The role of the scientific community and society in...

The role of the scientific community and society in the course of innovative transformations

Do not reduce the idea of ​​innovative partnership only to the relationship between the entrepreneur and the state, which has a decisive role in implementing an innovative breakthrough. There are two other indispensable partners in this partnership: science, which is the primary source of innovation and an active agent for their implementation, and civil society, in the interests and under the control of which the state and entrepreneurs develop and implement an innovative strategy that implements their programs and projects, divide innovation costs and received result.

Scientists, inventors, designers, technicians, workers, managers, as well as students, graduate students, etc. take part in scientific and technical creativity. It is important that the creativity-minded person has a desire to implement it. And also - the necessary knowledge and skills for registration and evaluation of the result obtained, legally fixed ownership rights to the result obtained and to participate in the income arising from its use in the economy.

In addition, it is necessary that science is aimed at increasing the knowledge and methods of using them in innovation.

Already in the upper grades of the school, the younger generation should receive primary knowledge about creativity and its legal regulation, and be armed with the romance of creativity. This knowledge and skills need to be expanded in the university and differentiated taking into account the acquired specialty. It will be necessary to include this knowledge in the system of continuous education, in the process of retraining and advanced training of scientists, engineering technicians, managers, civil servants.

It is necessary to support and stimulate the creative initiative of employees of research laboratories, universities and companies in every possible way. Effective integration of science, universities and innovation-active companies will help create an atmosphere of creative search in the education of the younger generation.

Equally important is the participation in the innovation process of civil society and its institutions - scientific and technical and engineering societies, associations of inventors, public academies of sciences, professional associations, etc.

An important institution of civil society is the mass media - the press, radio, television, as well as Internet communities and publications that can contribute to the creation of a favorable atmosphere for scientific and technical creativity and the use of its results, actively participate in promoting the idea of ​​an innovative breakthrough, support and disseminate the best practices of innovation breakthrough, severely criticize bureaucratic and other obstacles in its path.

It is necessary to restore educational programs on television and include them (as well as specially created training portals and sites on the network) in the distance learning system, filling them with the full knowledge and skills of innovation.

The state should actively support these trends as a necessary element of the return to the country of technological creativity and the formation of a national innovation system.

In general, the innovative partnership scheme is shown in Fig. 3.2.

In the course of fruitful cooperation of state authorities, representatives of business and the scientific community and civil society, the most effective solutions and mechanisms aimed at the formation of a well-functioning national innovation system in the country should be developed.

To do this, it will be necessary to identify new opportunities for taking into account in Russia's scientific and innovation policies new conditions related to the development and expansion of horizontal links between the state, science and business and changes in the role of each of these important elements in the innovation process. The main direction of state regulation in this area should be the implementation of multifunctional measures aimed at simultaneously solving several tasks - supporting science, developing cooperation, commercializing the results of R & D and encouraging interaction among all participants in innovation processes.

General scheme of innovative partnership

Fig. 3.2. General scheme of innovative partnership :

1 - innovative needs of society; 2 - the order for innovations; 3 - innovative laws and climate, state support, state orders; 4 - public recognition of innovative results, public control, participation in innovations; 5 - protection of intellectual property

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