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Special projects on the site

Above was told about commercial special projects, which are designed to attract new advertisers. Non-commercial projects are not aimed at attracting an advertiser, but they contribute to increasing the traffic of the site. A good example is the project "A & F for the rescue of white cranes (Siberian Cranes). In the real world, there are only 20 of them. In real time, on the newspaper's website, people can watch the life of two pairs of Siberian Cranes in the Oksky Reserve nursery (how the chicks appear, how they feed them, how the fledglings fly for a hang glider that helps them find migration paths). This is a scientific experiment, and an attempt to increase the population of birds. At the same time, the project attracts traffic. People write numerous responses.

Another interesting example is the "Guardian" project. Data Blog. In 2009, the publication reflected on the fact that numerous data that journalists collect, working on materials, can be of interest to readers. The Data Blog project confirmed interest in the initial information. The fact is that network users who are looking for any data, find a huge number of copies of databases. How do you know which ones are genuine? Journalists, working on their materials, check a huge amount of data in the search for correct information.

In addition, such data may be of interest to developers of various applications as initial ones.

The Data Blog project allows you to attract additional traffic.

Optimizing search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of editing and organizing content on a website in a way that raises its rank in search results for specific searches through search engines system. Optimization of search is very important today, since more than half of the traffic comes to the newspaper web site through search engines. In order to maximize traffic, and thereby the ability to earn money on it, foreign newspaper companies hire specialists in the field of search optimization. They conduct various tests of the SEO mechanism, hire companies that edit files with materials after their publication on the sites, provide the availability of keywords and meta tags. In addition, they take the same keywords and use them to direct users who conduct searches on their own search engines of the publication site.

Researching how the viewer's view moves through the page shows that the desired result on the page is searched by looking it up and down and left to right. Thus, the higher the result placed, the higher the probability that those who used the search will see it and press it. The SEO mechanism is important for newspaper sites, because it helps to spread its content on the Internet more widely. For news sites this mechanism is especially relevant. It is necessary to optimize the search to make sure all the content on the site is visible to any search engine on the network.

The result of using SEO is different from advertising based on PPC (pay-per-click/transition fee. Used in search engines, advertising Internet networks and on content websites). SEO gives natural relevance and ranking of content in search results, PPC advertising is sponsored links or ads in the neighborhood.

The SEO engine produces results at a high time, but it does not have to pay for it, and users click on the "natural" Search results more often than paid links. At the same time, PPC is an effective tool for achieving recognition in a short period of time, although it can be expensive and requires regular management. In addition, in the case of PPCs, it is difficult to control the return on investment and there is a risk of fraud with referrals.

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