Examining Google Electronic Medical Details Information Technology Essay

A1) Google electric medical files are a concept based how the patients can store their medical information electronically (Plunkett, 2008). All over the world, there are many patients who visit to hospitals when they are ill. It's important to allow them to maintain their medical documents. So, if we count up each patients trip to a healthcare facility for annually, it might be a big number. In such circumstance, is problematic for the patient to maintain all medical information. So, Yahoo has think of a new job with all new features that help the patients to keep their medical details. Yahoo has given a name to this task as Google Health. This Google Health means current medical record storage area system. Google's medical record system provides a feature where in fact the patients can enter in their medical data. These medical details are stored in a very secure place known as repository. The repository is provided with the best security, where it can be accessed only by the health treatment providers. Doctors are asked to give their guidelines and send relevant information to the medical data joined by the patients. This system is developed with many features. The features include health profiles for medication, reminder announcements for prescription refills, reminder communications for the doctor appointments, directories for doctors. The features likewise incorporate the assistance for patients to type in their medical details, get tips from the doctors and personal health advices. The main goal for producing this medical system is to make patients files easily accessible, more complete to streamline recordkeeping (Laudon, Laudon, & C. , 2008).

2. What are the problems with America's current medical recordkeeping system? How would electronic medical records reduce these problems?

A2) American current medical recordkeeping system has subsequent problems -

It is difficult to keep paper founded medical record by patients, as they frequently visit to a healthcare facility. The existing record system is difficult to gain access to. The process of being able to access the details is time consuming for both patients and doctors. In certain medical emergencies, time is the most significant factor. In such situations, usage of the records becomes difficult. There are security issues related to storage area and retrieval of the medical documents. As the medical records are highly private, any theft or unauthorized usage of it can create moral and legalities. The medical details entered by the patients should be provided with the appropriate security or else the info can be monitored by the internet thefts. So, it is always important to provide security to the data or the medical record of the patients being stored online. Other problem, with the existing system is that the medical data are not seen from multiple locations. If the patient needs to get transferred to a hospital across places, then he needs to bring his medical documents. The solution to the problem, as explained in next paragraph, is to change to electronic digital.

Following features of Electronic medical files will ease these problems -

Google has developed something called Google Health, which is designed with an objective of holding the medical records. The main purpose for developing this system is to make patients medical data easily accessible. The system is developed with the best features that allow the patients to easily enter in their medical details. This system is developed to benefit patients in storing their medical information. Google is one of the better companies with an ardent mission to bring up online innovations. The mission is to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. This means, the information that has been collected from around the globe should be produced accessible and useful. The best way is to change to electronic digital health records, which means saving all patients medical documents electronically (Carter, 2008). This conversion to electronic digital health data stands to provide essential firm and efficiency to the professional medical industry, which is the sole largest segment of America's Gross Domestic Product. Following the discussions between your individuals and the privacy advocates, they made this digital medical health data to be stored in such a way that decreases the likelihood of privateness invasion (Laudon, Laudon, & C. , 2008).

3. What management, business, and technology factors are most significant to the creation and development of electronic medical records?

A3) Producing the digital medical documents is not necessary but the most important thing is to maintain the medical records. The health care system is developed with the best features where in patients can type in his or hers medical information (Willis, 2008).

There are some factors to which the management is dependable. The management is solely responsible for retaining each medical record came into by each patient. The management looks after the security provided for the information. The managements work is to look the way the documents are being handled by the servers. Also, the privateness combined with the security, the electronic data stored online is referenced by many users in a number of fields according with their requirement. Aside from this, the management must also control their employee's obligations. The employee's will be the people who work to perform company's responsibilities.

There are some factors to that your organization is responsible. The medical files moved into by patients are stored in the databases that happen to be monitored by different organizations. These organizations must organise the databases in such a way that the medical details should be stored carefully and permanently. These medical data are being used by the patients for future retrievals. The organization is also responsible for updating the medical details of the patients and makes them accessible to the users with no trouble. They should also have the ability to manage, the functions performed by the users.

Also, there are a few more factors in which the technology can play a major role. The technology that is utilized and integrated should enhance security of the medical documents somewhat than making the patients concerned about their information. The technology that is employed should be able to store the data or information to the database without missing any data and also get the mandatory data where and when required (Laudon, Laudon, & C. , 2008).

4. What exactly are the professionals and cons of electronic patient records? Do you think the concerns over digitizing our medical information are valid? Why or why not?

