving rapidly on an internationally basis.

Automobile industry is highly competitive and stay in this market company even builds up their own R&D division. Meanwhile, all the biggest, most successful automobile industry firms have grown to be totally global in aspect. Globalization is in evidence throughout the auto industry. Among the automobile industry Ford has been the market head because of their ground breaking ideas and technology. One of the major enhancements in this field is Auto car parking System.

The Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) can be an American multinational company based in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. The automaker was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. In addition to the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury brands, Ford also owns Volvo Autos in Sweden, and a tiny stake in Mazda in Japan and Aston Martin in the UK. Ford's ex - UK subsidiaries Jaguar and Land Rover were sold to Tata Motors of India in March 2008. Ford has decided to sell Volvo to Greely Car in a package expected to be completed in the 3rd 1 / 4 of 2010.

Ford introduced options for large-scale manufacturing of autos and large-scale management of industrial labor force using elaborately designed making sequences typified by moving assemblage lines. Henry Ford's methods came to be known round the world as Fordism by 1914.


Ford uses an ultrasonic -centered sensing system and electric power assisted steering (EPAS) to put the automobile for parallel parking, and calculate the perfect steering angle and quickly steering the automobile into the parking lot. The auto car parking system is a major revolution in swiftness and reliability and simplicity compared with the machine made available from the competition. Ford system required less driver interaction because of its artificial intelligence electric power.


The Auto area systems have built in processors that happen to be linked with the vehicle's feature, camera, and two forward sensors on leading side fenders. The auto park censors, known as "Intuitive Parking Assist" or "Ford Playground Assist", includes multiple sensors on the in advance and rear bumpers which find road blocks within 2m of the automobile, allowing the vehicle to sensible warnings and calculate optimum steering perspectives during regular auto parking. Both sensor is attached with the processor chip, which is integrated with the backup camera system to supply the driver auto parking information.

The processor(s) compute steering angle data that are exhibited on the touch screen navigation combined with the obstacle information when the ford park system works. The Intelligent Auto parking Assist system expands on this capability and is accessible when the vehicle is shifted to change (which automatically triggers the backup camera). When backwards, the backup cams screen features parking buttons that can be used to stimulate automated parking methods. Once the Intelligent Auto parking Assist System is activated, the central processors calculates the optimum parallel or reverse park steering sides and then interfaces with the ENERGY Steering systems of the automobile to guide the automobile into the auto parking spot.


The new enhancements of the system allow parallel or reserve parking. Doing the parallel auto parking with the machine, drivers first yank up alongside the parking space, then move forward until the vehicle's back bumper passes the rear wheel of the automobile parked in front of the open up space. Then, moving to invert automatically activates the backup camera system, and the car's rear end view shows up on touchscreen navigation display.

The drivers is accountable for verifying to see if the representative pack on the display correctly recognizes the parking space; if the area is large enough to park, the field will be green in coloring; if the package is incorrectly put, or lined in red, using the arrow switches moves the box until it becomes green. Once the parking space is appropriately identified, the driver presses OK and take his/her hands off of the steering wheel, while keeping the feet on the brake pedal. When the driver slowly releases the brake, while keeping the foot on the brake pedal, the car will then commence to back up and steer itself into the parking space.

The system is established so that at any time the tyre is handled or the brake firmly pressed, the programmed auto parking will disengage. The automobile also cannot exceed a set speed, or the machine will deactivate. If the car's computer tone issues the statement "The guidance is completed", the machine has finished parking the automobile. The driver can then shift to operate a vehicle and make modifications in the area if necessary.


The automated car parking system is one of the latest features in vehicle that's being worked well for a long time now by car producers from round the world since it is an integral part of car parking equipment is highly in demand, because of the great amounts of comfort and usability that programmed auto parking systems in automobiles bring to the drivers.

Auto car parking system or "Pilot" car parking is the computerized car parking system, that's developed in the automobile so that the car can perform parking whether it's parallel auto parking or even angular car parking or perpendicular parking with no manual need of a driver. Without requiring the driver to carry out any of the features, parking therefore is conducted by the car itself automatically. The auto parking equipment is therefore automated and inbuilt in the machine of the automobile itself.

Reduce inconvenience for the individuals:

Under circumstances of maximum stress and traffic and in areas where the car parking space itself could be very less, parking for a driver becomes extremely tough and hectic. Auto airport parking system eases off a great deal of parking pressure from the shoulders of the drivers since the car can itself deal with all the parking troubles. Similarly because of this system that's set as the automated auto parking system, through the method of a specific management of the tyre and the quickness of the car the perfect auto parking could be achieved in whatever car parking situation that the automobile is located in.

Growth of the company:

This is the most impotent reasons for the innovation. Development is the route to company's growth. Automobile industry's right now in the older stage of its life routine. Innovation is the creation and transformation of new knowledge into services, procedures, or services that meet market needs. So Ford always tries to make proper change in their products with a view of new policies, rules and regulations.


