The Techniques For Requirement Elicitation IT Essay

By analyzing these procedures it'll give a knowledge up to level enough that this document can become an easy to read and simple enough reference doc for students who wants to

1. 4 Background

As we realize that the requirement elicitation can be an ongoing problem area which may cause to the failure of the produce system. There are lots of problems i. e. problems in the machine scope, many other problems remain present in the development of the system, which might cause to the inability of the system or causes high maintenance cost of the system [1]. In the necessity elicitation there are numerous people evolve and have different belief about the machine.

From many years need elicitation is a research concentrate area and researchers are suffering from many techniques. As Zarinah M. K and Siti Salwah S pointed out in their paper "Eliciting requirements should be carried out in an application, which encourages contribution of all the stakeholders"[1]. Within this paper they concentrate on the participation of all stakeholders during requirements gathering. For this purpose, to follow the requirement elicitation process, techniques and shared document with all the participation.

Ann M. Hickey and Alan M. Davis described in their newspaper that "software development includes many knowledge-intensive techniques. One of the most difficult to model, however, is necessity elicitation"[5]. In their paper they present a "mathematical model of need elicitation process"[5] which points out critical knowledge and how to choose the best necessity elicitation strategy. Their work in this area implies that the necessity elicitation is an extremely critical process in the software development process.

Many models and frameworks are unveiled by the research workers for good and appropriate requirements gathering. Some problems are on an individual side because time an individual can't describe the range of the machine. So for this purpose most researchers concentrate on the necessity elicitation techniques which help the user to comprehend the system scope.

Software industry is a very huge market and nowadays our lives are so inspired with software products that people are highly dependent on them from paying or expenses, buying food, loan provider transactions, traveling, businesses to speak world wide, research, mobile phones etc. But along the way that which we don't see is that a lot of software products are declining today, many software companies are getting bankrupt & most software's are inhaling their last breaths as they will soon be changed with a far greater software's smartly designed, less bugs, more features and productive enough. One can ask a question what makes software's failing and just why are companies getting bankrupt anticipated to a software that is no more needed on the market. The answer can be quite complicated and long but to summarize it, its lack of acquiring proper requirements before starting to create the real code, failing woefully to understand the existing and future trends of the software to be built, insufficient understanding the market and opportunities and finally choosing the right technologies to use the software product. To be able to understand all these grey areas before writing the program product one must adapt and follow some functions, by doing so a couple of valuable knowledge will be gained that will help the program to be following current style and survive in the market for a lot longer period.

These procedures includes

a) Brainstorming

b) interviewing

c) Surveys

d) Prototyping

e) Concentration Group

f) Workshops

g) Observation

2 Research Methodology

Our work in this area is to analyze the necessity elicitation techniques, predicated on this we can explore these different techniques and see how can it benefit us in different areas. For this function we studied the related research work and necessity elicitation literature, and in outlined some of the techniques that can be used for necessity gathering process. For the evaluation we already examined the related research work to understand these techniques. In this process we will point out the psros and cons of these different techniques, which can help different targeted audience such as students, set up organizations and other software specialists.

In the process of strategy we received an possibility to talk with different software professional and received some valuable responses that could help us understand how important all these procedures are and what exactly are possible implications and disadvantages if there are any.

Finally after defining all the techniques using their Pros and Cons, it will obviously specify the value of each technique and weather you'll be able to skip some of them through the need gathering process. And also the implications of missing these well known techniques.

3 Brief Benefits to requirement elicitation techniques.

3. 1 Brainstorming:

"Brainstorming is the name directed at a situation whenever a group of individuals meet to

generate new ideas around a specific area of interest"[6]. In Brainstorming Technique may be involve one individual or group. They set to assemble and discuss the requirements and new ideas of the machine. It is a particular technique which help you to take into account various answers and questions.

Advantages Of Brainstorming:

Brainstorming approach is low cost.

The group which require in this system, not want to be high qualified.

It is very easy technique to understand.

It help you to create new ideas and get answers of old question.

It provide popular engagement throughout the group.

Brainstorming doesn't need more resources.

Disadvantages Of Brainstorming:

If the group is not properly organised, it can take more time.

One can't express his opinion in front of group.

Due to go in to the detail that something will not use.

Some people reluctant to talk with leadership.

Not good for large group which may cause that a lot of people say at exactly the same time.

