Defining The Terms Of Mis Management Information Technology Essay

The Idea of management information systems originated in the1960s &, it became evident that the computer was being put on help find solutions for a small business problem.

Advantages of MIS

1. It Facilitates planning : MIS assist in improving quality of vegetation by providing information that assist in reasonable decision making. An impact of upsurge in the size & difficulty of organizations is that there is loss in personal contact professionals have with the field of procedures.

2. It Minimizes information overload : MIS converge the larger amounts of data into summarized form & thus keeping away from confusions which occur when managers are provided with large amounts of details & facts.

3. MIS Encourages Decentralization : Authority decentralisation is possible when there is a system which monitors procedures at lower levels. MIS can be used successfully to evaluate performance & make required changes in organizational plans & steps.

4. It does increase Co-ordination : MIS facilitates integration of specific activities by keeping all departments aware of the problems & requirements of other departments. It thus attaches all decision centers in an organization.

5. It increases control : MIS acts as a connection between managerial planning & control. Use of MIS help enhance the capability of management to evaluate & improve performance. The usage of pcs has increased the info processing & storage capacities & reduced the price.

6. MIS assemble, process, store, Retrieve, examine & Disseminates the mandatory information & convert them into forms which are much easier to process.

The Human Reference Information System is a software for data entrance, traffic monitoring, & data information needed by Human Resources, management, payroll, & accounting functions in a company. Normally packaged in form of any data base, hundreds of companies sell some type of HRIS & every HRIS has different features.

Effective HRIS provide information on anything the company needs to track & examine about employees, former employees, & applicants. Companies usually select a Human Resources Information System & customise it to meet their requirements.

With a proper HRIS, RECRUITING staff permit employees to do their own posts & address changes, thus freeing HR staff for other tactical functions. Plus, data necessary for staff management, knowledge development, career growth & development, & equivalent treatment is facilitated. Finally, employees & professionals can access the info they need officially, ethically.

The payroll module automate the pay process. This module gathers data on worker time & attendance, determining various deductions & taxes, & generates regular pay cheques & employee tax reviews. Data is given from the recruiting & time keeping modules to determine automatic deposit & manual cheque writing capabilities. Payroll component can store all worker related transactions. It can also integrate these details with the existing financial management systems.

Work time modules collect standardized time & work related to work. The most advanced modules impart higher overall flexibility in data collection methods, labour distribution capabilities & data examination features. Cost research & efficiency metrics are main functions.

Benefits administration module provides a system that assist organizations to manage & track worker involvement in benefits programs. These usually encompass insurance, compensation, profit writing & retirement living.

HR managemnt component is a component which assists with covering a great many other HR aspects from request to retirement. This technique files basic demographic & address data, selection, training & development, features & skills management, compensation, planning data & other related activities. Individuals reference management function entails recruitment, placement, evaluation, payment & development of employees belonging to an organization. Previously, businesses used computer based information systems to

produce pay checks & payroll information;

maintain information of employees;

pursue Ability Management

Recruiting online has become one of quite methods employed by HR departments to identify potential individuals for an available position within the organization. Talent Management systems typically include

analyzing personnel consumption within the business;

identifying potential job seekers;

recruiting via company facing entries;

recruiting via online recruiting sites

significant costs are incurred in keeping an sorted out recruitment effort, cross placing in & across standard or industry-specific job planks & preserving a competitive publicity of availabilities has given rise to the introduction of a dedicated Applicant Tracking System or ATS module.

Training modules provide a system for an organization which help to administer & track worker training & development efforts. Learning Management System is a one of its kind product, that allows HR to keep tabs on education, requirements & skills of a worker, & as well as outlining what training courses, books, CDs, web based learning materials can be found to develop their skills. Lessons can be offered in properly given sessions matching to dates along with delegates & training resources being mapped & handled within the same system. A advanced LMS helps professionals to approve training, costs & calendars alongside performance management & appraisal metrics.

Employee Self-Service component helps employees to query HR related data & perform some HR trades over the system. These employees may calculate their attendance from the system without imposing on the HR personnel for just about any information. This module also lets supervisors approve Overtime demands using their company subordinates through this technique without any help of the HR section thus reducing the burden on HR personnel.

Many organizations have absent a step further from the traditional functions & developed individual tool management information systems (HRIS), which support recruitments, options, hirings, job placements, performance appraisals, staff benefit analysis, worker health, safe practices & security, while some others use an outsourced Applicant Monitoring System that encompasses subsets of the aforementioned.

