Shielding Network Cords And Wifi Communication Systems Information Technology Essay

Security workers offer an important service in taking care of the security of organisation and the system which important data is stored. Beyond working time the security employees of the business should monitor a number of safety systems as well as monitoring the building and its own environment. The security personnel will help reduce fraud.

Shielding Network Cords and Wireless communication systems

Data which is transmitted using electromagnetic or radio transmission is open to being remotely monitored. The signals travelling along a copper data cable tv provides a magnetic field. This is analysed to discover what data is exploring along the series. To protect faith the devices which can sign up for a wireless system have to be pre configures so that the wireless system will not allow some other devices to join the system.

Port Lockdown

The bank or investment company can tighten up security by slot lockdown. One type of interface lockdown is a wall structure socket into which the computers network wire connects. If the slot is inactive then port lockdown should take place in the central communications room. This can be done by accessing the move and disabling the interface or unplugging the cable television from the contrary end of the cable connection resulting in the port. This process will prevent additional devices from subscribing to the machine.

Lock and Key

All the rooms in the bank should be locked if not used. This may prevent thieves joining the bank and stealing equipment or important data. The individual who is responsible for security in the lender should only keep carefully the keys.

Equipment Identification

Equipment id helps avoidance as well as id of taken property. Equipment which is proclaimed acts as a deterrent in most of thefts. So for example all machines must have a label, which declares it belongs to the bank.


CCTV means closed circuit television set. CCTV monitoring reduces crime and the CCTV can even be used in court docket as evidence showing that a certain person is at a certain place during the crime was devoted.

CCTV is used to

Monitoring general population areas: to detect incidents

Recording occurrences: for use as evidence

Directed surveillance: of suspected offenders.

Staff and Visitor identification

The bank must have a system that will identify employees and site visitors, this system will offer immediate authority for many who should be there, so that know unknown people should be there. Identification credit cards should be worn constantly so that security officials know that the have right of entrance. In many organisations, identification cards are being used also as a key, so that people can swipe directly into certain rooms.

Identification card can be part of an individual database where the database will save you photographic recognition from a personnel record. All guests should hold a visitor forward around with them. Tourists should be escorted from entry to exit.

Access control Systems (Sign in/out)

Access control systems should be used in the bank. This system uses swipe cards instead of using keys to gain access to some elements of the building. There are plenty of benefits of using an Access control systems

The system will log when someone has inserted the room so when someone has exited the room.

Monitor time keeping for example if employees are late

The swipe credit cards will be programmed so that only certain people can get into certain rooms.

Only staffs who just work at the lender will be gained access to rooms.


Recommend improvements to a organisation's operational security


Justify suggested advancements to the operational security of the organisation

I will recommend advancements to my given organization operational security. I am also going to explain what sort of company could improves it's operational security. I am also going to justify totally the improvements that I have recommended on the previous criteria.


Many organisations operate a variety of insurance policies in the management security. All sorts of policies are created to ensure that all employees, departments and customers follow a common basic principle that will ensure their welfare as well as that of the machine. Below I've discussed a few policies the bank can use to boost its operational security.

Budget Setting

Budget settings and management money take place as a way to ensure the organisational systems security is taken care of at an acceptable level. Security is not free and requires continuous investments to maintain control. To budget each year the bank should consider the next

Software Licensing

Staff Wages

Cost of every audit

Replacements of equipments

Training of staff

Justification of Budget Setting

A budget setting should be carried out in the lender because this can help the payroll office and human learning resource department work out how much personnel will be paid annually. The human source department may also be able to workout how much you will be charged to train staffs in the bank. Budget environment is important because this can help ensure that the organisational systems security is kept well at a sensible amount.

Disaster Restoration Plan

Every Business or organisation needs a in physical form powerful plan. A disaster recovery is something which no one would like to go through however everyone needs a plan. Disaster recovery is the ability to continue work after any number of disastrous problems, which range from a trojan or hacker assault to a natural catastrophe such as flood, fire or real human error.

Having a disaster recovery plan in place takes a little time and effort. A tragedy recovery plan details what activities should be taken in the function of a natural disaster or people based disaster which may fall by using an organisation. Disasters may include natural disasters, ability failure, equipment failure and loss of key staff.

In order to have a disaster healing process means that an organisations network management will need clear policies set up in case there is disasters such as fireplace or overflow, severe failing and lack of internet connection. The insurance policy may entail using alternative systems, relocation strategies or ensuring the info is safe.

Under the 'Data Security Acts of 1984, 1988, 2000' the lender must keep all data secure. So therefore if a tragedy is too happen the bank must keep a disaster recovery plan before hand. Also the bank must backup all data of customers.

Justification of Devastation Recovery

Disaster recovery plan is important and is essential because the disaster recovery plan will feature what actions should be taken in case of natural devastation or human established disaster. Also under the info Protection Act, the bank must always keep customer data confidential. So therefore just in case there is a disaster, the lender must have a plan. The network management will need policies in place in case there is disasters.

Security Audits

Security audits of physical and networked systems need to occur at regular intervals. These are often undertaken without informing the employees of the organizations to show authentic effectiveness of the systems. If regular audits are performed then the IT tech support team team will know if all staffs follow the company's policy.

