Defense as an area of ​​government

Defense is an important element of the defense of the Fatherland and one of the most important functions of the state. In accordance with Art. 71 of the Constitution, defense is under the jurisdiction of the United States. The defense of the country is provided with measures of a different nature - political, economic, military, social, legal and other. In accordance with the Federal Law "On Defense" the defense is understood as a system of political, economic, military, social, legal and other measures to prepare for armed protection and armed defense of the United States, integrity and integrity of the territory. Defense relations are regulated by the Federal Constitutional Law No. 1-FKZ of 30.01.2002 "On the Martial Law", federal laws No. 61-FZ of May 31, 1996 "On Defense"; of 26.02.1997 No. 31-FZ "On Mobilization Preparation and Mobilization in the United States"; from 28.03.1998 No. 53-FZ "On Military Duty and Military Service"; from 27.05.1998 No. 76-FZ "On the Status of Servicemen", from 12.02.1998 No. 28-FZ "On Civil Defense"; from 27.12.1995 No. 213-FZ "On the State Defense Order" and others

For purposes of defense, the US Armed Forces, are created, which are the state military organization that forms the basis of US defense. In accordance with the Federal Law "On Defense" The US Armed Forces are designed to repel aggression directed against the United States for armed protection of the integrity and inviolability of the territory of the United States, as well as for fulfilling tasks in accordance with federal laws and international treaties of the United States (in particular, to carry out tasks to combat terrorism). The US Armed Forces were created in accordance with the Presidential Decree No. 466 of 07.05.1992 "On the Establishment of the Armed Forces of the United States".

The US Armed Forces consist of the central bodies of military administration, associations, formations, military units and organizations that are part of the types and branches of the Armed Forces of the United States, the Rear Services of the Armed Forces of the United States and troops not belonging to the types and branches of the Armed Forces USA. Organizationally, the US Armed Forces are divided into types, arms and special troops. Under the guise of the US Armed Forces, such an integral part is understood, which is distinguished by special armament and is designed to carry out tasks assigned to it in any medium (on land, at sea, in the air). At present, the US Armed Forces have a three-species structure: the Land Forces, the Air Force (Air Force), the Navy (Navy).

A troop type is understood to be a part of the US Armed Forces type, differing in basic armament, technical equipment, organizational structure, the nature of training and the ability to perform specific combat missions in cooperation with other combat arms (for example, airborne troops). Special forces serve to ensure the delivery of troops and assist them in the performance of combat missions.

According to the Federal Law "On Defense" to the defense attracted internal troops of the US Department of the Interior. To carry out certain defense tasks , engineering and road construction units under federal executive bodies, rescue military formations of the federal executive authority, authorized to solve problems in civil defense, the US Foreign Intelligence Service, the federal security services, the federal state security agencies, the federal agency for the mobilization of public authorities SHA, as well as created in wartime special form.

The organization of defense in the United States includes carrying out a series of measures defined by the Constitution, the Federal Law "On Defense" and other normative legal acts aimed at preparing for armed protection and the US armed defense itself, the integrity and inviolability of its territory. Financing of defense spending is carried out from the federal budget through the allocation of funds to the US Department of Defense and other federal executive bodies that support the implementation of defense activities.

The defense activities include mobilization and mobilization training, which are determined by the Federal Law "On Mobilization Preparation and Mobilization in the United States". Under mobilization in the United States is understood the complex of measures for the transfer of the country's economy, the transfer of state bodies, local governments and organizations to work in wartime conditions, the transfer of the US Armed Forces, troops, military formations, bodies and special formations for the organization and composition of wartime. Mobilization in the United States can be general or partial. Mobilization training in the United States is understood as a set of measures conducted in peacetime, for the advance preparation of the country's economy, state authorities, local governments and organizations, the US Armed Forces, and others. troops, military formations, bodies and wartime formations to ensure the protection of the state from armed attack and meet the needs of the state and the needs of the population in wartime.

Defense activities also include civil defense and territorial defense. Civil defense is organized to protect the population and organizations from the dangers arising from the conduct of hostilities or as a consequence of these actions. The tasks and organization of civil defense are determined by the Federal Law "On Civil Defense". Territorial Defense is organized to protect the population, facilities and communications in the United States from enemy actions, subversive or terrorist acts, and the introduction and maintenance of emergency and martial law regimes. General tasks and organization of territorial defense are determined by the President of the United States.

For the purposes of defense, military duties of citizens of the United States and military transport duty are established. Military duty, the procedure and forms of its execution by citizens of the United States are determined by the Federal Law "On Military Duty and Military Service". Citizens are exempted from military duty only on the grounds provided by this Law. Citizens have the right to fulfill the constitutional duty to protect the Fatherland by voluntary admission to military service (under the contract) in the order established by this Law. The military transport duty is determined by the Regulations on the military transport duty, approved by Presidential Decree No. 1175 of 02.10.1998. The military transport duty is established for timely, high-quality and in full providing the US Armed Forces, other troops, military formations and bodies with vehicles, as well as special formations created during wartime during mobilization and in wartime. The military transport duty is an integral part of mobilization training and mobilization in the United States and consists of carrying out activities related to the account, advance preparation and provision of vehicles to troops, formations and bodies, and to ensure the operation of these vehicles.

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