Approximate position about dormitories, General provisions...

Approximate position about hostels

Approved by Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR of 11.08.1988 № 328

I. General provisions

1. In accordance with the Housing Code of the RSFSR, the present Regulations establish the procedure for the provision of residential space in dormitories of state and municipal enterprises, institutions, organizations, educational institutions and public associations (hereinafter referred to as associations, enterprises, institutions, organizations and educational institutions) and use it Edited by the US Government Resolution No. 726 of July 23, 1993).

2. Dormitories are intended for the residence of workers, employees, students, students, as well as other citizens during work or study.

Dormitories specially constructed or converted for these purposes are provided under the hostel.

The dormitories are equipped with furniture, other items of cultural and domestic use, necessary for living, studying and recreation of citizens living in them, in accordance with the standard standards.

3. Re-equipment of an apartment building under the hostel is carried out by decision of the executive committee of the district, city, district Council of People's Deputies in the city.

It is not allowed to use dormitory accommodation in dwelling houses intended for permanent residence under dormitory, the use of which is carried out under the contract of renting a dwelling.

4. Residential buildings intended for dormitories are registered as hostels and the executive committee of the district, city, district council of People's Deputies in the city.

When registering, the executive committee of the Council of People's Deputies checks the compliance of these houses with the sanitary rules of the device, equipment and maintenance of hostels, as well as the requirements of this Regulation.

5. Dormitories are created for living single citizens, as well as for families (mostly young).

6. The settlement of dormitories is made after the creation in them of the necessary housing and living conditions for living and obtaining a registration certificate.

7. The living space in the hostel is not subject to exchange, section, reservation.

8. The internal regulations in the hostel after approval by the general meeting of those living in the hostel are approved by the administration in agreement with the trade union committee and the committee of the Komsomol of the association, enterprise, institution, organization or educational institution.

9. Payment for the use of living space, utilities and other services provided by residents living in the hostel, is at a set rates and tariffs.

II. Provision of living space in the hostel

10. Residential space in the hostel is provided to workers, employees, students, students, and other citizens by joint decision of the administration, the trade union committee and the committee of the Komsomol association, enterprise, institution, organization or educational institution in charge of which is the hostel. Based on the decision taken by the administration issued an order for employment for hiring a living space in the hostel in accordance with the established form (Annex). When entering the hostel, an order is handed over to the administration of the hostel. Unauthorized resettlement from one premise to another is forbidden (in the edition of the decision of the Government of the USA from 23.07.1993 № 726).

11. Residential area in the hostel is provided in the amount of not less than 6 square meters. meters per person. Families are provided with isolated living quarters.

Citizens who have the right to priority and extraordinary receipt of living quarters in houses of the state and public housing stock, as well as advanced workers and innovators of production, other workers and employees in cases determined by the decision of the work collective enjoy the advantage of getting a living space in the hostel.

The host is given furniture, bedding and other equipment. He should be familiar with the rules of the house, the rights and duties of those living in the hostel.

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