Ford always needs that use new technology will work on their insights get a jump on the competition. Presently they in the 3rd position on the market and last year their $5. 9 billion of losses within the last quarter of 2009. But with their recent technology upgrade they are extremely positive to fully capture the automobile market within next a decade. And Ford get this to auto car parking system more easier and reliable then their competition to grab the market share.


(Company Revenue = Sales earnings - Cost). The earnings equation demonstrates for earnings to increase, or even be looked after, you've got to deal with cost, even reduce it. It is the most apparent way to grow earnings. And companies have been carrying this out: with technology; by downsizing; through re-engineering. These routines simply allow you to stay in the game, to stay in the business enterprise. They alone aren't enough. In case of Ford technology they make the car cost much cheaper than its competition about 10%.


Innovations for a few companies, end up either scooping the prosperity of new ideas converted into new products or waiting for one to appear or using money to reinvestment into existing procedures with no visible new output. However in case of Ford, Technology is a organized management thereof can even out the surges and slumps by providing a continuous stream of ideas for the advancement pipeline.


For the survival of the business enterprise organization may need to be fundamental change in who they are, what they do, and how they do it. (Regarding to As Alan M. Kantrow, editor of Harvard Business Review). So Car maker Ford always try to innovated new technology to keep an in advance position in the market.



Auto-Parking System

Conventional (Standard) Auto parking System

Speed & Safety

Average leading time for car-output 1 minute and 20 moments (depends on type)

The vehicle will be stored in fully enclosed framework100% Damage clear of other vehicles 100% Dent clear of other drivers starting doors. Help to protect the automobile from the weather (sun, rainfall, snow, etc. )

It depends upon the length from entrance and exit

High opportunity of slight collisions


No more searching for bare space

No more unnecessary walking

around auto parking area

Drive need to find the clear space to park vehicle

Space & Cost Saving

No insufficient of land use.

Efficient space usage provides higher development size

Ford auto-parking system only take 40%~50% less surface compared to a typical garage to match the same quantity of parking spaces

Lower the entire development costs through least using parking spaces

It requires at least 1, 150m2 (=12, 378 ft2)

include drive way

The construction might need high

payment for large car parking spaces

Security & Noise

No threat of harm and any other

physical harm

No risk of robbery

Minimized noise (prevent horns

honking and wheel screening)

There are high likelihood of the

accident and car theft in auto parking area

Car sound may constantly be heard



Auto-parking system minimizes harmful vehicle emissions and toxins.

Lowering (CO2) smog emissions credited to lessen the parking hour

Lowering fuel utilization because of no

need to search for space Helping the environment around

the parking through the elimination of vehicle emissions

Unnecessary generating produce extra smog emissions


The parking dynamics of Ford car parking sensor have created a more brand value for the customer because of its added benefits both in interior and external. Due to its many advantages from the conventional system it added a few of the next dynamics upon using the new tehnology

Reduces the financial burden of preserving vehicle and maximise its value upon re-sale because of the sensor will lead to a major decrease in minor destruction collision.

Increased assurance when auto parking because small limited space is no more in corcern with this technology. Even to discover a place for area is no problem because its infrom the driver if it found any space for car parking.

Poor rear presence is no more a major matter when reversing and provides great assistance to less mobile drivers due to its touch screen navigator.

Recognised as a standard safety driving help.

A Car Parking Sensor technology is built in such a way that works in every conditions.

Total rear coverage.

Automatic activation of the car parking sensor upon collection of reverse gear.

Its totally unique.


The Auto car parking system was first shown on the detroit good last year when ford came with their new car called Ford Taurus. Prior to the model was shown the R&D of Ford was doing work for more then five years to develop this technology. Even after that they have a simmulation and customer research riview on the merchandise. They are supplying the merchandise in a far more cost effective way then its compititors ensuring the very best quality. They value their customer and they value the amount of money customer devote to their product. So they also have an expense benifit analysis this is the new tehnology is worth more they change or not.

Value string Model by ford


To develop the technology Ford management have gone through lots of process that can be described by the next diagram

In case of basic research model they discovered the amount of factor to develop the new technology called vehicle airport parking and what difference it generates. Through their R&D section they have extensive research to build up the model from 2006 plus they invent the new technology in 2009 2009 in their new car system called Lincoln MKS sedan. They first give a trail in the Detroit vehicle show and make the feasibility examination from expert's opinion. And new system is certainly going through production and is in the market at the center of June 2010.


The new system have bring a lot of non price technological improvement which satisfied the client at a great level. This technology make the real human life easier and without risk. In case of car industry people are looking more for the merchandise which gratify their desire. Ford always value their customer plus they do differentiated marketing stategy with their wide range of product. The new technology is a lot more cheap compreing with the the compititors product. Some of the non price factors created by fords are

Environmental friendly

Drivers and autos safety.

