Drawbacks Of E Commerce IT Essay

E-commerce means buying and selling the things or products by using the electronic digital system. Every electric thing or system which we use for selling or buying or use for other goal are called e-commerce. For example,

Internet is most beneficial source of buying and selling the objects, The benefit of e-commerce in this time is very much. For example, You want to buy some cloth and shoes from any shop. You just continue website of store where you need it the towel and shoes. After selection you pay the bill by your debit/credit card. The amount of money automatically transfer from your bank account to shop accounts. This is actually the best and easy way to do shopping. Because you save your time to use this way and purchase new things any day and any time. Whenever we use the online shopping online, then we spend less and time and buy any things.

Drawback of e-commerce is less then when compared with benefit. Because time some shop sites are fraudulent. When we buy anything from any site. And put your own personal information or debit/credit credit card Home elevators the artificial site. Then the hiker use our information and money for dark-colored purpose.

E-commerce makes the business enterprise work super easy and fast. E-commerce is very useful in social activities. For instance, e-commerce make the purchase is extremely fast and easy. Now a day e-commerce is every important role enjoyed in our life. And made our life is super easy and fast. E-commerce is very useful for us it creates our life super easy.

B ) Explain three different type of e-commerce entitle marriage? (P2)

(1) Business to customer

(2) Business to business

(3) Customer to customer

Business to customer:

Business to customer mean a customer need it some item from a small business by using the e-commerce. For instance, We buy some towel from any shop and pay by debit\credit cards.

Business to business:

Business to business is an extremely wide kind of e-commerce. In this kind of e-commerce a great deal of transaction and lots of payment used in it. And different type of business involved in it. For instance, online banking, stocks.

Now per day largely people want to easy way to deposit money and attracted money in standard bank. And for this function they used online banking and pay online and first deposit money by using online machines. And save times by using online banking. And now each day company release the stocks on internet and folks buy these shares by using online bank and pay the business who post the shares.

Many companies doing business with the other person by using e-commerce, such as manufacturers reselling to distributors and wholesalers retailing to retailers. Costs is dependant on quantity and quality of order and it is often to negotiable.

Customer to customer:

In this kind customer to customer some customer want to sell the useable or used items to other folks. There are lots of sites on internet offering free classifieds, auctions and message boards. Where individuals can purchase and sell anything which they want. Mostly people want pay online system by using pay pal. Pay pal is a best company to work with online payment system for anything. Pay pal is a company where people can send and receive money online easily. EBay's auction service is a great exemplory case of customer to customer business. Where we see person-to-person transaction. E bay is the better example of this type of e-commerce.

a) Illustrate the hardware software and marketing technologies involved in E-commerce ? (P3)

In e-commerce hardware and software and networking technology as well included an individual how want to buy and sell something online. They used the various devices and use the internet facility and use the program which is vital for them. For instance, We use the router for networking and use different program to trade something. For example, internet explorer we may utilize this is program and we use the various devices compared to that is hardware, on other end where in fact the user purchasing the items and use the same technology of program, of e-commerce.

Task: 2 (M1)

Explain the potential hazards to organization to investing in E-commerce?

There is lot of risk to do purchase utilizing the e commerce

(1) Security risk

(2) Payment risk

(3) Fulfilment risk

Let we clarify one by one,

Security risk imply to hack the system or someone cheat you or somebody steal your personal data and card information and used these information for dark-colored purpose, this could be very helpful for hiker.

Payment risk indicate when the payment is done over the internet by customer but the item could not be finding by customer this is called the payment risk this type of risk could be minimise by use the 3rd party like e bay. When the 3rd party involve then third party is accountable for any misshape.

Fulfilment risk imply some trade in your mind about other party you do not sure about other get together what they consider your business or group that kind of risk are normal in every business that risk can be minimise by adding trust on others.

TASK: 3 (D1)

Evaluate the use of E-commerce in "brick and click" group that balances E-commerce with the continuing high street occurrence?

The "bricks and clicks" model is when a string of stores allows an individual to order and booked the merchandise online, but allows them grab their order at an area store. On the other hand, a furniture store may have displays at an area store that a customer can order something electronically or use internet for delivery with their home.

The "bricks and clicks" model has typically been used by traditional retailers who've extensive logistics and supply chains. Area of the reason for its success is that it is in an easier way for a normal retailer to determine an online existence than it is for a start-up company to employ a successful natural "dot com" strategy, or for a web based retailer to establish a traditional presence.

In simple world we explain the brick and click is:

A great deal of branches of the company that is brick if you do business online that is called click.

Task: 4 (D2)

Justify the decision of security techniques used to safeguard an e-commerce system?

Electronic Business (EC) has allowed the organizations to enhance their sociable and economic expansion, reduce the barriers of market accessibility, improve the performance and efficiency of e-commerce, keep the inventories small, and reduce the costs (Hof and Hamm, 2002). Research proved that e-commerce (EC) will continue to grow and this e-commerce will change all sorts of business and it will change the online and offline systems. If you wish to achieve the most gain, when businesses need to construct security issues into their EC sites (Gartner Group, 2005). Many security experts believe Intrusion to Recognition Systems (IDS) and applying firewalls alone are not sufficient to find the security. Security is a remains process and it requires to be dealt with over the computer network system, the net number system and the application system.

Recent searches show that the amounts of split computer breaches of e-commerce (EC) applications have grown continual and the application system is a regular point of assault by intruders in recent some years. Just lately seen the magnitude of real and potential loss, there's a need to promote a organized and new framework to address the security issues in web-based EC applications. Although some colleges have either began to promote their catalogs by growing the security issues related classes or to assimilate the relevant security content in to the technical courses in their IS degree programs, little has been done to emphasize the security within e-commerce (EC) program design courses offered by the universities. Nowadays some universities publish the catalogs, assemble the security classes and promote the new security techniques. Plus the security issues aren't more generate.

Different types of security techniques use companies. Some companies to communicate people toward there item they put the backup right qualification on site and firewall security techniques also use by companies. For instance: e-bay use the pay pal for security plus they update the program that they use for security goal it could be simpler to make the e-commerce safe, fast and easy. Security techniques are incredibly important in the e-commence. Because people do not do trusty on imitation sites especially in repayment subject. Mostly people used pay pal for buying something.

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