Legal acts of public administration as the main form of implementing...

Legal acts of state administration as the main form of realization of the competence of subjects of executive power. Classification of legal acts

Legal acts of public administration are legal administrative actions characterized by the fact that they, firstly, come from state bodies of executive power (government bodies), their structural divisions and employees who are engaged in organizational management activities on behalf of and on behalf of the state; secondly, it is the state-volitional actions that generate, i.e. the will of the acting entity brings to life, new legal conditions, creates for others new (terminate or change old) rights and obligations, the performance of which is guaranteed, secured and protected by all available forces and means at the disposal of the state, including the possibility of applying measures of state coercion; thirdly, the grounds, conditions and procedure for the implementation of legal management actions are regulated by law and other legal requirements, and this legal organizational activity of executive authorities and their employees has three varieties: administrative rulemaking, administrative direction and administrative execution.

Administrative norm-setting as one of the legal forms of organizational legal activity is the adoption and publication by different parts of the state apparatus of executive power of normative legal acts of management.

Normative legal acts of management are unilateral powerful willful actions of the executive state power apparatus committed in the process and as a result of performing managerial functions and aimed at establishing legal norms - rules of conduct , extending to an indefinitely wide range of subjects and designed for repeated use.

Administrative Direction - is another legal form of management action that includes the adoption by the executive branch of individual (non-normative, administrative) legal acts of governance, which are unilateral, executive bodies, their structural subdivisions and officials, committed by them in the course of performing management functions and aimed at establishing, changing or terminating specific legal relationships, specified in the act itself.

Administrative legal acts of management are designed for a single application and apply to a strictly defined circle of subjects in this act itself. The main difference between individual (administrative, non-normative) acts of management and normative is that they do not contain legal norms, they do not change and do not abolish existing norms, but are acts of applying existing norms of law to specific facts, events, cases.

Administrative execution, or administrative-executive actions , as a special and specific form of management activity - is the implementation of laws, as well as regulatory and individual (non-normative) those or other legally significant administrative actions that are not individual legal acts of management.

Administrative-performing activities should be distinguished, on the one hand, from administrative activities in the form of regulatory and administrative legal acts of management, and on the other hand from technical performance (information reception and transmission, reproduction of management documentation, etc.). From administrative rulemaking and administrative management, they differ in that they are not aimed at the organization of any kind of relations, but serve as one of the means of implementing and implementing the requirements of certain regulatory and individual legal acts of governance.

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