The Cloud Processing Assignment

With the development of Computer and internet software technology, there is a long term lifetime of a fresh trend likely to continue, which is the so-called Cloud Computing. (Hu, L et al, 2009)

Boss et al. (2007, p. 4) claim that "a Cloud is a pool of virtualized computer resources". (Weinhardt, C et al, 2008)

This newspaper will briefly check out the explanations of cloud computing and its own service models, and presents a cloud processing service by Yahoo for education and colleges with its benefits.


Boss et al. (2007, p. 4), argue that "a Cloud is a pool of virtualized computer resources".

They consider clouds to check grid surroundings by aiding the management of grid resources. Specifically, according to the definition, clouds permit the strong scale-in and scale -out of applications by the provisioning and de-provisioning of resources. (Weinhardt, C et al, 2008)

The U. S. National Institute of Benchmarks and Technology (NIST) defines cloud processing as " a model for enabling convenient and on-demand network access to a distributed pool of configurable computing resources such as systems, servers, safe-keeping, applications and services that can be swiftly provisioned and released with minimal management work or service provider relationship".

Wikipedia website defines cloud computing as "an Internet based computing, whereby distributed resources, software and information are given to computers and other devices on demand, just like a public electricity".

http://upload. wikimedia. org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b5/Cloud_processing. svg/300px-Cloud_computing. svg. png

In cloud computing environment, applications and the storage of data are significantly different.

Applications and data are managed to the "Cloud" no longer jogging or kept on the personal personal computers. The cloud is developed by a assortment of servers and personal computers and viewing the data and using the applications are done via the Internet. Cloud computing allows the users to access the applications and information from any computer linked to the web from anywhere across the world. This makes the remote collaboration easier for the users.

Although cloud computing brings a great flexibility and ease of use for the users, but the security and safety of the applications and information is a major matter which must be considered and be prepared to solve any issues that may occur when turning to cloud processing as web-based data and applications have potential security hazards. (Hu, L et al, 2009)

What Comprises Cloud Processing?

According to the definition of cloud computing by the U. S. Country wide Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) which mentioned earlier in this paper, cloud processing promotes availability and is also comprised by five essential characteristics, three cloud service models, and four cloud deployment models. (See Physique 2)

Essential Characteristics

Service Models

Deployment Models

The service models comprise; cloud software as a service (SaaS), cloud program as something (PaaS) and cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS)

The users are able to use the provider's applications working on the cloud infrastructure. Users can gain access to the applications from different customer devices with a client program such as web browsers. (For example, yahoo email which is web-based). The application providers manage and control the primary cloud infrastructure including safe-keeping, operating systems and systems. This service model usually put restriction on construction of the applications by users.

Cloud Platform as something (PaaS)

The users are capable of deploying onto the cloud infrastructure consumer-created or acquired applications created by using programming languages and tools which can be reinforced by the providers. Like (SaaS) the users don not control or control the underlying cloud infrastructure including storage area, os's and network however they have control on deployed applications and perhaps have the ability to configure the applications.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The users are provided with the ability of provision handling, storage, and sites and able to deploy and run arbitrary software including operating systems and applications. Just like the other two services that mentioned above, the users do not manage the root cloud infrastructure but has control over deployed applications, storage area and os's. (Country wide Institute of Benchmarks and Technology, 2009)


The Internet companies such as Amazon, Google and IBM are increasing computing infrastructures and websites as a core for providing top level services for computation, storage, databases and applications. Shape 3 gives an overview of the type of cloud computing services on demand and their providers.

Universities' needs for ICT and cloud computing

In a very simplified way, the needs for ICT in a university or college are exhibited in amount 4.

There will vary groups and departments in a school including students and personnel who've demand for IT services. As shown in shape 4, an IT division should provide software such as email accounts, special applications for different lessons and hardware such as pcs and servers for the users.

The IT division can alter these services to the cloud to permit students and personnel using these services via the providers of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.

For example, an application which is launched by a student resides on the server of the SaaS cloud provider and is utilized via the web. Another example is, lots of the Customer Connections Management (CRM) software such as SugarCRM, Oracle and Microsoft CRM are on coordinator SaaS as well as on premise.

The same situation is applicable when extra hardware such as virtual servers or personal computers is needed for students and personnel. In this circumstance, the IaaS cloud service provider will implement the service online.

