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Leaders of opinions - Public relations in government

Opinion leaders a great role in building the image is played by the source of the message, which is intended to change the settings of the audience..

Features of the work of a sports journalist in electronic media...

Features of the work of a sports journalist in electronic media the whole previous text of this textbook was aimed at creating a vision for a future or.

Theory of Journalism and Sociology of Journalism - Sociology of Journalism

Theory of journalism and sociology of journalism the problem of classification of journalistic disciplines is far from being solved. there is, for.

Tactics of the influence of the mediator on the parties, Ten...

Tactics of the mediator on the sides • the listening technique at a joint meeting is used to clarify the situation and listen to suggestions during an.

Form of journalistic material - Psychology of Journalism

Form of journalistic material so far, we have talked mainly about the content of the text. now we will think on what parameters to evaluate its shape. on.


As a result of studying the material in this chapter, the student must: know • the classification of epic and lyric-dramatic genres as a generic.

Special projects on the site - Convergent journalism

Special projects on the site above was told about commercial special projects, which are designed to attract new advertisers. non-commercial projects are.

Main activities. Interviews, press conferences, briefings...

Main activities. interviews, press conferences, briefings, press tours, space bridges media events include briefings , press conferences , presentations.

Special legal regimes in the practice of PR departments of public...

Special legal regimes in the practical activities of pr departments of state authorities of different levels in accordance with art. 56 of the.

Experiments in modern journalism - Psychology of Journalism

Experiments in modern journalism we will consider the experiment as one of the types of game realization only from the point of view of the role of the.

Professional standards of work with sources of information...

Professional standards for working with information sources communities of journalists pay constant attention to the development of principles and norms.

Features of the release of various types of media, the technological...

Features of the release of various types of media media technology base and work on the number the nature of the work on the release of the media depends.

Startup: Code of Corporate Ethics - Public Relations in Government

Startup: code of corporate ethics having an idea of ​​some socio-psychological characteristics of civil servants as a target audience, the ji specialist.

Video and audio content on the websites of US newspapers, Audio...

Video and audio content on the websites of united states newspapers united states publications have gradually moved away from the model site - a copy of.

Typology of the media audience - Psychology of journalism

Typology of the media audience of course, it is necessary to carefully take into account and analyze the prerequisites that cause the formation of the.

Official duties and readiness of a journalist for...

Official duties and readiness of a journalist for production activities staff members of the editorial staff need strong evidence that their achievements.

Sociological tradition of studying social reality...

Sociological tradition of studying social reality based on media materials from the middle of xx century. the historical-philological method of cognition.

Media Discourse and Media Text - Political Journalism

Media discourse and media text before turning to the political media discourse, let us dwell briefly on the concept of the media discourse , which many.

Mobile subscription - Converged journalism

Mobile subscription published in tokyo, asahi simbun (asahi shimbun) foreseeing that some readers will use a mobile phone to go to the newspaper's.

The concept of the picture (visual) plane and the "frame" of...

At the beginning of the chapter, we once again emphasize the idea of ​​the continuity and development of the principles of the representation of reality.

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