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Journalism is convergent, cross-media, multimedia, digital

Along with the notion media convergence in scientific and educational literature, the terms "convergent journalism", "multimedia journalism", "digital journalism" are often found. They formed the name of many modern textbooks on journalism written by foreign authors.

Converged journalism

This is journalism, based on multimedia content delivery and its distribution through various media platforms. It is associated with global changes that occur at all stages of the creation and dissemination of media products.

Convergent journalism is often associated with the tendency to universalize journalistic profession, the emergence of journalists who can create content for different media platforms. In this regard, she has many opponents who believe that the quality of journalism is falling, since one person can not equally well prepare materials for different media platforms. Convergent journalism has sparked heated discussions between owners of media companies, professional journalists and theorists who argue about its impact on the quality of news coverage.

Cross-media journalism

The term convergent journalism often used as a synonym for cross-media journalism ( crossmedia journalism ). Cross-media involves the use of more than one media - analog or digital; cross-media content is delivered to various devices, such as: PDA, mobile phone, TV. The essence of cross-media is that the same content can be distributed across different platforms.

The term cross-media often used in the meaning of think cross-media & quot ;, cross-media collaboration & quot ;, i.e. joint activities between employees previously in no way interacting with each other, and between previously separated editions and divisions; cross-media team - journalists working in the same team and owning different journalistic specializations.

Apparently, from these examples of the concept of "convergent journalism" and cross-media journalism very similar concepts. The term convergent journalism - a more general definition.

Multimedia Journalism

As a synonym for convergent journalism, the term multimedia journalism is also often used. M. Deza in the article "What is multimedia journalism?" avoids a direct definition of the term and refers to a practical definition, citing examples of its implementation in practice from the earliest simple forms to more complex ones.

Among these examples, the author calls:

1. Reporting from the scene using a video camera: print media journalists record individual moments on the camera for a partner from a TV channel that is part of their company.

2. A gallery of pictures that photojournalists make for an online or printed version of a newspaper.

3. Newsletting or news reports, prepared by journalists of print, broadcast or online media and intended for sending to e-mail, iPad or for sending news messages via SMS.

4. Joint projects between different media on the collection, editing and provision of news materials using different formats.

5. A fully integrated multimedia edition in which teams of journalists from print, broadcast and online media collect information together, compose databases and think about packaging content intended for distribution on all media platforms. However, examples 4 and 5 are more the embodiment of convergent journalism in practice. The definition of S. Quinn is more precise. Under multimedia journalism, he understands the "combination of audio, photo, text materials and interactivity ... multimedia journalism is the ability to talk about events in a new way, taking advantage of every media."

Some multimedia experts understand online journalism, based on the provision of multimedia content on the media site. However, the term online journalism (virtual journalism, online journalism or i -journalism) is different from multimedia. The difference between these concepts lies in the goal of journalism: online journalism does not have a purpose multimedia-media - that is, story about events in digital format, using multimedia, multimedia can be considered as a possible, but not an obligatory element of online journalism.

Digital Journalism

To denote journalism based on the use of the Internet platform, the term digital journalism has long been used. ( digital journalism ).

By digital journalism is meant journalism directly related to the development of the Internet and the development of the media of the Internet platform. Digital journalism involves using the Internet's capabilities to gather information such as blogs, news sites, RSS feeds, etc., as well as Internet capabilities for creating content like audio slideshows, podcasts, etc.

Digital journalism is directly connected with convergent, multimedia journalism, because it is based on creating content for the Internet platform - one of the main platforms for distributing multimedia content.

The term digital journalism sometimes used as a synonym for flash journalism ( flash-journalism ). Flash journalism is digital journalism, based on the use of Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is easy to use and allows you to quickly create and publish multimedia content on the site, as well as update information in real time. A journalist can combine audio, video, photos, text in one material and send it to the site. Thus, flash journalism can satisfy the desires of modern information consumers who want to instantly learn about events.

If the terms convergent journalism & quot ;, cross-media journalism and multimedia journalism can be used as synonyms, the terms digital journalism & quot ;, flash journalism in this synonymic series is incorrect to enter.

Convergent journalism - a more general concept, the terms multimedia journalism and cross-media journalism focus on the main components of convergent journalism - the story of events in a multimedia format, the distribution of content on different media platforms, the joint creation of content by journalists from different divisions of the media company.

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