Positions of civil servants, Duties of civil servants...

Government positions

They are divided into 18 categories. The first eight categories are assigned to technical executors; from the 9th to the 15th - the middle management staff and the support and technical personnel of the highest qualification; from 16th to 18th - the top management (in a number of ministries and departments, for example, in the State Department, they have their own table of ranks).

Since the activities of the civil service are determined mainly by the professional qualifications of its senior level, in the future the presentation of the material will mainly consider legislation on the top management of the civil service.

According to paragraph 3132 of Title 5 of the Code of Laws, the top management includes employees:

- governing departments or structural units of executive bodies;

- responsible for the implementation of certain programs or projects;

- controlling, evaluating or coordinating the implementation of tasks facing the executive branch;

- guiding the work of civil servants not assigned to the number of personal assistants;

- otherwise performing important tasks of making political decisions and implementing management functions.

US law effectively solves the problem of limiting uncontrolled growth of the senior civil service. Its total strength should not exceed 10 777 people (par 413 of the Code of Laws of the USA). The positions of senior management staff are as follows. Every two years, the relevant executive bodies apply to the Civil Service Office for approval of the total number of senior management. The justification indicates only the expected nature and scope of managerial tasks, but also the expected budget allocations for the next two fiscal years. The Civil Service Department consults with the Administration and Budget Office (which is part of the President's office) and makes a decision on the applications of each agency, adjusting them as necessary. The decisions of the Civil Service Department are published in the Federal Registrar & quot ;.

Restrictions are also imposed on other categories of civil servants. In particular, the total number of non-career civil servants (applications for approval of these positions are submitted by departments to the Civil Service Administration annually) should not exceed 10% of the total number of senior management. And the total number of civil servants employed for a certain period, and civil servants employed for the duration of an emergency, can not exceed 5% of the total number of senior management.

Duties of civil servants

In general, they are fixed in the so-called Code of Ethics of Public Service , approved by the resolution of the US Congress in 1958.

Each person in the civil service must:

1) to place loyalty to higher moral principles and the state above devotion to individuals, parties or state bodies;

2) support the Constitution, laws and regulations of the United States and all public authorities and never support those who shirk their performance;

3) work full time for daily payment; make the necessary efforts and diligence to perform their duties;

4) try to find and apply the most effective and economical ways to solve the tasks;

5) never discriminate by giving someone special benefits and privileges, either for reward or not, and never accept for themselves or for their family goods or gifts under circumstances that may be construed as a means of influence to perform duties;

6) do not make any promises regarding job duties, since a civil servant can not act as a private person when it comes to public office;

7) do not enter directly or indirectly into commercial relations with the government, if this contradicts the conscientious performance of official duties;

8) never use confidential information in order to obtain personal benefit when performing job duties;

9) to reveal cases of corruption when they are detected;

10) observe these principles, being aware that public office is an expression of public confidence.

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