How Computer Revolution Affected THE ORGANIZATION World IT Essay

The rapid progress of technology has affected the planet and because the trend of computer it has bought changes to the organization world as it offers made it more convenient and possible for the employees to work on and made them more dependent on the pcs because due to the rapid growth increasingly more organizations are adapting the technology, This paper check out the for and against the utilization of computer systems in corporate and business world.

The main reason of this paper is that it will include how it affects the organizations and the employees and also about its benefits and drawbacks and analysis the reason why how it is becoming so popular and a need in life of the corporate world, saying how it impact the companies and exactly how helpful it is to the business world and aware the end-users about the negative aspects and pros of it even the level of privacy issues of the business plus they could convert their newspaper data to digital data which is a lot far more convenient and simple to operate for the employees to get into the data and search for it with the keyword, whether is it safe for the organizations as well as the up gradation of the pcs and the way the history of personal computers.

The conclusions would be how it has affected the business and whether or not it is safe and ideal for the companies to adjust it as well as the paper will also suggest the problems the business will face and solutions for it. This paper will focus the use of new technology and the impact of computer in the workplace. Specifically, I'd be concentrating on it, its execution, its drawbacks, and its future.


Since the computer systems are the most reliable and easy way for folks to work it is getting used all over homes, organizations, nursing homes, businesses, etc. Day by day the computer technology is increasing and getting advanced about how to make it simpler and convenient for the visitors to focus on it and get the most out its advantages.

Also the immediate technological growth around the world is increasing and pcs are becoming necessary for everybody, even the business organization need to keep up with the technology and the technology, plus they need to conform the use of computer, and how it helps the organization in their daily work and their workers, what are advantages and disadvantages of it, how it have an effect on the working manner of the company, also how technology influence the corporate world and the business world, because the nanotechnology is overtaking.

The Commercial world is big and they need to keep documents of the clients or their charges which is not easy keeping it as personally and yes it is very frustrating, which explains why computer helps them because pcs are considerably faster and efficient.

The Folks have become more dependent on the technology and the now working without a computer or carrying it out has been a pen or newspaper is named "Old fashion way ", that how it is defined nowadays, the computers has made individuals lazy, and the way the computers has afflicted the companies relationship with the international firms and their clients all around the world and providing them with their services.

Computers takes on an important role in our daily lives that assist us to do our work more effectively and less time and in corporate world it takes on an important role because because of the technology

Ethics performs an important role in it too because the company can convince their new clients about how precisely their business is going and what are their insurance policy of work.

1. Demonstration of the issue

1. 1 How computer systems affected the planet.

The computer has evolved the world in many various ways and in all areas for example E-mail rather than post offices, it has helped the corporates in many different ways, in education all the task can be carried out onto it, etc. there are so many places the computer has influenced the globe and individuals the computer has advantages and disadvantages, the computer is now being used all around the world and it is getting wider and wider credited to new technology progress now you can also order your food online for example in India you can order Mc Donald's and Dominos. The computer is currently a necessity on the planet due to scientific development nowadays the computers have been a great deal advanced that now occasionally they are being substituted with robots. Every week there is a new invention in the computer world because people are coming up with their improvements and their ideas, people round the world can communicate with their relatives and buddies, etc.

1. 2 How computer has influence the work environment.

The computer has made the people's work more easily and time keeping the computer has afflicted the workplace in many difference places like call reception nowadays almost every business has a computerized phone- system for responding to incoming calls. Messages have been so popular since it's been introduced before decade and in a few organization, it is the verified as approach to communication. Archiving can be an important part in a group because it is the filing and recording of documents that can now be utilized with pcs and scanners. Rather than writing it on a paper or punching and stapling after that it submitting it in a case in row-upon-row of space-hogging instead of all that effort it is now able to be recorded with the help of scanner and saved into a central computer or server for future research. The computer has damaged the firms and companies now they can save money and time due to computer systems as they can make video conferencing so that they don't have to travel and spend your time for this.

The I. T backdrop of the problem.

First Computer ever before made

The computer was first created by IBM in 1946 which was named Tag 1 that was used to execute artillery firing calculations then The first pc was the Altair 8800, which quickly came out on the landscape in 1975. Two years later, the Apple II was created this machine made it a revolution to the entire world but down the road In 1981, IBM presented their PC, remember of their recently focused, their efforts on developing mainframe business computer systems. Including the Intel microprocessor, the IBM Computer place their standard of quality of the computer world which was then used in top organizations as for the reason that time period pcs where expensive and some of the organizations couldn't manage a pc.

