Study of the audience in the process of media planning - Sociology of Journalism

Audience research during media planning

Media Planning is the process of selecting the media, place, time, size and frequency of advertising. An effective mediaplanning can be called one that has a set of positive solutions, i.e. when the advertising message is placed at the most favorable time, in the most suitable advertisement for the target audience, in a winning place, of the optimal size and the required number of times with a minimum budget.

The study of advertising effectiveness for different product groups should be considered in media planning. It should be borne in mind that the concept of advertising effectiveness is used in different meanings. For advertisers, effectiveness is, above all, increasing sales or appeals after advertising. There are other approaches to the study of information effectiveness, developed within the framework of applied sociology. For example, efficiency is defined as the achievement of the optimal ratio between the maximum number of contacts of the target audience of consumers with the advertising message with a minimum of costs for posting a message. Such an achievement, of course, does not always mean that the audience of advertising will turn into direct consumers of the advertised goods and services. Thus, in the effectiveness studies, quantitative (communicative) and qualitative components should be identified.

In determining the communicative effectiveness of advertising, the widely used in the research practice calculations of advertising effectiveness indices are justified. In such calculations, indicators are used, in the determination of which one can not do without mass audience studies. So, when calculating the index of advertising effectiveness of periodicals, it is necessary to know the volume of the audience of one or another publication (advertising message) and the proportion of consumers of advertised goods and services in this audience. The study of qualitative effectiveness implies recourse to other methods, such as, for example, testing advertising in focus groups, hall-tests in order to determine the degree of recognition and effectiveness of advertising, etc.

Audience studies in media planning are important for attracting advertisers. In modern organizations, as a rule, a rational, democratic management style prevails, which involves discussion, verbalization, and, consequently, rationalization of the decision to place advertising. Among the motives for advertising are: the size of the publication tariff, the flexible system of discounts, the circulation of media and one hundredth rating, the specifics of advertising, the availability of personal connections with the editorial staff, the recommendations of advertising agencies, the experience of other advertisers and, in the audience.

Studies related to the study of competing media activities in the advertising market also have great prospects. To achieve success in this direction, first of all, it is necessary to determine the characteristics (parameters of analysis) of typologically similar media. Note that for television and information broadcasting, this aspect of the study is not so important, since in this case the translation time factor plays a more significant role, i.e. It is necessary to identify the possibility of outflow of the audience to other stations and channels at the time of broadcasting. The study of the information market now requires, first, the expansion of the methodological research base by combining different methods and determining optimal models and algorithms for research, and secondly, adapting information products to different customer groups, taking into account their interests and requirements.

Speaking about the prospects for the activities of research organizations, we note that in addition to studying the audience, analytical research on such elements of the information market as advertising agencies, advertisers (primarily their motivation in selecting media and other advertising media), and, in fact, the media themselves, their new structures and types.

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