Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus - State and municipal service


The right to self-government is guaranteed to the state territorial-administrative units provided by law. It is carried out through the appropriate councils of local governments. Members of the Councils of local governments are elected for two years by the population of the administrative unit - citizens of the Republic of Lithuania on the basis of universal, equal and direct suffrage, by secret ballot. The procedure for the organization and operation of institutions of self-government is established by law. In order to directly implement the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, the decisions of the Government and the Councils of local governments, the Council of Self-Government shall form the executive bodies accountable to it.

The state provides support to municipalities. Self-management within the limits of the competence established by the Constitution and laws operate freely and independently.

Self-governments make up and approve their budget. The councils of local governments have the right to establish local fees within the limits and procedures prescribed by law, the councils of local governments may provide for tax deductions from their budget.

Management in administrative units of the top level in the manner prescribed by law is organized by the Government. Supervision over the observance by the local governments of the Constitution and laws, and the execution of decisions of the Government, is carried out by representatives appointed by the Government. The powers of the representative of the Government and the procedure for their implementation shall be established by law. In accordance with the procedure established by law and in the territory of the self-government, the Seimas may be temporarily introduced a direct rule.


Local self-government is the right of a territorial community - villagers or voluntary association of villagers from several villages, towns and cities - to solve local issues independently within the framework of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

Peculiarities of local government in Kyiv and Sevastopol are determined by separate laws of Ukraine.

Local self-government is carried out by the territorial community in accordance with the procedure established by law, both directly and through local self-government bodies: rural, township, city councils and their executive bodies.

Local self-government bodies within the powers defined by law, take decisions that are binding on the relevant territory. Decisions of local self-government bodies on grounds of their inconsistency with the Constitution or laws of Ukraine are suspended in accordance with the procedure established by law with simultaneous application to court.


Local government and self-government is exercised by citizens through local Councils of Deputies, executive and administrative bodies, territorial public self-government bodies, local referendums, meetings and other forms of direct participation in state and public affairs.

Local Councils of Deputies are elected by citizens of the relevant administrative-territorial units for a period of four years.

The heads of local executive and administrative bodies are appointed and dismissed by the President of the Republic of Belarus or in accordance with the procedure established by him and approved by the relevant local Councils of Deputies.

Local councils of deputies, executive and administrative bodies within the limits of their competence decide issues of local importance proceeding from the national interests and interests of the population residing in the respective territory, execute decisions of higher state bodies.

The exclusive competence of local Councils of Deputies include:

- approval of programs for economic and social development, local budgets and reports on their implementation;

- the establishment in accordance with the law of local taxes and fees;

- definition within the limits established by law, the order of management and disposal of communal property;

- the appointment of local referendums.

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