Justification of Security Audits

The reason why I have chosen Security Audits to improve operational security is basically because; security audits can help the bank demonstrate authentic success of the systems. If security audits are performed then your Facilities office will know if all the staff are doing their work properly and also check if all staffs are trustworthy. Security audits are often performed without informing staff in order to check all personnel are reliable. Undertaken security audits will always help the banking companies functional security.

System logs

All staffs that use personal computers in an company should be logged so that if indeed they go to any incorrect websites it'll be logged and evaluated at a later time. System log data files may also show users any changes that are made to the computer such as any devices being improved and any occurrences that happen. If staffs are logged then staffs will know they can not go to any unacceptable websites because if they do, the IT technological staff can see.

System log can help the bank to boost its operational security because, system log will always contain information about devices being altered and any unacceptable activities taking place.

Justification of System Logs

System logs will improve the banks functional security because while staffs are employing the computer systems everything will be logged. The reason behind this is to check on if any staffs are visiting improper websites. While staffs are on the computer everything will be logged and researched at a later time. System will not only log which kind of websites you have frequented it also logs when there is any device changes, device individuals and system changes.

Codes of Conduct

Many employees, customers and suppliers may use an company computer system. To allow them complete freedom which is not suggested, creating rules of conducts are important. Codes of conduct are signed by the people who need usage of the system places the responsibility in it. Many organisations operate rules of carry out.

Codes of carry out will help employees in the bank know the privileges to the machine. This can help prevent unauthorised users accessing the system. Rules of do should be researched by the administrator undertaking a gathering with each individual.

Justification of Codes of Conduct

Codes of do will help the banks functional security because all staff will know very well what they are allowed to do and who can have access to the system. Codes of do are agreed upon when staffs have began working new at the bank. But also codes of do will be examined. While rules of carry out are being reviewed, responsibilities and privileges may be changed. This can help the working process of the bank.

Procedures and Escalation Procedures

The term Procedures means that we now have specific methods used to express insurance policies in action in day-to-day operations of the business. Both, procedures and procedures ensure that a spot of view presented by the managing office of a business is taken in steps that cause an outcome appropriate for that judgment. The procedures report how changes are made, including talking about what changes are occurring and back out and testing strategies.

An example of when a method and escalation technique would happen is when for example, some type of computer in the bank is no longer working properly. The staff should immediately notify the manger or responsibility manager support of this because the computer might be needed later on. The supervisor or duty manager should then notify someone from the facilities section. Then someone from the facilities section should attempt to fix the computer. However if the computer can't be repaired then your facilities department should then send the computer to the maker.

All strategies and escalation strategies should be evidently stated and clarify to all staff so that if anything does indeed eventually the banking companies equipment then they know who should be informed and how it will be set. If all methods are clearly stated then there will never be confusion about how everything should be monitored. All types of procedures and escalation strategies could be explained in personnel handout books or could be explained during a reaching.

Justification of strategies and Escalation Procedures

Procedures and escalation strategies must be clearly stated which could be explained through meetings. The reason why I believe this may be stated through a meeting is because then all the staffs will be gathered and a debate will be occurring.

If a meeting is occurring then staffs will really know what to do if particular accessories in the lender are not working. If all techniques are clearly explained then you will see no bafflement when something happens at the lender. Another way the bank could list its strategies are in staff handout catalogs. If procedures are written in personnel handout books then staff can view it when ever they need.

Health and Safety

Employees in the bank should always follow the 'Health and Basic safety at Work Act 1974'. This function protects staff against dangers to health and safety while at the job. This act makes certain that all workers are in a safe and useful environment. The director of the lender should train employees is what's required by the legislation and how to safeguard themselves.

The health insurance and safety expects staff to keep customers safe when they attend the bank. For example when the employees want to talk to the customer, so when the customer approaches the pcs, staff should let customers know that no drink and food are allowed next to the pcs because this may cause a major accident or an electric shot.

Staff ought to know that all computer systems wires and cables must be tucked in so that know one comes and hurts themselves. Also personnel should make sure that their workstation is not cramped up. One important process employees should follow is, not to have any food or drink at their workstations. The director of the bank should also make sure that workers take a break for 10minutes after each continuous 60minutes of computer work.

The supervisor of the bank should let personnel know about each one of these procedures. The administrator could do that by keeping a team reaching where she or he explains the health and safety work and how employees should prevent a major accident from occurring and also how to safeguard themselves while at the job. Also another way for staff to know about medical and Safety Work is putting posters in the staffroom.

Justification of Health and Safety

Placing posters regarding the health and safe practices act will help workers know how to prevent an accident taking place. And yes it will help users appreciate that they need to follow certain procedures. A team appointment will be better because the manager will explain medical and safety work better than a poster will. But when a poster is hung up on the wall membrane the staff can make reference to it every time they want, where much like a worker giving a talk about health basic safety, staff will most likely not remember everything that was explained.

If discussions, conferences and posters are manufactured then personnel will know more about medical and safety act which will also increase the staff's awareness of health and basic safety.

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