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Information Space

Social space - one of the types of space (along with physical and other); the multidimensional space of social processes, social relations, social practices, social positions and social fields, functionally interconnected. Philosophers and sociologists under social space understand a logically conceivable designer, a special environment in which social relations are realized. . Social space, respectively, is an aspect of the information space.

In the most general form, the information space is usually understood to mean the totality of the results of the semantic activity of humanity. The information space can also be considered a collection:

• banks and databases;

• technologies for their maintenance and use;

• Information telecommunication systems functioning on the basis of general principles and providing information interaction of organizations and citizens, as well as meeting their information needs.

Further on the text this concept will be concretized, now it is necessary to consider the main components of its structure.

Information Space Structure

Structure is a set of stable legitimate relationships between system elements. The main structural components of the information space in its synergistic presentation are information fields and information flows .

Information field - the aggregate of all information, concentrated in a given volume of space-time, irrespective of its form and state, being separated, both from the object of reflection and from the subject of perception. The movement of information in the information field is carried out through the physical connection between the recipient and the source of information materialized in the information flow.

Information flow - a collection of information moving in the information space through the communication channel The content nature of the information flow depends on the characteristics of the communication channel.

Subjects of activity in the information space

The main structural elements of the information space of the society are the entities that implement and carry out mass information (mass media) actively identifying their interests in the information space and generating information flows. Subjects of activity in the information space can be either individual or group.

To subjects of activity in the information space of society that implements the state information policy include:

public authorities (structures that come into active communication with the public - public relations services and units), state and non-state mass media, as well as non-state social and political associations, whose information and communication activities meet officially declared national interests);

The media (media).

To management objects in the information space are:

all elements and systems existing in this space (the differences between the degree and form of influence are determined by the individual properties and features of the objects of management and their significance for the purposes and objectives of the state information policy).

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