The Plane tickets Of Airasia Information Technology Essay

The plane tickets of AirAsia cover countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Philipines and Macau. In November 2003, AirAsia started out its regional flights to Phuket, in Thailand, followed by flights to Bangkok, and later Hat Yai from KL AIRPORT TERMINAL. Bandung, Surabaya, and Jakarta are the three vacation spot of AirAsia plane tickets to Indonesia. It commenced in Apr 2004. Subsequently the airline also introduced flights to Bali, Medan and Padang.

Malaysia Airlines acquired its humble from the golden years of travel. The flight holds an extended record of service and guidelines quality, having received more than 100 accolades in the last 10 years. The most notable ones include being the first air travel with the "World's Best Cabin Staff" by Skytrax UK consecutively from 2001 until 2004, "5-star Air travel" in 2005 and 2006, as well as No. 1 for "Economy Category Onboard Excellence 2006" - also by Skytrax UK.


The first function of the web site was created is to make it a transactional website.

Transactional websites give customers the energy to do trades through the financial institution's website by starting online ventures or enabling them to choose the air tickets. The assistance given by websites expose the business to a larger risk because the transactional websites normally permit the electronic digital exchange of private customer infomation and financing transfer to be done.

The second function is to make a good first impression. A website is many times the first place people will come in contact with your business. You want this first visit to make a good impression. Also, back in the "brick and mortar " world, when you first meet someone, if you have a website to refer those to, this will add to the first impression you make there as well. Many times leads will check your cards to see if you have an internet site. . In the event that you side them a credit card and they see one shown there, this will help start first impression of your small business.

The third function is to generate trustworthiness for your business. Your website visitors are building an impression of your business from your website. If they see a professional site, they will be pondering "this is a professional business!" Everyone desires to know if they're dealing with a reputable business, so provide information about your business partnerships on your website as well, such as showing your BBB regular membership sign on your site.

Final function is to generate income. Providing an easy way to order needed parts or services is confirmed. But doing e-commerce can be a entire other ballgame. However, even though you aren't taking requests online, if your website is doing every one of the above, it is making you money.

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The viewers for the websites are potential travelers of the airlines. They are also people who are processing literate as well.


Website services is becoming a big area of the environment of business with the introduction of information technology, the ever before changing consumer lifestyle and choices, and liberalization of the financial sector have served to foster stiff competition among finance institutions (Cronin, 2006).

What do people learn from the website?

Customers can save a lot of time as a result of convenience provide especially the simple maintenance tools for management of the customer's money. The primary benefit for customers includes

Reduced costs in accessing and consumption of the website services.

Save time - transactions can be produced 24 hours a day, no need to have physical discussion with the bank. Personal accounts can be utilized any time. No queues needed and the transfer is even more quickly compared to traditional way.

Quick and non stop access to information. Firms will have more convenient usage of information as, they can check up on multiple accounts at the touch of a button.

Better cash management. The facilities increase the speed up cash circuit and also efficiency of business processes.


Navigation Strategies


Many finance institutions maintain sites on the internet. Parts of the websites are strict while others offer normal financial transactions like copy of funds.

Normally each website will have weblinks. A Weblink is defined as a word over a webpage which includes coding that transports the audience to another part of the website by simply clicking the mouse. The utilization of weblinks might be dangerous even it is convenient. The usual primary risk is the fact viewers might be puzzled about who is responsible for the product and services available through the website. However, there are several risk management techniques to reduce the risk. Such techniques are for the organizations which create their own websites and also the ones that utilize the third party service for such functions. Companies provide assistance in the weblinking that includes the chance and risk management techniques in it.


The main reason is security. Security issues are consider a big concern for customers inside and outside of this industry. Websites normally increase the risk of security since it is exposed to the risky environment and airlines company needs to screen such a potential risk to them.

Security breaches normally is divided into 3 main categories that are


Flaws in the system design


These are serious and legal hazards which will ruin the reputation of the airlines. A whole lot of airlines are inspected up to whole lot of weaknesses daily but up to now no major instances has took place before. Designers of the airlines create more alarms in order to check the failed efforts in breaking their system by hackers.

The very sensitive systems of personal computers which are being used to store private and private information are the most secured of course. The idea is simple, where in fact the higher the potential lack of the airlines, a lot more risky it is. However, airlines may have appropriate perimeter security, there may also be not enough segregation between inner systems and poor inside security. Someone may breach the lower secured system and striving to go in to the higher value system through the airline's inside network.

