Administrative Supervision - Administrative Law

Administrative Supervision

Administrative supervision as a means of ensuring legality is a special kind of state activity of specially authorized bodies of executive power and their officials aimed at strict and exact execution by executive bodies, commercial and non-profit organizations, and also citizens of generally binding rules of great importance for society and the state.

Administrative supervision as an independent kind of state activity to ensure law and discipline in the process of implementing executive power has the following characteristics:

absence of organizational subordination of subjects of supervision and supervised objects;

the possibility of assessing the activities of supervised objects only in terms of legality and for a fairly narrow range of special issues;

impossibility of interference in the operational and economic activity of the supervisory object;

the existence of a special object of supervisory activities - norms, rules, requirements, standards contained in regulatory enactments, their execution by individuals and legal entities;

the possibility of independent use of administrative coercive measures in cases of detection of offenses or the emergence of security threats to various objects;

strict limitation of these coercive measures by legal framework; presence of jurisdictional powers.

Administrative supervision is implemented in various organizational and legal forms:

a) administrative supervision of an undefined (unpersonalized) circle of individuals and legal entities, regardless of their departmental subordination and form of ownership, which are not in any subordination to supervisory bodies, for compliance with certain rules, for example, fire safety rules;

b) administrative supervision for a certain range of citizens, officials, legal persons and on specific issues, for example, supervision of citizens' compliance with the rules for the acquisition, storage and use of firearms, officials responsible for the preservation and use of radioactive materials ;

c) administrative supervision exercised by law enforcement agencies in respect of certain citizens released from places of deprivation of liberty.

Organizational administrative supervision represents the process of successive stages or stages: preliminary - analysis of information on the supervised facility, development and bringing to the object of supervision relevant standards, rules of its operation; current - including systematic and direct observation, inspection, inspections, during which violations are detected, preventive measures are applied, the violated order is restored, the issue of the need to bring the perpetrators to justice; final - consisting in analyzing the general situation of the object of supervision, identifying trends and developing proposals.

Administrative supervision, as a rule, involves the use of administrative coercion, with supervisory authorities using administrative and preventive measures (for example, quarantine), administrative restraint measures (for example, prohibiting the operation of a faulty motor vehicle), administrative support measures (for example, seizure things, goods and documents), administrative punishments. Consequently, administrative oversight bodies are also administrative administrative bodies.

Thus, administrative supervision is a special kind of state administrative activity carried out by special executive authorities in relation to organizations, organizations, officials persons and citizens on the occasion of their performance of generally binding norms, rules, standards, requirements using a set of administrative coercive measures with a view to preventing, detecting and suppressing offenses, restoring the established order and bringing the perpetrators to administrative liability.

Federal agencies, the main activity of which is administrative supervision, include federal services, various inspections in federal ministries and other federal bodies of executive power (veterinary, fire, fish, geodesic and other supervision), as well as territorial supervisory authorities for example, energy).

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