Different types of banners, video advertising, a combination...

Different types of banners, video advertising, a combination of graphics, sound, animation, text

The development of the Internet site allows you to offer advertisers new opportunities. It's not just different kinds of banners, but also video advertising, a combination of graphics, sound, animation, text. Here are the most interesting examples of interactive multimedia advertising (Figure 3.2), which can be found on the website of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Video wall (From the banner 990x90 or 240x400, when you click on the site, a wall with several videos opens on top of the site. The first video starts immediately with inactivity, the rest is with a click).

A label with a flap (a label with a format of 40x120 to 90x300 is located to the right or left of the content on the margin of the site.When clicking on/clicking on the label, a banner or fullpage opens.)

Shortcut + SideKick (A shortcut format from 40x120 to 60x300 is located to the right or left of the content on the margin of the site.While clicking on the label, the content of the site is shifted and a fullpage appears.)

Interactive Rich Media Ads

Fig. 3.2. Interactive Rich Media Advertising

On news websites, you should not abuse flickering, blinking and talking advertising. Such advertising feeders discourage the best advertisers who want to see an elegant innovative environment, harmoniously combining journalistic materials and advertising appeals.

Video ads . Increasingly popular on the websites of publications are beginning to receive commercials inserted in small video materials that accompany articles on the site. Online video is a new source of income for newspapers. According to many experts, pre-advertising ( pre-roll ) - the type of video advertising, in which the video is placed before the show of the plot, is most effective. It is proved that the most effective timing pre-roll is 5-7 seconds, and its maximum duration is up to 15 seconds. Interrupting the display with advertising causes additional annoyance, and at the end of the video ( post-roll ), the visitor can already leave the page or switch to other content. Post-roll can be unlimited in duration, although, as a rule, very few people watch a movie longer than 30 seconds.

Video advertising on sites - this is the kind of advertising, which, as a rule, immediately brings a good income. American Dallas Morning News already in the first year (2007) of the beginning of sales of video advertising - has brought to the site 250 000 dollars, incomes. Aftonbladet. se earns on video advertising more than 600 000 euros per year. In 2006, video ads were brought to "Naples Daily News", a small regional newspaper from Florida, about $ 400,000. Revenues came from seven sponsors whose ads preceded the video, was placed in the context of online vodcasts, and also published in the newspaper "Naples Daily News .

In 2009, in many United States editions ("A & F", "Newspaper", "Kommersant", "Izvestia", "Soviet Sport", etc.) in the video content included or were about to include in the near future advertising. With the development of network TV on the website of the newspaper "Sport Express" very well sold pre-roll advertising. The length of the videos is 10 seconds.

We should not forget that the most important and prime advertisement to be placed in video content is the brand of the newspaper itself.

Guaranteed contact with users, accurate segmentation of the audience

The Internet site is guaranteed contact with the user, accurate segmentation of the audience, personalized advertising (based on the data of the site audience analysis).

The Washington post (washingtonpost.com), the user needs to register for free on the site, indicate the year of birth, sex, postal code, position and field of activity. The data is collected anonymously and allows site advertisers to target campaigns based on geography and demography. Targeted online advertising is sold twice - four times the average price per thousand contacts. Information collected as a result of registration is also used for pay-per-targeted mailing of daily and weekly e-mails on topics: news, entertainment, sports and politics.

Ben Estes, editor of the " (chicagotribune.com), notes that the profit from the site grows by 20-30% from year to year ... This profit is small in relation to all the company's revenues. But this is an income item that grows at a high rate. "

Advertising revenue is a key element of Nytimes.com's business model. In 2001, NewYork Times Digital launched a new advertising model - Surround Sessions. It implies that one advertiser controls all the main advertising positions on the pages of the website and monitors every click of visitors on the relevant advertising messages, maintaining contact with an individual user. During 2002, thanks to advertising revenues Surround Sessions allowed to earn more than $ 2 million.

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