It will not be difficult to emphasis within the security hazards in their services. Such problems can be removed by the manual control. This reduces risks to the integrity of transaction data, even although threat of customers are not input effectively. As the airlines is constantly on the prosper, there might be big security gains focusing attention on security hazards.

In order to issue the uprising risks in the correct manner, the designers had made the following steps

a strategic approach to information security, creating best practice security handles into systems and systems because they are built

a proactive approach to information security, relating active tests of system security control buttons, fast paced reaction to new risk and weaknesses and regular review of market place developments

active use of system established security management and monitoring tools

powerful business information security controls


In my opinion, the web site will achieve success with its supposed audience. The difference between your traditional channels which offer services is the fact websites utilizes the internet to supply the similar service to customers. There is absolutely no additional cost incurred in the service provided. This is why customers are attracted by this type of marketing strategy and in another perspective, the client can save a whole lot of trouble needing to do their orders personally.

The personal information of customers is stored in the data source which is special software which stores such information in a higher speed. The usage of the net server is to talk among customers and also giving information through the internet. When the client has an account inquiry, the net application program is necessary. C, Visible Basic, VBScript, and Java are few of the languages which are being used to create the net software programs to work on the customer requests, communicate with the data source, and generate powerful responses. The net server will send the response HTML files to the client after that. Both airlines also use state-of-the-art imaging systems, allowing customers to see images of receipts and itinerary over the Internet (Ecc, 2008)

The next factor of success if security. When there is no security, customer will not be willing to utilize this network to do their financial orders. There are several security threats which include invasion of individuals' personal privacy and theft of private information. The good thing about these airlines is that they had made very good safeguards. The foremost is the recognition and authentication. Second of all will be encryption accompanied by the firewalls. The identification of any online bank requires a proper internet address and the client must login using their ID and password. The information between both gatherings are all encrypted. This is to prevent hackers from looking at the meaning even if it's stolen. This encryption standard adopted by most browsers is called Secure Socket Layer (SSL). It really is created in the web web browser program and customers don't need to take any extra steps to set up this program. The airlines are suffering from firewalls, which are software or hardware blockage between your corporate and business network and the external Internet, to secure the servers and flight directories from other intruders. For example, MayBank connected to the web only after it had installed a firewall and ensured the firewall was not penetrable.


Overall, the solution fees plus fees is a lot cheaper equate to other airlines company in Malaysia. They are really targeting huge untapped market, especially for business travelers as well as for the very first time flying customer portion. The effectiveness of AirAsia is on-line arranging system. With this technique, people can make their booking in the comfort of their own home, or where ever there can be an internet connection, and pay by credit-based card. Contrasting with Malaysia Flight, the internet is now AirAsia`s most affordable distribution channel. This is actually the solid reason why designers made their design options. Customers can log on to its website www. airasia. com which is available in 7 dialects - British, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai and Tagalog. Forget about phone calls, no more queuing. Online reservation make fly become more convenient and customer oriented. To date, the company now offers 70% of its seat tickets online. Successful on-line booking system make AirAsia become more effective and cost-saving.

Nowadays, the largest change over the procedure from an air travel perspective has been the trend towards internet bookings and e-tickets. Online reservation has also opened up the probability of new sources of earnings for airlines. With individuals in a position to make and change the booking through online, AirAsia and MAS Airlines can reduce the number of call centre, redeploying resources to more valuable functions and reducing administrative overheads. However, online-booking also create some problem scheduled to careless of both people. As an example, is the genuine of the information that is provided by the key website of AirAsia. Whenever we login into the key website of AirAsia, we are able to see the big advertisement in the center of the web site. The advertising campaign show as below

However, this price is relatively low and attractive. Many people see this type of advertisement and never consider anything and right away take action booklet the air solution. Once they reserve the solution, they just recognize that the price is currently excluding the fees, administration fees and air-port taxes. After increase all the taxes, the purchase price could be RM150. 00 pretty much. Therefore, they believe that AirAsia cheat them and the post their blog in website and review by everyone. (AirAsia blog, information, forum, 2006) There are quite a number of instances that discussing this topic. Furthermore, folks who are using internet to book the online ticket always make a mistake while booking mid-air ticket. It is just because everything is online deal by using credit-based card, if there anything runs incorrect people hard to state back their money. After they make the repayment, the money has already been incurred, buyer cannot ask back your money can buy and when there is any cancellation, no fund will be return. Moreover, if they book wrongly and want to improve the particular date or time they have to purchase the change details fees. The charge is just about RM50. 00. This is the thing they have to learn from problems rather than take things for granted.

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