Asahi Simbun - the leader in the mobile content market...

Asahi Simbun - the leader in the mobile content market

Published in Tokyo, "Asahi Simbun (Asahi Shimbun) - one of the largest daily newspapers in Japan - has reached, perhaps, the greatest success in the development of the mobile platform. The newspaper is part of the Asahi Group (Asahi Group), which includes various sports and regional publications, as well as "Asahi National Broadcasting Company" (Asahi National Broadcasting Company) and other broadcasters. Asahi Simbun called the leader in the mobile content market.

Anticipating that some readers will use a mobile phone to go to the newspaper's website, the publication offered the service of delivering news on a mobile phone back in 1999 - about six years earlier in comparison with many other world publications. Asahi Simbun has chosen a strategy for delivering news and other mobile phone services in the hope that this will attract readers to the newspaper. As Takashi Ishioka, head of the Electronic Media and Broadcasting Division, notes, "our approach is to introduce users to the news via a mobile phone with the ultimate goal of attracting subscribers to the printed version of the newspaper." The company offers to easily subscribe to the newspaper via a mobile phone. The publication carried out a study, which revealed that in the middle of the day a vacuum is formed in the consumption of the media. Editors Asahi Simbun saw the opportunity to fill it, broadcasting newspaper information on mobile phones. The study led to the creation of mobile content and subscription strategies aimed primarily at young people. Mobile content in addition to news, results of sports competitions, music, streaming video also includes photo contests held in cooperation with print, electronic and mobile units.

In order to attract as many users as possible to the mobile service, the editorial staff of the newspaper chose the strategy of the minimum cost of services for mobile video and text materials.

Mobile sites in Japan

In Japan, special popularity was given to mobile sites. They use a variety of publications in the country to distribute their content. Unlike regular Internet sites, whose main revenues come from advertising, the mobile site exists on subscription revenues. The subscription fee is collected by the telecommunications provider company along with the payment for the communication services, which is very convenient for users.

One of the most famous mobile sites is the mobile site I-Moud - was launched in February 1999. Almost two thirds of the official I-Mode sites are entertaining, 19% focus on weather or news, 5% offer ticket booking and 4% - financial services. Unofficial sites are more popular with young users.

I-Moud use a variety of publications of the country. Financial Newspaper Nikkei (Nikkei) with the development of "I-Mood" has found a new distribution channel for its news content. In April 1999, the publication began to supply information on stock markets and foreign exchange rates. The newspaper also distributes the news through the East Japan Railway Company (East Japan Railway Company), which provides various news for train passengers. The service is adapted to the I-Mode format.

Asahi groups belongs to the mobile news site "Asahi-nikkan sport" (Asahi Nikkan Sports). Based on Nikkan Sports - sports newspaper, also owned by the media group, and a number of other sites for mobile phones. For example, the mobile site Asahi Life News (Asahi Lifeline News), which offers users the latest news, information about accidents and disasters, emergencies, changes in traffic (trains or planes).

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