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Minisites within the main site

One of the main forms that brings profit to the site are special projects. Most of these projects are commercial (voting, competitions, mini-sites within the main site of the publication) with the possibility of promotion in social networks. They are aimed at attracting the advertiser.

Quite interesting is the experience of the South African newspaper "Mail and Guardian" (Mail & Guardian), which built quite a few new brands around the main site - "Mail and Guardian online" (Mail & Guardian Online). One of the largest - a site for publishing the opinions of "Thought Leader"; (Lord of Doom) (, which is a blog-editorial hybrid. Thoughtleader This is a potpourri from the statements of journalists, commentators, industry experts, scientists, politicians and novice authors who all write on the same platform on topics of common or niche interest. This content is created by users who are members of a closed, selected user association when managing and controlling the editorial.

A similar project - the technology is cheap and easy to implement, operating costs are low, the editors managed without attracting new employees.

Journalists write about what interests them. The editorial staff does not ask them the size of the article or the topic, they publish their materials online, uploading them directly to the content management system, where materials are submitted for review to editors. All texts - both author's articles and reader's comments - are edited. From some materials the editors can refuse. That's why the new platform is called the "editorial-blog hybrid" - it combines the best sides of the world of blogs and the best sides of the traditional editorial model in one powerful product.

The authors do not receive any royalties. They write because they see in the site an exclusive channel for expressing opinions and a way to increase their attention. Journalists basically want to be paid for what they write. This is their profession and the main source of income. However, apart from them there are a lot of people who write beautifully, but for them this is a secondary occupation, not a profession, but a hobby. They refer to authorship as a way to increase attention, attract clients, gain recognition from colleagues, unite people, or share thoughts about how to change something or influence something in this world. This approach distinguishes scientists and many commentators - not all write for earnings.

Already after six months of operation the site came in second place in terms of financial results, and revenues from online advertising it brings from the very first day of creation. The newspaper's budgets are small, so it was decided to develop a strategy with a strong component of social media, maximizing and spreading the "folk" content that costs many times less than content created by journalists.

New features for PR

Internet site - this and new opportunities for PR among the most common can be identified: the placement of PR-articles, thematic round tables with a representative of the company, online conferences, PR-surveys, competitions.

PR-article is placed in a certain category and remains in the archive of the site. It can be accompanied by links to the advertiser's site. It is possible to use photo galleries and videos, users can leave their comments (Figure 3.3).

Announcement of an online conference on the site

Fig. 3.3. Announcement of an online conference on the site

After the conference on the website of the publication in the relevant column, the final note in the format of readers' questions and answers of the company representative is posted with the possible addition of the company's history and other additional information. In the article there can be photos, links to the advertiser's site. The material remains in the archive.

Thus, a representative of the company can get feedback from the audience without leaving the office, talk about new services/products/promotions, etc. He gets the opportunity to give a detailed answer to the questions, as well as to support his words with links to the advertiser's site.

In order to conduct a PR survey on the main page of the site, an editorial block with the question (s) and answer options is placed. The choice of this or that variant of answers can lead the reader to the PR-article. The placement period of the survey can be different (from 1 to 7 days).

When conducting a contest, the article contains competitive tasks, in an article with an announcement - on the main page of the site. Period of placement of articles with competitive questions from 2 days to 1 week. Holding such a competition is an opportunity to attract additional attention of website visitors to the products of the advertiser.

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