Personnel policy and personnel work in the system...

Personnel policy and personnel work in the system of state civil service

Personnel policy as a strategy for working with personnel is the central link in any management process. It includes several areas: employment, education, training, job rotation, certification, financial motivation of staff, career planning, social protection of workers, etc. The objective of the personnel policy - to ensure an optimal balance of processes of renovation and preservation of the strength of the frame. in accordance with the needs of the organization itself, the requirements of the current legislation and the state of the labor market.

The term personnel policy can have a wide and narrow interpretation.

Personnel policy in the broad sense is a system of conscious and definitely formulated and fixed rules and norms that bring the human resource in line with the company's long-term strategy.

It follows that all activities for working with personnel - selection, staffing, attestation, training, promotion - can be planned in advance and coordinated with the strategic goals and current tasks of the organization.

Personnel policy in the narrow sense is treated as a set of specific rules, wishes and constraints (often unconscious), realized both in the process of direct interactions between employees, and in the relationship between employees and the organization as a whole.

One of the components of the personnel policy as a whole is the state personnel policy , which is a strategy for the formation, development and rational use of the country's labor resources; it is a system of officially recognized goals, objectives, priorities and principles of the state's activity in regulating personnel processes and relations. They, in turn, determine the criteria for selection, assessment and rotation of personnel, ways to improve the training, retraining and upgrading of staff, the formation of a free labor market, the rational use of the country's human resources.

Human Resources Policy in the Civil Service - the general course and consistent activities of the state to formulate requirements for civil servants, in their selection, training and rational use, taking into account the state and prospects for the development of the state apparatus, forecasts for quantitative and qualitative requirements for cadres in the civil service.

The state as the sole employer of civil servants makes the necessary requirements for their qualifications and abilities, conduct on and off duty, including issues of official ethics, attitudes towards politics, and the quality of their performance in accordance with civil service positions.

The main goal of personnel policy in the civil service system is the formation of its personnel potential, which, in a professional, qualifying and business sense, would ensure the effective functioning and development of the state apparatus.

Human Resources in the Civil Service - the combined ability of civil servants to effectively perform their duties, achieved through professional education, practical skills, experience and other official resources.

The subject of personnel policy in the civil service are a variety of measures aimed at developing the human resources of civil servants. These measures include:

1) the formation of requirements and the necessary qualities of civil servants for the performance of official duties;

2) creating the necessary conditions for public service activities;

3) control over the activities of civil servants and ensuring on this basis established performance results.

A special feature of personnel policy in the civil service is its multi-subjectness. Each subject has its own scope of powers, limited by status, appointment, borders object of regulation. In their actions, the subjects are relatively independent and independent. The absence of a rigid vertical subordination in the structure of subjects of the personnel policy does not mean abandoning the unity of general methodological approaches to solving personnel issues in the civil service system.

Thus, personnel policy in the civil service system is a system of rules and norms (which must be realized and formulated), which brings the human resource in line with the strategy of the state body

power, as well as a set of specific ways of activities, wishes and constraints in the relationship between civil servants in it, which can be used as an argument in solving a specific personnel issue.

It follows that all activities related to work with personnel in the civil service (selection, staffing, certification, training, qualification exams, planning and career development) are planned and agreed with a common understanding of the goals and objectives of the relevant government body.

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