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The financial area covers the relationships that are formed in the process of accumulation, distribution and use of funds by the state. This sphere is one of the most centralized, it ensures the unity of all components of the financial system (credit, tax systems and other segments of public finance and financial markets).

The financial activities of the state - is the exercise of functions for the planned education, distribution and use of monetary funds (financial resources) in order to achieve the objectives of socio-economic development, ensure the country's defense capacity and security.

In accordance with Art. 71 of the Constitution, the United States is responsible for financial, currency and credit regulation, money issue, the pricing policy framework; Federal economic services, including federal banks, as well as the federal budget; federal taxes and fees; federal funds for regional development.

The US Budget Code of July 31, 1998 No. 145-FZ, as well as other regulatory legal acts of the United States regulates various groups of financial relations relating to the implementation of the budget, lending, government debt, borrowing, investment, etc. Financial institutions and relations arising from the contracts of individual subjects of law are established and regulated by civil law.

The content of financial activity of the state is expressed in numerous and varied functions in the sphere of education, distribution and use of state monetary funds (budgetary and credit resources, insurance money funds, financial assets of the national economy and state enterprises). Functions of financial activity are also performed by federal bodies of executive power and subjects of the United States within the framework of branches or spheres of government referred to them.

In the economic and legal literature, the concept of "finance" is viewed in two aspects as a collection:

1) economic relations arising in the process of creating, distributing and using certain funds of funds necessary for the state to perform its tasks and functions;

2) funds of funds, mobilized by the state to carry out their tasks.

The totality of the links in their interrelationships, which are part of the US Treasury, form the US financial system, which is composed of the following institutions:

1) the budget system with the state and local budgets included in it;

2) extrabudgetary trust funds;

3) the finances of enterprises, associations, organizations, institutions, branches of the national economy;

3) property and personal insurance;

4) credit (state and bank).

Financial Institute - is a group of homogeneous economic relations, interrelated in the forms and methods of accumulation or distribution of funds.

The financial sphere is characterized by the manifestation of the principle of the supremacy of the federal law, rigidly fixing the requirements of the state in the form of mandatory norms related to administrative, control and stimulating functions in the process of the state's financial activity.

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