The computer revolution affected the organization world in da 19th century as it was affordable for people and it was easy and user friendly it was more convenient to with the business so that they could make data and make the use from it by the 20th century the use of computer has rapid expansion in it and it has become less costly and almost the majority of the organizations can afford it now and can use it, it is simpler to work it and folks have become more dependent on it as it is lot more convenient for the employees to work looked after time conserving the organizations can cut costs with it and can make more revenue as they can organised video conferences of their firms and working place rather than travelling and can also be in touch with the other organizations through e-mail instead of post offices which takes a lot of time the good thing about an email is that you can obtain it anywhere and can read it anywhere even if you're not home, this is how the computer trend affected the organization world

2. 2 Business in Technology

1To make the decision to follow a electronic world solution creates some issues related to management, instructional designers, IT personnel, and the designers of exclusive worlds themselves.

2The advantages of digital worlds are well recorded in articles in trade

magazines, personal blogs, and vendor sites. The purpose is never to duplicate

the documents. Instead, of showing lots of management

considerations that keep on the business enterprise value and potential go back on

enterprise adoption of virtual worlds as a place for learning.

Every new technological medium runs into common hurdles as well as unique obstacles to its adoption. But attitudes change when it's proved that the value or competitive gain is achieved. The worthiness of virtual-world technology will evolve as business models continue to become more intensely collaborative internally, externally, and globally

3. The impact of the problem.

3. 1 Benefits of the issue

3Since the new technology has been in demand and injected in workplaces at an exponentially increasing rate over the last few decades. A lot of the Organizations think that new technology is the mean to improve the organizations/firms profit margins also to stay competitive in the speedily evolving market, and new technology have become open to facilitate to work with and dissemination. It has been led to an ever broadening and developing field of IT developments in It has developed to an increasingly mobile workforce were there is no longer deskwork in order in which to stay the info loop. We are able to take our office around wherever we go. Cell phones allow us to be to maintain touch/contact with the business or work area or everywhere. Blackberries and Ultra-mobile PCs permit has advanced in technology that it can why don't we gain access to e-mail and other data products at an array of locations. The innovation of new solutions has given businesses to gain access to and also have faster communication; it has additionally increased efficiencies, and the flexibility and potential to work from the office. Fast increasing in technology has exposed gates of opportunities for organizations/firms and employees willing to explore non-traditional work preparations. Because of modern working system is based a lot upon computers and modern technology in all types of areas as everyone throughout the world has come to know. It was not long ago that people were

Complaining about computers or machines taking over the labor force over from humans and executing not only the jobs but better still quality. The growths of new technologies are being used in businesses which is showing no sign of decreasing and slowing down. Some examples of technology presently in development for commercial use are wearable processing, metropolitan areas and region-wide Wi-Fi(wi-fi internet), and nanotechnology. Microsoft and IBM will work on a cooperation technology that will allow virtual conferences where employees can teleconference on the computer displays, while creating or changing documents and product designs using a "virtual whiteboard". These systems and a great many other more, including all the new technology to come advances, and it'll continue to contribute to an increasingly far better and easier mobile labor force.

3. 2 Benefits and drawbacks of technology in businesses.

5Technology is an integral part of all businesses today. Actually, it might be difficult to assume a business without technological connections. Here are some of the techniques technology effects communication in business

Phone systems and email are essential and important for communication with clients, customers, and even fellow employees. Remember before when, you'd to get right up and walk over the hall to share a co-worker something? Today, everyone running a business has some type of computer therefore you email the individual across the hall. I believe the positive effect on business is that this is much quicker form of communication. In the end, if you see the person face-to-face you merely might talk about something rather discussing business in the email. Within the negative aspect, the impact of substituting technical communication for in-person communication does indeed make us less interactive and sociable and have a tendency to isolate us and it offers made us occupied and sluggish.

7The Internet is without doubt an effective and less time consuming scientific development for business communication. Marketing initiatives in particular that is affected by the advancements of the internet. Companies are communicating more effectively with a wider audience, thus increasing their chances to attain customers beyond their local paper and also to make their brand recognized to a bigger audience and also the most popular Google it is one of the very best most search engine you get everything on it for example if a company wants details on their competitors they will get all the mandatory information it.

8Technology has modified the dynamics of how the business is conducted and has also influenced the ways people communicate with one another. This is also true because the Internet has been built-into the work place.

9The potential to web page link information systems has changed the business environment to the global environment. This capability is very powerful & most businesses have determined how to funnel this ability and make use of it to gain a competitive benefit.

As a result some issues have arisen that businesses must pay close attention to. The integration of technology into business has impacted areas such as variety, ethics and organizational structure.

Here are some ways these three areas have been influenced by technology


Technology that is rolling out such as e-mail, instant messaging, and online conferencing have increased used and this affects the way people interact with each other. Today's specialists often communicate internationally and far outside their local borders; this is all possible thanks to technology.

The global atmosphere is currently presented with home based business opportunities, such as outsourcing, making international business discounts, revealing themselves to a larger customer foundation and employees do not actually need to reside in the same country as their bosses!