A4). Following are the few benefits to the electronic patient data

It is simpler to create, store and get the info. As all records are stored in solitary database been able by an individual company, the expertise can develop at the providers end. The information on electronic patient files can be reached from anywhere across the world. When holding the medical records of the patients online, concerned databases allow some users to see the records and discover solution to their medical problems. Even the doctors can view the guidelines distributed by other specialist doctors and can find out more about the medication. As all the medical information are stored electronically, the users can make changes with their records and retrieve the required details from any system simply by making use of the internet.

Following are the few Negative aspects to the digital patient records

The primary issue with electronic medical information is the data theft or ensuring that the security of the information is not jeopardized. The medical record can be either newspaper based or managed electronically. In both instances, the medical data need security. The security to branded records is a normal and proven process while the security process for the electric records is not established so far. The security is provided to the medical records stored electronically by using some best solutions. Sooner or later, these technologies provide limited security to the medical records. There were many cases recently when the non-public data of the user was jeopardized with. As there is only one single service agency of online medical records, it can also mean a single point of inability. If such something should be established, it requires to be done with multiple players.

Are concerns over digitizing medical documents valid? Why or you will want to?

Digitizing means holding or safeguarding the medical details online electronically by using some types of electric gadgets. The idea of digitizing is to help make the medical documents accessible from the world any time. This concept is beneficial for the users as they can view their documents where so when necessary. Sometimes, it may not be good to use this idea, if the security for the medical records is not good as this may lead to the track the medical information of several patients (Laudon, Laudon, & C. , 2008). If almost any emergency medical problem develops during the access to the medical details then it can become a critical concern as it means that someone's life reaches stake (Baren, 2007).

5. Should people entrust Google with their electronic medical documents? Why or why not?

A5) Google is rolling out amazing job where it organises all the medical information of the folks and make them available to the users when it's necessary. The Yahoo has named the task as Google Medical. From the name itself anyone can guess what the concept is all about. We can entrust Google using their electronic medical records as it benefits the users or the patients in many different ways. With this technique the patients can enter into their medical information, make changes to the records, and get the medical files when necessary. The patients can get and gain access to the medical record from all over the world. This is because of digitizing. Digitizing means the medical information that are inserted by the patients are stored electronically. The medical records stored in this way need a high security because they are chances for the medical data to be looked at by some other users. So, for this sake it is always essential to provide high and best security for the medical documents being stored electronically. Yahoo has provided this security service. Sometimes we might not exactly entrust on Yahoo with its electric medical records. It is because the security reason. As the medical details entered online are stored in directories these require high security. These directories are handled by different organizations. The directories used should be adequate reliable to store the entered medical details, make changes to the medical data and get the medical records when required by the patients. When the database struggles to revise the medical files moved into by the patients, it may cause a problem when the individual tries to get that medical record (Laudon, Laudon, & C. , 2008). The idea of digitizing medical records are valid only when the security provided for the medical files is at the best range in comparison with other security features and must be checked by the organizations sometimes (Tanner, 2007).

6. If you were responsible for designing an electronic medical recordkeeping system, what are some features you would include? What are features you'll avoid?

A6) Concept of maintain medical files is useful to the users. It really is a concept produced by the one of the best and biggest companies Google. This idea of Google is principally about supporting users in keeping their medical details safely and access to their medical details when required by them. It offers the users to get into their medical information which is often utilized by the doctors and present relevant tips to the patients. There are some problems with this idea that were experienced by the users. So, as a solution to these problems was to change to electronic. Which means that all the documents are taken care of electronically where each customer will get unique username and passwords. If, I am necessary to design an electric medical record keeping system, I would include all the required necessary features that will profit the users of the system. I'd also like used technologies which provide the best and high security for the medical information came into by the patients (Grady, 2007). I'd provide cool features like providing usage of the medical files for the patients, organise each health office separately. I'd maintain each patient's files separately in a proper organised manner, provide access to the information when required by different departments. Provide with best databases that can store, change and get the medical information came into by the patients. Organise all diseases and allergies based on the type which helps the patients to find the required information that they are looking for. Provide with a search text message for finding the exact solution, provide with lists of doctors of different team their timings of supply. And also give a text box named as queries where the patients can query and look for the tips, immediate response and guidelines to the patients. The things which I would like to avoid are less gain access to speed which uses patient's time, bad or inadequate security. Also, would avoid access to medical data by unauthorised users, would avoid directories that are not reliable. Also, avoid limited usage of the medical details, would avoid late responses to the queries or tips put by the patients (Laudon, Laudon, & C. , 2008).

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