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Mobile, PDA-, e-paper-, kindle-platforms, applications for iPad and iPhone

Like the British editions, Spanish newspapers, through a mobile version, offer readers the opportunity to access site materials, the latest news delivery service, weather summaries, advertising information, etc.

Newspaper El Pays is a pioneer in mastering exclusive services. It was the first Spanish daily newspaper to launch an application for the iPhone. In 2009, the edition launched a new version for mobile phones - "El Pays Plus" (EL PAIS Plus). Subscribers El Pays Plus every morning they receive SMS, which provides access to the news of the day. Users also have access to a number of servers (weather forecast, traffic information, TV program, lottery results and horoscopes).

PDA versions of Spanish newspapers almost completely coincide with printed ones.

E-paper -version is found in most Spanish newspapers, which in many respects completely coincide with the printed ones, but there are exceptions. The initiative for the introduction of electronic paper in Spain, especially in Catalonia, has been shown by Grupo Segre. E-paper -version of publications included in this media company coincides with paper media, but also contains multimedia content that is produced for the website of the group, radio station and TV channel.

El Pays first launched the version for the Kindle device. Subscribers will also have access to the materials of the economic publication "Sinko Diaz" (Cinco dias) and the sports newspaper "Ac (As), which, like "El Pays", are part of the media group "Prius". Kindle -version is also available from newspapers La Verdad & quot ;, Mark & ​​quot; (Magsa), etc. Kindle -Version of most Spanish newspapers almost completely coincide with the printed one, but some materials, including images, tables and graphics may be unavailable.

El Pays was also one of the first Spanish newspapers that launched the iPad app in 2011 (see Figure 2.3), it is free, but contains unobtrusive ad banners.

The application gives access to all the latest news (text, photo and video); all the headings of the publication, blogs, the latest updates in the social network Eskup on the website of the publication. The application allows you to share information via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail. Users have the opportunity to listen to the radio "Cadena Ser and Los 40 Principales". (which also as "El pais" are included in "Grupo Prisa") on the air.

El Pays app for iPad

Fig. 2.3. The El Pays for iPad

The application has its drawbacks. It takes too long to load, there are not enough interactive elements.

Organization of newsrooms and requirements for journalists

As in the editorial offices of English editions, new departments and divisions have appeared in the editorial offices of most Spanish newspapers, in many cases journalists from different departments have been merged. For example, journalists from the sports newspaper Mark & ​​quot; work in daily close contact with employees from the Internet version ("" ( and the radio division ("Radio Marea") - no walls between them exist. As Gustavo Entrala (Gustavo Entrala), Assistant Managing Director for Online Operations Media Group Recoletos (Recoletos), which owns the newspaper, "we communicate a lot during the day. Editors of different media are building joint plans. We are like one family

In Grupo Segre Newsrooms are separated, but their activities are coordinated by the "multimedia committee" with a representative from each media. There is a coordinating committee that decides on information policy and distribution of content on various media platforms.

In El Pays in 2009 they came to unite the online editorial staff with the newspaper's editorial staff, the joint editorial staff produces content for the printed, Internet and mobile versions of the publication. In El Periodico the online team was included in the large version of the printed version.

The opinion that the unification of newsrooms is not always the best solution is confirmed by the experience of Spanish newspapers. Free Newspaper 20 Minute (20 Minutos) united in February 2007 the editorial office of the newspaper with online editing. United newsrooms produced news and entertainment content in three shifts. However, in early 2009, newsrooms were again divided.

In spite of the fact that "El Pays", "El Periodico de Catalunya" (EL Periodico de Catalunya) - professional multimedia companies with different degrees of participation on the Internet, on radio and TV, journalists do not necessarily need to master new technologies. Different journalists work on every platform, the journalists' cooperation with TV and radio journalists is voluntary. The print and electronic versions have different editors. In the El Periodic de Catalunya and in El Pays "Journalists from the newspaper are engaged only in the newspaper, journalists with radio - radio, with TV - TV", - notes Antonio Franco (Antonio Franco) - director "El Periodico de Catalunya". - Of course, a reporter from a newspaper can sometimes do some material for TV and radio, but I do not think that the same person must systematically work at the same time on four platforms if you want to receive high-quality content. "

In El Mundo another opinion. Publisher Pedro Ramirez believes that it is better to have a highly qualified journalist who writes to a newspaper, prepares materials for radio and TV than a journalist who writes on various topics only for the newspaper. " He thinks that the future is behind it, but when it comes, he does not know.

As can be seen from the examples above, the specificity of the development of the convergence process in Spain lies in the fact that newspaper editions make the main emphasis on the dissemination of content on all possible media platforms, on the use of materials created by the media of a related media company.

The evolution of the convergence process in Spain was greatly influenced by the changing political situation in the country. With the advent of the People's Party, laws were softened, which stimulated the development of multimedia media companies, the main business of which are daily newspapers or magazines.

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