Ethics is another main area that has been influenced by technology. As increasingly more technology is assimilated into workplaces, new honest challenges have surfaced that both employers and employees must face.

Business processes are primarily linked to information systems and various other varieties of technology, and people using automation must act responsibly with the info they transmit within their daily responsibilities.

3. 2. 2 Synopsis of the problem

12Businesses are ever more inventing and utilizing new ways to make use of technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness with their communication. The extreme caution for this issue is the fact that businesses need to make certain to analyze enough time kept with the execution of each new technology and the customers, clients reached in order to ensure that the technology is actually beneficial to the business enterprise. When there is a power failure or the server is down or any issue the employees will not be able to work because they are reliant on the technology and computers they can't work without it.

4. Answers to the problem arising from the problem.

4. 1 The perfect solution is for the situation.

The problems which are arising due to the issues concerning is the fact the business should keep an eye on the employees and to check the server log regularly, the technology has both factors good part and a terrible side the good thing about is the fact the business enterprise and work is performed more quicker with the aid of the computer the answer, security should be there on the employees to see what there working on. The company must have code of do in the organization/organization. There should be Training for the employees in which they can learn and benefit the company, they must have a policy that there also needs to work by hand without the utilization of technology.

4. 2 View from the public and organizations.

Publics Point of view: The banks should do a few of the work manually which is often done without the using of technology, because some of quite work gets hold and the organizations supply the excuse that the server is down or the server is not working. One the bankers started a fresh service to help the environment and to save paper by mailing as E-statement rather than paper assertion which we obtain on a monthly basis through postal.

Organizations judgment: Technology has helped us in a wide variety of areas like communication between other organizations and group local and globally, instead of going to them and spend your time and profit travelling one location to another and we've our 24/7 online internet service which is perfect for the public to access and for customer support help. We're facing more competition since there may be Tele-marketing and e-commerce since it is more easy and convenient but there are definitely more chances to be successful in it, if you know what the requirements and exactly how to set up you're work.

5. Final result and unanswered questions arising from this investigation

5. 1 Conclusion

After doing the research and reaching up with the organization heads the final outcome is that the utilization of computer systems has affected the organization world and also they are issues to but everything cannot be perfect, almost all is that they have made the organization world more handily easy and effective for the employees and customers so that they don't need to make too much work and they can do most of their following that home's.

In the organization world there's a lot of data saving work therefore the pcs help them update it which is easier to find a customer's record and save time instead of writing it physically and processing it.

The companies also use computer systems for video recording conferencing with different businesses or their other branches or headquarter in other countries; they say it saves money and visiting time, so the process of the task can be fast and gratify their customers, pcs has made over work far more convenient and easy.

As I said before that everything is not perfect there's also problems that if the server is down or if which power inability etc. then the company performing gets annoyed or the employees won't be in a position to do their work, therefore the company should have to teach the employees to work without computer or have a back up if any of this issues happens.

Computers play important role in the organization world in their daily work and personal computers are important atlanta divorce attorneys organization.

5. 2 unanswered questions due to this investigation

Since the utilization of computer is a necessity, usually people are lost that are computer useful or would it affects the company in a great way, or an undesirable way, for example the company has to spend money in order to buy pcs so that it should affect the companies working manner yet another expense the company faces is the monitoring of the employees which the company should retain the services of trust worthwhile and hardworking employees.

The corporate world using computers is very effective way and really easy which can only help them to achieve more and can help them in keeping details and to satisfy their clients that your way they'll provide these services and help and get to know their needs and want by staying in touch with them through e-mails which will benefit them in several ways.

The Community also should understand that the bank sometimes don't make imitation excuses which is bound to be true, rarely the server gets down scheduled to some specialized issues, maybe the lender should also make sure they are recognize that, maybe sometimes some employees do say just because they don't want to work or their fatigued, but this usually doesn't happen all the time.

Then there is "is the Computer safe for personal financial details" in my own view it is unless it has a secure connection and also it should have a solid firewall or the bit of the encrypted data.

It also answers the ethical issues of related to the situation is that the company should be able to convince their clients and there plan should be clear that when the customers join the company they must be convinced

There is no doubt that the computer is a necessity but it should be used with ethics that may benefit the employee and the business enterprise which will not create issues, the reason why computers has influenced the corporate world is the fact that it includes made the business enterprise and the business to work more effectively and less time consuming and more user-friendly which can only help the employees work more easy and more qualitative work which will benefit the business and help those to motivate which is also to help to keep up with the companies billing and clients files, which is easier and also the company should have a rear of it and it should be confidential.

This section of subject is huge and there are so many manner in which the computer has afflicted the corporate world which has benefited the corporates. Computer has helped in communication part too like emails, tele-conferencing, etc.

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