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Methodology for the analysis of innovation activities...

Techniques for carrying out analysis of innovation activities innovative activity is systemic in nature and includes intellectual, scientific research.

Dynamic valuation techniques, Net present value (NPV)...

Dynamic estimation methods net present value (npv) in modern published works, the following terms are used for the name of this criterion: net discounted.

Financing investments in intangible assets - Investments

Financing investments in intangible assets long-term investments in intangible assets are designed to expand the scientific and technical resources.

Features of bond valuation - Investments

Features of bond valuation it should be noted that the use of formula (4.1a) assumes a number of conditions. condition 1: formula (4.1a) should be.

Types of rates and schemes for their accrual - Investments. Investment analysis

Types of bets and their charging schemes the basic concept of financial management is the concept of the time value of money. the logic of constructing.

Criteria and methods for evaluating investment projects, Estimation...

Criteria and methods for evaluating investment projects as a result of studying the material in this chapter, the student must: know • methods for.

Momentum-effect, a model for selecting shares with a faster...

Momentum-effect, a stock selection model with levy's faster growth rate (taking into account growth inertia) and a momentum investment strategy the.

Disadvantages of BUM, Equity Prize Method - Investment...

Disadvantages of bum the method of cumulative construction has a number of significant drawbacks. first, it is based on the assumption of the additivity.

Current benefits of owning a business - Investments

Current benefits of owning business in the context of the interests of all investors of the company (owners and creditors), the total business return (.

Principle of preliminary element-wise estimation of the cost...

The principle of preliminary element-wise estimation of the cost of capital the duration of the operation of assets and liabilities of the enterprise is.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of investment projects implemented...

Evaluation of the effectiveness of investment projects implemented on the basis of production sharing agreements in assessing the effectiveness of.

Investment and investment activities, Key provisions...

Investments and investment activities after studying the material of the first chapter, the reader will: know • the essence and significance of.

Valuation of Diamonds - Investments

Rating of diamonds when making transactions in the market for diamonds, the following factors must be considered. 1. color. the price of a diamond can.

Systemic financial effects: cross-financing, cross-subsidization...

3. systemic financial effects: cross-financing, cross-subsidization, cross-holding and cross-hedging cross-financing the problem of optimizing a project.

Principles and methods of system analysis - Analysis of innovation activities

Principles and methods of system analysis system analysis - is the methodology of the theory of systems, consisting in the study of any objects.

Time weighted yield TWR, Monetary weighted return MWR - Investments

Time-weighted return on twr to calculate the time-weighted return, proceed as follows: the entire estimated period (for example, four months, as in the.

Reporting requirements, Organization of monitoring and project...

Reporting requirements to ensure the effective monitoring of projects, the procedures for collecting reporting information on both the current progress.

FINANCING OF INVESTMENTS, The essence, classification...

Chapter 5. financing investments as a result of studying this chapter, the student must: know o sources of investment financing, their nature and.

Methods of analysis of investment projects - Investments. Investment analysis

Investment project analysis methods when deciding on the implementation of an investment project, it is necessary to assess the economic effect of its.

Methods for managing the risks of innovation, Conclusions...

Risk management techniques for innovation in the practice of risk management, there are various methods for reducing them and preventing their impact on.

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