Company Profile

Volkswagen was within the year 1937 by the German Labour Forward. It was then known as "Gesellschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagens mbH", & on 16 th Sept, 1938 it was renamed "Volkswagenwerk GmbH".

Volkswagen AG, internationally represented by 9 brands that are Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Scania, Couch, Skoda, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles & Volkswagen Passenger Autos. Their Product runs lengthen from low-consumption small autos to luxury class vehicles & trucks. Volkswagen functions 60 production crops around the world. They have a total of more than 370, 000 employees which are producing more than 26, 600 vehicles or get excited about vehicle-related services each working day.

Volkswagen is one of the very most successful car brands of Europe & has now also came into the Indian market.

With a huge work force it becomes important to arrange the technique of interaction between the employees & the management. Use of an MIS here would greatly profit Volkswagen by assisting them to discover employee attendance, performance, leave requirements, etc.

On Jan. 16, 1996 SAP, the world's innovator in providing of customer/server business applications, announced that Volkswagen of Mexico got chosen SAP R/3 client/server business applications that was used in the manufacturing unit at Puebla, Mexico.

Implementation of SAP modules in development planning & control, inventory management, warehouse management, flower maintenance & purchase helped support a significant increase in production capacity for the high-volume automotive plant, scheduled to produce several new Volkswagen car models through the past due 1990s.

The Puebla flower presently produces Beetle, Golf, Jetta, Cabrio & Derby models for North American & overseas markets. According to Ideas a vegetable with a capacity greater than 340, 000 vehicles per time was made by 1998 as the center ramped up to produce next-generation Jetta & Concept I models.

Volkswagen applied R/3 solutions in conjunction with the companys individual GEDAS consulting division, which is an official SAP partner which gives MIS alternatives. Over 1, 500 users got usage of the R/3 system, & the Puebla unit installation offered as a test center for more advanced MIS initiatives to help Volkswagen facilities throughout the world.

"Volkswagen of Mexico & GEDAS are dedicated to pursuing the innovative MIS initiatives in the automotive industry, & we want forward to realizing substantial productivity increases as we put into practice R/3 & exp& vegetable capacity, " said Hans Bartels, chief information official of Volkswagen of Mexico & ceo of GEDAS.

Volkswagen picked the SAP over competing products because of R/3's powerful, versatile feature collection, & as well as SAP's know-how on the market & proven determination to the motor vehicle sectors in North America & round the world.

"Volkswagen & GEDAS required a advanced feature establish & features from its program software in order to aid the Puebla extension, " said Raul Vejar, Taking care of Director, SAP, Mexico. "R/3 & SAP will provide VW with settings, features & integration advantages, as well as specific industry experience through our Automotive Industry Middle of Knowledge program. "

Volkswagen of Mexico is backed by SAP's Automotive Industry Middle of Experience (ICOE) program. The program is designed in order to directly address issues which are confronted by the motor vehicle industry from the lowest to the highest degrees of employees.

The program was created to directly talk about the obstacles facing the motor vehicle industry, from the panel room to the shop floor. SAP helps over 375 motor vehicle clients throughout the world, including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Goodyear, Toyota, & Tenneco.


Volkswagen GEDAS THE UNITED STATES was formed Apr 1995 as joint venture of Volkswagen de Mexico, SA de CV & VW-GEDAS mbH, all subsidiaries of Volkswagen. VW-GEDAS mbH is an international consulting company which was shaped in 1983 so as to provide services & products which are related to information systems & business process reengineering.

Their collection of services included outsourcing, systems integration, standard software implementation, custom systems design & development, network planning, help tables & CAD/CAM. For the year 1995, VW-GEDAS mbH expected revenues of $120 million.


SAP provides a flexible, integrated client/server & mainframe structured business applications softwares which are often compatible with the most popular hardwares, softwares & databases platforms. Over 4, 600 companies in 41 countries use SAPs softwares to control complex financial, sales, developing, & human source requirements.

SAP's R/3 consumer/server software is installed in 4, 000 places worldwide & is accepted as the typical in key professional areas such as natural oils, chemicals, consumer packed goods, & high technology/gadgets. Founded in 1972, SAP has its headquarters in Walldorf, Germany & utilizes a labor force of over 6, 600 worldwide.

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