Frequent change in the model with upgraded technology.

Better customer support bith pre deal and post sale

Advancement desighn through continuing new technology.


Ford R&D always believes in continual technology development. Their recent technology of car auto parking system was highly certified by the client and professional. They are now looking for inventing an automobile which doesn't required any drivers. According with their MD Mr. Mullay declare that they are looking to made car for future where people will take a seat relax in their car and the automobile runs itself.

Improving Quality with Virtual Technology

We're committed to improving the automobile manufacturing process in ways offering real benefits, including reducing injuries, improving quality and having vehicles to market quicker.

Virtual Technology Improves Vehicle Developing Process

By using exclusive ergonomics technology, we've redesigned making careers to be less physically stressful on staff, which includes helped reduce accidents, improve vehicle quality and lower development costs.

Reducing Repeated Motions

Virtual ergonomics combines advanced motion-capture technology with man modeling software to help our technical engineers analyze and redesign assemblage line actions.

Our digital ergonomics process follows these steps to increase the vehicle processing process

A computer-generated virtual assembly collection workstation is established.

In the exclusive assembly brand workstation, an engineer outfitted with special detectors performs an assembly line procedure while sophisticated cams capture the movements.

The captured motions are packed into your personal computer where modeling software identifies and predicts the impact of long-term repeated motions.

As repetitive motions are diagnosed, changes to the assembly line actions can be produced to reduce injuries, reduce making costs and improve quality.

Committed to Virtual Tools

We've been using electronic tools to boost ergonomics since 2000 and we're presently collaborating with the University of Michigan over a consortium to further develop individuals modeling and forecast motion.

* The GQRS review, conducted for Ford by RDA Group, asks customers of all major makes and models to touch upon vehicle trouble and rate their overall satisfaction with their three-month-old vehicles.


The best ways to avoid resistance to change are, oddly enough, also the best ways to assure that individuals are motivated to support the change effort. Involving folks from the beginning, plainly explaining the reasons for the change, having a clear strategy, route, and eyesight, and respecting the viewpoints of other folks are all elements of the procedure. Using strategic way of measuring can also be a way of creating support.

Starting out with problems, and working with other people to create a remedy, can be a lot more effective than proposing a specific solution and attempting to rationalize it. The quality movement has processed many problem-solving techniques which can be used. Often, cross-functional and multi-level groups (to cross both functional and level-of-management limitations) are used to both solve problems and use solutions, with minimal engagement by top management. This brings more participation and dramatically cuts resistance to change, while magically giving top managers more free time.

Technology and people

Nearly all the issues in change efforts revolve around people. You can change systems, but unless people support the new systems, problems are destined to crop up. It is much less expensive to foresee and use the sociable issues than to blindly put money into systems, then tidy up the mess afterwards.

There are extensive documented situations where companies attempted to install new solutions or systems of working without considering the impact on cultural systems (the way people work and interact with each other), or without supplying thought to the way the people who actually do the work feel about the changes. The effect is usually an expensive failure, with employee reactions ranging from simple misunderstandings (resulting in lost efficiency or destruction) to outright sabotage and sorted out labour actions. Because of this, the best way to bring about change is to first gain the support of individuals who will be affected because of it, and individuals whose support you will need to apply it. Regardless of how good a change seems in writing, if no person will support it, it's probably not a good idea.


The company has made significant improvement on each of those fronts. Consumer Reviews last month advised 70 % of Ford's vehicles, for example, vs. 17 per cent of GM's and none of Chrysler's. Ford's cars have significantly better in consistency and the company has an competitive commitment not just to hybrids, but also to plug-in electric automobiles and also to equalling or exceeding its competition in gasoline efficiency in every classes.

In the midst of the perfect storm, Mulally has created a culture where his team is working jointly closely to create a new kind of company. When the financial clouds finally do part, these executives have a shared conviction that they can emerge, along with Toyota and Volkswagen, among the three truly global vehicle companies.

I'm not about to bet against them. I haven't held an American car in twenty years, but after a day hanging around Mulally and his team, I'm going to buy a high-mileage electric Ford as my next one.

It was in the middle of the 1990's that such an automated car parking system really started out to be done earnestly by several car providers and designers from around the globe and now it has reached a stage where there are a variety of high types of autos from the best businesses that provide such a airport parking equipment of these cars to help make the driving connection with their prospects a whole lot easier and exciting.

There are some completed computations in fact that the engineers needed to make so as to get the autos to make use of the automated car parking equipment so that they could get the automobile to park exactly where the drivers wished by judging the present situation as far as the auto parking area and the traffic was concerned as well.

So automated car parking system is definitely a feature in a car that you would wish to have, to ease your driving a vehicle and car parking troubles and also so you could be sure that collisions and damages will be minimized as far as possible. Nevertheless since it is parking equipment that is still on the rise it is as yet part of the more expensive vehicles.

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