Features of the development of newspaper editions of Spain in...

Features of the development of newspaper editions of Spain in terms of convergence

The peculiarity of the development of the convergence process in Spain is that the main emphasis is made by newspaper editions on the distribution of content on all possible media platforms, on the use of materials created by the media of a related media company.

In Spain, restrictions on the participation of newspaper companies on the radio and TV markets are much softer than in the UK: "The printing company may own 48% of the shares of an analog FM radio station or an analogue television channel and 100% of the digital channel's stock."

Great Britain has always surpassed Spain in terms of the number of Internet users. The development of the Internet in Spain was delayed because of the high prices for local calls and computers. Then prices fell, followed by a rapid increase in the number of users of the worldwide network.

Like Britain, Spain is one of the countries where penetration of mobile phones is close to 100%, Spanish publications also actively use mobile, PDA-, e-paper-, kindle - platforms.

After coming to power in 1996, the People's Party, the media market in Spain began to change rapidly. 600 licenses for broadcasting were issued. The softening of laws, the regulation of digital radio and TV, and the issuance of new broadcasting licenses have stimulated the development of multimedia media companies such as Grupo Prisa (Grupo Prisa), Grupo Vasanto (Grupo Vocento), Grupo Planet (Grupo Planeta), the main business of which are daily newspapers or magazines.

Today, many Spanish newspapers, becoming part of such companies, distribute content on all possible media platforms, which is becoming an increasingly common practice for both large and small media companies; interact to create content and use materials created by other media related media company. Consider various examples of this interaction.

Interactions of print media with Internet, TV and radio platforms

The editions of many Spanish publications carry out one of the simplest forms of interaction - cross-promotion. For example, in the free newspaper A-de-en (ADN) are given announcements of materials, which will be presented on its website. During TV and radio news, a link to the printed version may be given. This interaction exists between the media included in the Grupo Segre (Grupo Segre) - a company that originally owns print media, since the 1990s. began to develop its own broadcast resources: launched "Radio Sergei" (Radio Serge) and other radio stations, created a TV channel.

A form of interaction, such as the introduction of materials created by other media of a related media company, is also quite common. The editions of Spanish editions (La Verdad, El Pais) and others now have the opportunity to use materials created by the media of a related media company.

La Verdad (Murcia region) is included in the Grupo Vasanto - one of the largest concerns in Spain. Initially, it consisted of regional newspapers, but since 2001 there has been an expansion - in Grupo Vosento included audiovisual and online media. Today the company owns print media, a number of TV and radio channels in various regions, produces movies and TV programs. The content management system, which was introduced in 2006, allows various Votento media outlets, including regional media holding representatives, to use materials that have been created in other editions.

Grupo Prica - One of the largest media groups in Spain, too, carries out the exchange of content between the incoming media. Prick (Prisacom) manages the websites of newspapers, radio and TV. All sites are equipped with a single content exchange system, which makes it easy to reprint materials. Newspaper El Pays (El Pais) derives great benefit from this: she adds to her articles on the site video and audio materials made by the TV channel "Quatro" (Cuatro) or radio station Cadena Ser (Cadena Ser).

Another example of interaction is the joint creation of content. One of the popular morning programs "El Mon (E1 MOP) on the radio RAP (RAC1) (Grupo Segre ) includes various opinions (usually prepared by journalists from print media belonging to the same group). After the transfer, they are available on the site in both audio and text format.

Journalists La Verdad act as experts, commenting on news on TV or radio.

Journalists of the Barcelona newspapers "La Vangardia (La Vanguardia), El Mundo Deportivo (EI Mundo Deportivo) give their assessment of one of the events of the day in the nightly newscast on the channel "8TB" (8TV), which, like these publications, is included in the "Grupo Godot" (Grupo Godo). The next day the event is covered in detail in the newspaper.

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