If a department or group in the university or college wants to work with all the software and hardware that they want online (i. e. for hosting request developed by a group of students) then it is possible by having a PaaS cloud specialist. (Sultan, 2010)

Cloud Processing Costs

Cloud computing can help the universities to rationalize just how they control their resources. One of the known reasons for moving to cloud computing is to get monetary benefit in ongoing recession.

Cloud computing prove to be a great gain and empowering in a few situations to the colleges because of its versatility and cost composition. (Sultan, 2010)

Simplification, costs and capability of just how of delivering computer related services via cloud processing are the secrets which should be looked at for shifting to the cloud.

Cloud processing reduces IT costs such as unit installation and maintaining of applications. Also carries on upgrade of software and hardware and the price tag on the products is another reason for universities to consider shifting to cloud computing. To promote the college or university and attract students, universities should always look for the new IT services and products. Cloud computing is ways to achieve these products (Software & Hardware) at affordable prices.

The electricity costs for operating an IT infrastructure in a university or college for hardware such as servers, switches and back-up drives could be very expensive. Therefore moving a college or university to cloud computing will probably reduce these costs and other related bills. (Joint et al, 2009)

In addition, cloud computing means shifting the management and responsibility of these service and products with their provider. This might result in cost keeping with regards to recruiting as fewer IT employees will be necessary for the IT team.

Cloud Computing and the environment

By reducing the amount of hardware devices needed in the university to run the software and applications and changing them with cloud processing systems, the amount of energy for running and chilling the hardware devices will be reduced. Also using cloud computing telecommunication techniques such as printing and record transfers reduces the necessity for office space, buying business furniture, losing old furniture, buying chemicals for cleaning the offices plus more. Those cloud telecommunication techniques also may decrease the need for generating to work and leading to decrease with relation to skin tightening and emissions. (IBM, 2010)

Google Apps for ADVANCED SCHOOLING; Less IT More IQ

Google offers cloud processing services for advanced schooling and is called Google Apps. Yahoo Apps includes advanced communication and collaboration tools for education and universities without the cost and complexity of keeping on-site hardware and software free of charge and advertising.

Currently lots of the universities, schools and classes from all over the world including Kingston College or university, University or college of Leeds and University of Portsmouth in the UK are using Google Apps. (See body 5)

Google Apps enable the students getting linked to the campus with mobile access wand 7 GBs email safe-keeping which is safeguarded against spam and trojans. It also permits them to remain linked with built-in illustration messaging (IM), tone of voice and video talk and data file transfering. Students can share calendar and agenda groups, rooms and so on from even mobile phones.

Creating and sharing documents such as phrase, spreadsheets and presentations online from any location by students and instructors is the cooperation feature of Yahoo Apps. They can also talk about videos that anyone can touch upon, tag and rate. Also they are in a position to build shared websites including videos, images and documents, create community forums and mailing lists.

Using Yahoo Apps helps the IT staff to give attention to alternative activities such as adding value to the IT facilities alternatively than being worried and engaged with the IT problems which might occur. There is no software to install, and no dependence on hardware. Yahoo Apps have created a variety of APIs and also have approved companions to help the universities for integrating using their existing IT system. (Yahoo, 2010)


Cloud computing can be an rising and a good model of delivering processing services for education by counting on existing technologies such as Internet, web services and virtualization. It includes the universities significant cost keeping and more efficient way of providing IT services to the students and staff. The colleges can reduce their IT services cost such as software, hardware, and maintenance of the applications and move the responsibility of the IT services to the service providers.

'Google Apps' is an example of cloud computing system for education which is mentioned previously in this newspaper. Students can come on benefits of Yahoo Apps such as 7 GBs email storage, easy cooperation with one another and the lecturers etc.

Furthermore, cloud computing is environmentally friendly as the reduction in number of hardware devices diminishes the quantity of energy for jogging and air conditioning those devices. Also cloud processing telecommunication techniques reduces the necessity for driving to work and ends in reduction in skin tightening and emissions.

It is important to consider that cloud processing is probably not well suited for all organisations such as those that the increased loss of service therefore of cloud problems is a significant concern and could have an impact on the customer services and loss of sales. Unreliable IT services in a school makes a bad reputation and have influence on the university ranking.

In final result, with the velocity of technology creativity and the benefits associated with clouding it is likely that soon the education centres switch their IT services to the cloud. Therefore the safety and security of the critical data and information is an issue in cloud processing which should be considered by the providers to attract the training centres. Including the law would possibly allow the governments or other organisations to access certain data and information. Thus for the moment the universities should think about clouding only on certain data and resources not the critical information.

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