There are duplicate of opinions, if the folks doesn't give attention[7].

3. 2 interviewing

"Interviews are in-person conferences where in fact the business analyst asks questions to get information from the stakeholder"[8].

Advantages Of Interviewing:

Good for sophisticated topic

The interviewer can deeply understand the interviewee views.

In interview high response rate are produced.

Disadvantages Of Interviewing:

Inconsistent interviewer may benefit the data.

This strategy is frustrating.

There are small people engaged.

The interviewer may ask closed down questions [9].

3. 3 Surveys

In survey strategy everything of something may collected anonymously. In study all the overall aspects of the program are asked to answer.


Survey is good for a big respondent.

In survey large of information may be collected.

This is a standardised technique which free from all sorts of problems.

This approach is cheaper.


This technique concentrate on subject, desire etc it's not easy to comprehend the reason.

3. 4 Prototyping

In this system minimum amount version of software's are written with few functionalities than the actual product alone. It only simulates few modules/features of the final solution.


Software designers and implementers can get valuable reviews from the customers.

it can allow the software technical engineers to know and verify the inner complexities of the system.

Early detection of faults in design.

Early detection of performance container neck in the application.

Customers can verify the execution and technology.


Excessive development time to develop the prototype.

Large investment of resources to complete this.

Unclear targets can be baffled by the programmers.

Insufficient research.

3. 5 Focus Group

Focus group is an organization which raise some issues and questions about the software and ask them from the system users.


It can help make a whole lot of guidelines and viewpoints.

group dialogue can help find weaknesses in the first level of design and architecture.

group discussions can generate finest alternatives.


it can lead to disagreement and arguments.

discussions can last for very long hours and several days without any conclusion.

3. 6 Workshops

Workshops is the technique to share different ideas about different technologies by doing display and meeting between folks from differing backgrounds. Collecting valuable responses and suggestions and work at home opportunities.


Expanding interpersonal network among folks from same background.

Exchanging and posting up to date knowledge.

Exploring new business opportunities.

Attracting investments for the business.

Making clients.


It involves travelling to other countries.

It consumes week of business time.

It wants a whole lot of prep and time.

3. 7 Observation

By observation we means to look certain requirements for the expanding system with full amount[3].

Advantages of observation

It provides kinds to the stockholders[a].

It provides us the information information about the developing system[z]

How the user will connect to the system, so it give this kind of results beforehand.

Disadvantages of the observation

The requirements may not depend on dated.

This requirements always advance and need revisions.

some requirements may well not be implementable and needs to depend on the reality and possibilities.

4 Results

Brief evaluation of the brought up techniques with explained advantages and disadvantages we can summarize our cause subsequent way. As in the current industry most software's want to compete or make it through against other software's that seems to be producing superior to their previous predecessors. This improvement in software's is the result of acquiring/collecting appropriate knowledge through the processes/techniques that people have stated including others. Hence it is difficult to state which one is better than the other or which can we neglect because the more info we can gather a lot more knowledge we will have about market, future scope, what technologies to choose, how much did it earn, for how much time can something survive and how the product can improve in approaching years. Attaining all the described points means that people have to undergo all the techniques at one stage or another, if not early then definitely later at various other stage as long as enough time and resources are enough. Among the quotation might make clear it perfectly which is

"Writing system software is similar to planning for a family, if you make a mistake you have to live with it for twenty years"[10]

So the more knowledge we've about what we are making and just why our company is writing, the less mistakes we can do.

5. Conclusions

Hence in a nutshell we can conclude from our results in this research that software establishments while planning to kick off new job/software our any new start up company going to take place. This file will act as a must have for them they might need to identify these techniques and make sure they are part of the company processes. The more the data is acquired about the technology initially the less blunders they make and more chances would be for company and software to achieve success. Also this doc can help students and software builders who want to write their private applications and want them to release in the software's market.

6 Literature references

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[2] IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SOFTWARE Executive, VOL. 24, NO. 12, DECEMBER 1998 Requirements Elicitation and Validation with Real World Scenes

Peter Haumer, Klaus Pohl, Member, IEEE, and Klaus Weidenhaupt

[3] Field research method and type of observation by Throchim, B. 1999

[5]. "Requirements Elicitation and Elicitation Technique Selection: A Model for just two Knowledge-Intensive Software Development Processes". By Ann M. Hickey and Alan M. Davis

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

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